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  1. after a lake,gite or cabin for exclusive use,there is 5 of us (2 are anglers) and a dog. no more than a five hour drive from Calais,many thanks in advance
  2. i use nylon for 99% of my fishing,but ive got spare spools with braid for venues fishing to snags locked up,the lack of stretch stops the fish from darting into the snags,and on a locked up clutch,they can only kite
  3. Hiya mate,was layed up on a ship at rouen for 2 months in the spring,now back there for the winter,i fish for around 3hrs a day on average,and different states of the tide,ive had no carp,plenty of eels,but seen quite a few carp float pass dead,ive hooked the odd bream,and seen one dead catfish. The river in my opinion is in a disgusting sorry state,bit like the thames used to be,plenty of sewage slicks...not nice. I shall persevre for the carp just because i`m there,but it wouldn`t be my choice to go and fish the place,hope this helps
  4. tackle thefts of rods and reels from tonford, stour and 3 from conningbrook have been reported from friday night. It seams a bit of a coincidence that its 3 venues in one night,strikes me its a gang doing it. Please all be vigilant if you fish alone,these scum may well target other places. as a MKF member it sickens me that this is happening,my thoughts go out to those affected. i fish these places more often than not alone...time to think about takeing the dog more often and looking at intruder sensors. with the state of the country i can only see this problem getting worse. how long t
  5. Abbey lakes is only a 2hr drive from calais with some real lumps....you can book for as many days as you like at any time
  6. Cheers Don, is that the stuff that partiblend has in it. Got some ordered off Fleabay Nails Yes mate....buy my pidgeon mix from an animal feed supplier who also sales 500ml bottles of it...good stuff
  7. add some aniseed oil when cooked just to boost the aniseed smell...add plenty of salt at the soaking/cooking stage
  8. If driving,try Abbey lakes on the way back near paris...around 2 hrs from calais...you can fish for as many days as you like....some whackers in there lakes aswell
  9. If going from dover...try the dover currency exchange..always a better rate and no minimun amount required,and whats more its on route if your coming via the M20...about e 3 minute drive from the port...i`m spending everyother week living in boulogne at the moment lookijng after a boat so i know how our week pound is hammering us on the continent
  10. Try Destiny baits at Active baits Solutions,Sandwich in kent...Geoff Bowyers bait well known Bait Guru. Malarky,fifth element and estermarine to name a few had 5 fish to 42lb on malarky at Rainbow last week reasonable prices as well
  11. The new, high speed Incat 112 metre Wave-Piercing Catamaran will be introduced on the Dover–Boulogne route from May 29. The vessel is capable of carrying 1,200 passengers and crew and up to 417 cars or a mix of cars and trucks. The company’s Dover-Boulogne service will be enhanced as the new fast ferry will increase frequency from the current twoto sixreturn sailings a day with a crossing time of one hour. All types of tourist traffic will be carried including cars, caravans, motorhomes, motorcycles, coaches and foot passengers, in addition to freight. At nearly 11,000 g
  12. Had a 9lb pike and a 5lb common...not nice getting out of the sleeping bag for
  13. The lake is around 12acres in size The aerial is a aluminium baiting spoon on a storm pole,with the end of one of them small aerials pushed through one of the holes in the spoon...works a treat
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