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  1. Shes right I won't tell you the gory details, but when I had my only child it was like a scene from a horror film lol. My kid was a 7 pounder
  2. She'll be that magic 40 one day 😂
  3. Sorry for previous reply wrong person. Yeah I would be gutted leaving a spot when the fish are on the feed. Sometimes you just crave for that extra time
  4. How much did she weigh? The baby I mean 😂
  5. How much did she weigh? The baby I mean 😂
  6. I did a 3 night session on my local club waters. I went on a lake that is fairly easy but had a lot of small ones in. I managed 8, that were mainly small, but had 2 over 21lb so was chuffed to bits with the results
  7. That's a different idea I could try that. I have a korda braid that is uncoated that might do the trick
  8. Tbh I haven't been on the lake lately. Been fishing other lakes. But I will do at some point
  9. I don't think the lead is plugging. But I will be more aware of it next time thanks
  10. Not sure to be honest. If it is what can I do?
  11. No not seen the advice but will take a look thanks ☺
  12. It was overweighted I ended up making it critically balanced
  13. Not a duck, but I just had to add this goose because he's a friend I made a couple of sessions ago and ate from my hand
  14. His everyone, not been on here in a while. I've started fishing a lake of around 8 acres in size. It holds around 60 carp. I found the fish and was confident of a bite, I believe I had a fish pick me up several times over my session because of a series of beeps. I don't think they were liners. I was fishing to a gap on an island and using a hinge rig with semi stiff braid boom. I believe my boom section was long enough to accommodate for the silty bottom. Would it help if I was to change the boom section to a stiffer material that can still accommodate the silt, like esp ghost?
  15. Yeah the mix is going to have lots of variety in it. Thanks for your input its put me on the right track
  16. Yeah thats what I was thinking as I said before. I want to use boilie because I want to use them up as they are just sat there
  17. I want to continue using boilies on a club water I have recently re joined after years apart. I think the going bait is particle though. I want to use a hinge rig, was thinking of putting whole and chopped boilie in as well. Do you think this is ok, or could the fish get preoccupied on the particle?
  18. Can't find the unfair rig on youtube
  19. I was thinking of using inline lead where the fish picks up heaviest part first then if it shakes its head the swivel drops out ect. Is Tha worth a try before changing rig?
  20. I've been using a hinge rig with semi stiff boom, and I was doing well on it but lately I think they have been getting away with it as my rod goes off then stops. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  21. Thanks buzz, its a pb for that water. I've caught a 34lb at the controversial Pavyotts mill. But don't really count it. On another lake on the same complex I caught a fish known as split tail at 29lb back in October
  22. I've only got my phone atm no pc. Can't seem to post pics the usual way. http://s378.photobucket.com/user/Esmin1/media/Mobile%20Uploads/635983740992914002.jpg.html?filters[user]=78482290&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0
  23. https://m.facebook.com/dean.oram#!/photo.php?fbid=10207717464269319&id=1074293287&set=a.1537625675289.77382.1074293287&source=11&ref=bookmarks The black mirror 30lb 8
  24. I'm going to try the S core and see what its like. Also where it might lead to being with Richworth, if anything. If not the company I was with before have said the door is always open to go back
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