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  1. Cheers Moorsey,I'll have to dust off my UK carp tackle and see what occurs.
  2. No one with any helpful info?
  3. Hello folks,it looks like I'm joining my brother and his family this year for a boating vacation on the French canals(not sure where) What are the canals like for fishing?Many carp in them? Also what are the legalities for fishing them?ie where do I get a licence and is it possible to night fish,bait/tackle restrictions etc. Any help would be a bonus. It's nice to be back on this site after a long time away. Cookieguy
  4. I fished with CC a couple of years ago and had a good time.I missed out on fishing there last year,but the party that went were not overly complimentary of the service they received that time.Seems that CC should take to heart the old adage of 'not resting on your laurels'! I for one therefore,would probably not return.Shame.
  5. Excellent video Rich.I really enjoyed watching it. It is great to see young anglers taking such care of the fish they catch.As mentioned before,just keep an eye out that the fins are flat when lifting them around. 10/10 for holding the fish nicely too:) Only bit of advice I could give,is to keep your rod slightly higher when playing a fish.Keeping the rod higher will maximise the ability for the rod to act as a 'shock absorber' if the fish was to make a big run and lessen the chances of a break in the line/rig. I can't wait to see the next installment. Well done again:D :D
  6. An interesting point made by Caster?????? I missed this thread first time around(probably for the best) My two cents worth....... England................love it,or leave it. I loathed it and left it. It is no longer the country I grew up in:(
  7. I'm with Fraggle on this one.We have a tendancy to over analyze and over complicate,what is in essence,a simple method required to catch fish,be they carp or any other species. The most simple rigs have and will always catch fish,more so than ANY other more complicated rig.PERIOD. These wacky rigs come and go in a heartbeat and for good reason,they're mostly crap. Every rig will have its' day,but probably not as many as a simple one. Stick a worm directly on a hook and I will,over time,outfish every complicated rig out there. Just my 5 cents worth.
  8. I think we should have a small wager on when Reizends' new labouror gets fed up with his 'new toy' and sells it! I bet $5 on Friday afternoon,just after checking his balance at a cash machine,on his way to the pub for a drink or 5!
  9. OH NO! Not this thread again! LOL......................here we go!
  10. Have you fished there yourself Keith?Anyone with any knowledge of this river,please reply.Any info would be a great help.Thanks.
  11. I fancy a couple of weeks carp fishing in Canada/North America next year.I have read about the St Lawrence river being a good place to start.Can anyone give me some advice on carp holidays in this area? Thanks
  12. Awwwww!It's come to an end. This has been one of the best threads I've read in months. Made me think and then re think. Cheers.
  13. Ripslider,I have read your posts,then read them again.What a breath of fresh air they are! You convey my own personal sentiments on carp fishing exactly. Far too much technical wizardry is used for far too few results.I only hope some of the younger readers of this forum get to see your threads and think about what you are trying to say/achieve. Reading your posts was a few minutes well spent.Thanks.
  14. Oh no!Not his old chestnut again!We're going to have to listen to Salo's bait boat phobias all over again!
  15. It would seem every lake I have ever fished contains the one 'mythical carp' that no one has ever caught!Always of gigantic proportions! Do you believe the stories,or is it just a case of imaginative marketing by the fishery owners?
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