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  1. Adam, Go onto Facebook and have a look at Hams Hall Fishery. Plenty of information there. The fishery is about 3 miles from my home and it's a nice place to be, trust me. 07515 547149 is the contact number. Ian.
  2. Bluelabel, if I knew how to I'd be happy to help. I've searched through the Moderators Options and nothing showing. It's probably above my social status, so will need Admin to rearrange stuff. I'll drop Nick (salok) a text and ask him to look into it. Ian.
  3. welder

    Murphy lake France

    No, it doesn't. Anything but, in fact. Ian.
  4. welder

    Murphy lake France

    I've just looked in on the other forum to read the reviews of Murphy's Lake, Yonny. I certainly won't be going there, either! Ian.
  5. Eat carrots. Save money. Ian.
  6. welder

    Murphy lake France

    It's called Murphy's Lake. I just Googled it and found out all about it. Oh, welcome to the forum by the way. Ian.
  7. Whereas I'm firmly entrenched as a Brummie! Regardless of location, Robmin, welcome and enjoy a bit of banter. Ian.
  8. Highy, I think you'll find that nobody "merges" with Angling Direct. They just get bought. Fosters of Birmingham were amongst AD's recent purchases. The place used to be well stocked and staffed by keen, knowledgeable people. Now the place is like a supermarket, staffed by people that don't even know where the keys to the display cabinets are kept. Two words come to mind. "Minimum" and "Wage". I wouldn't trust any one of them to even wash my car properly...……. Ian.
  9. David, Alan tells me that Kites and Buzzards follow different feeding regimes so, theoretically, should flourish in equal, but different, measure. Ian.
  10. Mufty, got to agree that kites are lovely to behold. Earlier this year I was fishing the tiny River Alne near Alcester and had the joy of watching two adult kites encouraging a youngster to do what they did.. The calling was fascinating. Ian.
  11. A prime example of the powers of Mother Nature. Ian.
  12. They're frequently seen over our village, Stevo. You've met Alan, my son. He's into hawks in a big way and tells me that the larger predators such as buzzards and kites are growing in number, year on year. I love them! Ian.
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