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  1. Either, depending on what I fancy. Like a challenge but do like to have a day with a constant bend in the rod. What your thoughts?
  2. Can anyone help with good day ticket waters around Spalding, Holbeach Crowland, Boston Wisbech area? Looking for a change and any ideas of good lake with nice carp in.
  3. well done mickey58, when im back from france we will have to do a ses even if its only a day. well done on pb mate.
  4. Just to let you all know, i was shopping in tesco's tonight and the Good Oil Hemp oil is on 'Special Offer' £1 off. so it is £5 for 500ml. dont think thats bad.
  5. the lake im fishing at the moment im doing quick overnighters, im turning up 5pm fishing the night and then away by 9am. my aproach is simple and different than everyone else. i cast 1 rod out to areas where i know the fish should be then clipping up and then marking out on the babk with 2 bank sticks then 2 rods plus spod is marked for the same distance. rods are cast out. then spod with 20 spods to start with. i fish mainly bollie and chops with a few pellets. after a fish i then put 5 more spods out. so far the last couple of trips ive got a couple of 20's out the average is low teens and i have found bite time is best is between 1 -2 am. i think if i was to use more pellet and partical i would be plagued with smalled 1's. on a separate thought when i was down just for a look the other night my thought has changed as im after the bigger 1's. i think im going to attack with a couple of rods with hinged stiff rigs and a good spray of bollies this may sellect the real big un's. hopefully.
  6. ive just got a 6 month ticket for a little high pressured lake close to home. i say pressure just the volume of anglers fishing it. if you watch 90% there are all heading out to the centre and never to the same spot twice. so i have came up with a plan. fishing 3 rods, i always have 1 around the margin shelf. the other 2 marked out, clipped up and fishing them bang on the money with spod clipped up as well. i use bank sticks to make sure every cast is hitting the same place and so far i have done a couple of overnighters banking 24,15lb mirror plus 4 small un's. then the other ses a 21.10lb mirror and a spritly 14lb so i feel my plan is working.
  7. received my delivery of force 1, looks good and smell like its a winner just need to get out this weekend and give it a go.
  8. just ordered 20kg of force1 from catcher baits after some good advice, hopefully it lives up to what I want. roll on Tuesday when it comes.
  9. i did a quick overnighter Friday night. Set up and settled for the night> fishing 3 spots, 1 close to the bank along a reed bed. the other 2 clip up at the same range with a good bed of bait spodded over the top. in the night i had a couple a 22.10 and 14. at first light the next block down past me starts re-chucking after nothing for him in the night. i was amazed the first rod went pass me by another 30-40 yards? the next rod landed in front of my swim. i didn't say anything as i was off by 10 but just amazed at how selfish and stupid some people are. i had set myself up in a swim and purposely fished away from these people, it just shows how some people are desperate to catch and anybody else's expense. The bloke wasn't in a bad swim and if he had thought about his approach he would have been better than casting all over not caring about anybody else. This is a small water with some good fish to go at so i guess i will continue to be against this while i target it.
  10. Have you used the Catcher baits black crab and fruit? ive just looked at there web site and there is a considerable difference in cost between the to. Do you think the quality is there with the catcher baits as there is with essential? Its a long time since i change baits as the bait i was using i cant get any longer so im wanting good quality and a proven catcher record.
  11. cheers, i will give it ago the standard way, just liked the idea of having a small change to it but i guess its not like the cell where it is piled in so keeping things with a proven record is a good starting place. im looking at ordering 20-30kg of barrels in different sizes where is recommended to get they from? straight from Essential or a rolling company?
  12. Has anybody been using this as im looking on stocking the freezer up ready for my forthcoming trip to France and my campaign on the water im targeting at the moment. i have looked at customizing the mix by adding a fruity flavour like cranberry. i am looking for peoples personal feedback on the bait or alternatives to it?
  13. lengthen your hook link about 6 foot ish with a controller. size 10 hook is fine. the best hook bait i use which got any distance and wont come of is mini marshmallows the cooking ones. you can put 1or 2 onto hook and you can be and animal on cast and they wont come off. you can flavour them to.
  14. there is a lake opened for fishing at March, graysmoor i think. its gated with a contact number. dont know anything else about it. or there is a nice one at sawtry fen.
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