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  1. Can running rigs be used with PVA bags as i have heard from a mate that they cant.. Cheers, Tim
  2. There just nashy scopex squid liver ones. OK yeah sounds like they should be fine to use for France then if i store them properly Cheers gadgeteer, i'l give that a go.
  3. Just seen on the bait and feed website that they are doing a 20% off all orders deal until the end of Jan with delivery being able to be deferred until April. I have a trip planned to France in early July, would air dried baits be the best option? And do you think they would still be fine to use in July? Tim_2812
  4. Yeah thats the one. How did you get on over there, all those years ago? Tim
  5. Are you referring to the fish as saggy?
  6. Any one used this yet if so hows it been doing? Im a loyal nashy bait fan so would expect it to be producing the goods... tim_2812
  7. Hi all, havnt posted on here in a while nice to see the forum is still going strong. Just wondering if some of the essex boys have fished or got any details about this lake and as im considering joining there with my mate for this season. Cheers, tim_2812
  8. why isnt there chub in the poll i'd love to catch a big chub
  9. i now a little pond where there is literally thousands of tiny carp no-one fishes it so it should be ok if i go down with my net. p.s. what would be the minimum size tank to put a say 2'- 4' carp in? cheers again tim
  10. where do you lot get all your carp from as i went into an aquatics shop yesterday and they didnt have any? can carp live in tanks ok? cheers tim
  11. i rate nash alot and have alot of confidence in their baits especially the squid liver i also rate their luggage this is only my opinion as i know people who have had a lot of problems with nash stuff. but i am defintley going to buy some triggalink after seeing it in my local tackle shop it looks great!
  12. black stealth is very good for silt as it is black in colouration.
  13. i use tfg sink link ,korda iq soft, heavy skin i would reccommend all three especially the heavy skin
  14. tim_2812


    no i love carp you cant really compare the two carp actually fight even a 1lb one whereas reeling in a bream is like reeling in a wet sock they just have no personality
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