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    the obvious!!!!!!
  1. I doubt you will as the lake is completely desperate from the hall there is a show being held there in may called the bushcraft show,well my son charley is really into that sort of stuff so I said I would take him might get the chance to bump into someone and have a decent look round the lake
  2. He means the folly pool, at the top end of the car park
  3. Get on pegs 6 8 or 10, fish the margins or tight to the islands, but don't ignore the open water as it's a lot less pressured and often throws up a bite
  4. I got a pair of the new nash s5 as a quick stop gap for 6 months and cant faukt them for £25.... U even get a hardcase type thing to keep them protected
  5. A naked chod requires to be fished with very slack lines, something that is very difficult to achieve at any sort of distance
  6. If a fish is snagging you up after just a couple of beeps then your fishing a swim where slack lines shouldnt be used, If its shaggy or weedy then don't bother with them at all. I've found a heavy running lead to be best for indication. to be honest I think a lot of people have been brainwashed into thinking slack lines must be used at all times, I now tend to fish semi-slack, and have found indication to be a lot better
  7. Im sorry matt but who the helk are you yo say what people can and cant ask? Weather its there first post or not it gives you no right to be the forum hitler Willesley is a gorgeous lake loads of good looking fish, but does get a bit busy and the bream can be a nightmare Head down to northampton and the worlds your oyster, id recommend stankwick fishery personally
  8. Have a good look around when your there and find the fish, any decent rig will be fine, don't ignore zigs
  9. The source will do you fine, worry more about putting it in the right place!
  10. If the truth was told about the place then no one would be complaining, The fish all average 4-8lb, it's basically a 9 acre hole in the ground, with no backside cover etc Maybe worth a look in another 10 years, but not before then
  11. agreed! biggest waste of moneyul ever have! dont listen to a word that the baliff says!
  12. that would be the lake at middleton hall and the middleton rspb reserve
  13. not the lamb waters no, although i no a fair bit about them... there was a fish kill down there..i wont go into the details on an open forum, but the lamb were very naughty put it that way
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