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  1. If you’re able to catch carp from open water then there is no reason you can’t catch in the margin! Well that’s providing the carp are there. Like everyone else is saying try to stay quite, don’t cast shadows over the water. The added advantage of margin fishing is it’s easier to bait up. Little and often will keep them more interested. The other thing would be to bait up a spot when you arrive, leave it for a couple of hours or when the carp are feed comfortably or your bait, then put your hook bait in there. Hope it helps Gav
  2. I have always used a hook link length of about 5 inches for all my fishing. Whilst whatching a programme the other day, Danny Fairbrass used a 12" approximately hook link for weeded areas. It made me think So wondered what your hook link lengths are for Silt, Weed and clear hard ground Gav
  3. Just to help me out with an idea I have. What are your genral distances for fishing? Long distance or marginal fishing? Gav
  4. Where abouts are those carp from? Looks like a nice venue. Gav
  5. Here are my Pb's which I broke all last year! Mirror 24lb 2oz Common 27lb Tench 8lb 6oz All from mid kent fisheries lakes Gav
  6. Thanks for that good info coops_northants. I have now managed to get plenty of information now so I can start running figures etc. The only thing I am lacking now really is plenty of options on fish to purchase. Anyone know of a few fish farms to get prices on various fish. Although I want some nice carp I would also like a few other species. Cheers Gav
  7. Many thanks for all your replies guys! It is going to be in Kent, cant give to much away at this point. I will take on board all your points and if anyone else comes up with anything else they think may be of help then please email me. Im sure once its all up and running I could sort something out for the guys how help me with information for discount rates etc but thats some time away at the moment as your aware. I work for a developer so excavators are easy to come across and whilst I know quite a bit about planning on property from start to finish the lake planning is a whole new experience. Help here would be good if anyones knows. Also Im aware you need insurances etc anyone know of what these consist of? Fish stocks will be look at very carefully. Once again Thanks lads Gav
  8. I wondered if anyone out there can help or knows of anyone who might. Got some land of which I would like to start up a fishery but not to sure where to start and what needs to be in place etc, etc. Any help would be of great use. Gav
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