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  1. See me arguing? Sam, Alan and I are all self employed. Therefore.....whatever, whenever. Ian.
  2. Mid October even better. Alan will want to come so he can shake your hand and share a Guinness or two again. I can also bring my nephew Sam. The three of us have just spent a week at Windmill Lakes in France so Sam's heard all the tales about them socials and assorted nutjobs…..strangely, you were quite high on the list...…..😉 If we both put this out on Facebook I imagine we could arouse some interest. Even if all we do is agree to book on the same day it should work. I've already asked Ben, the resident bailiff, about this. He said "Hey, just do it". Ian.
  3. It's still a pleasant part of the world, mate. When the A5 was widened and improved I was glad that they left the old bridge beside the new one. A bit of a landmark for me...……. Ian.
  4. Was a time some years ago that if a social were even suggested on here it would be fully subscribed within days. Stevo, Nige Woodcock and Phil Chillfactor will attest to this, I'm sure. I met, and still fish with some cracking buddies I encountered on this forum. We'd often do two or three a year. Good times...……... Ian.
  5. The first time I ever fished a river was just upstream of Atcham Bridge. I was either 9 or 10 and went with my Dad and one of my uncles. I was the only one who caught...……….😉 Ian.
  6. Update. My son who's coming to France with me has had a bit of a sort out and has given me some more inline leads. I now own 27 of the things...….. Ian.
  7. Off to France this coming weekend and did a bit of "just in case" shopping today. In my mind's eye I thought I was low on inline leads so I bought six. Oh, backleads, I thought. So I bought three. Then PVA came to mind so I bought loads of assorted bags and a bulk dispenser thingy. Got home and pulled the tackle holdall out. I now own twenty three inline leads, 14 assorted backleads and enough PVA products to enable me to wholesale the things...... Is this an age-onset thing or do others do the same? Ian.
  8. Respect. Head down, stealth mode employed. Waiting game now...…. Ian
  9. I got mine from an Ebay outlet, harpz. Ian.
  10. Then it's about time that somebody did. No better man for the job than you, mate. Get it fished. Ian.
  11. Harpz, you might want to take a look at the Pallatrax Gripz range, too. Seriously sharp hooks! I spent a weekend tying rigs for an upcoming trip to France with them. My fingers have stopped bleeding now...…….. Ian.
  12. Softly, softly catchee monkey. Oh, and that dark mirror...…….I find Google Earth Pro a very useful tool. Ian.
  13. Hey, just do this. I've done quite a lot of "guesting" myself over the years. Where there's a will there's a way...…….. Ian.
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