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  1. AS i say i walked around it and the owners seemed very nice. It has no islands or anything.
  2. I walked round it for a look about a year ago. Quite a lot of french fishermen on it. Some odd rules to me as french balliff. Owners not really fisherpeople
  3. they do start to break down in a short time but the shreds still swell for hours. Why will they kill live stock if not properly soaked? they are for horses not for carp! Do you not think that i would not use them if i thought it was safe as i use tons of them every week. (for horses soaked for 24 hours) As for breakdown times the shreds breakdown in 12 hours. (theses are still in pellet form) and the pellets in 24 hours. These are the most common forms there is a shredded kind called easy beet that is ready in 15 mins but these are more expensive and not in pellet form. Now if any of you are still unsure do the cleaver thing and call the company that make the sugarbeet pellets you are or were thinking of using and ask them....The answer will be the same from them as from me.
  4. Sugarbeet pellets are very dangerous for the health of the fish they swell up so much when wet. I feed these to horses but they must be soaked for a minimum of 24 hours before use or they will kill the horse. THIS IS A FULL GROWN HORSE what do you think it will o to a carp? Ok if they are in the water for a long time before the carp eats them then no problem but there is no way you can be sure of this. Everybody knows that you have to soak and cook maize before use, sugar beet is just as bad. Please can the word be spread because i fear alot of people may have read this and thought it would be a good thing to try it is not! Cheers deadly
  5. I bought some a few years back from the tackle box in dartford i can't remember who made it but i will have a look for you i didn't find it worked that well but it helped.
  6. Sorry. I didn't mean those ones i just ment in general. One of the best run fisheries i have ever been too insists on micro barbed hooks and they must have good reason for this choice.
  7. I agree barbed for big carp and larger specimem barbless for smaller fish and pike. I feel that fishing very commercial fisheries and over catching fish from a young age is what causes the real damage.
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