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  1. welder

    It's About Time

    And I'm back to being a boy again. Say's it all for me, Gary.
  2. welder

    What is your newest purchase

    All true, mate. Decent baits is worth paying for and the fish at Rushes Lake like a bit of bait. The boilies are to be shared with my son and some of the baits are a tenner a kilo. Ian
  3. welder

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    I really can't believe what I'm seeing here. Just what did they think they were doing? Hand on heart, from this day forward I'll buy nothing bearing the Sensas logo. End of! Ian
  4. welder

    Popping my French cherry

    I'd heard rumours that there was an underlying problem at the place, Phil. Didn't know any more than that and as I'd already told Mick that we couldn't make it I didn't delve further. Anyway, enjoy breaking your French cherry and please pass my best regards to all who know me. Meantime Alan and I are off to Rushes Lake this coming weekend. I'll let you know how we get on. Ian
  5. welder

    Popping my French cherry

    Phil, may I ask why you guys had to pull out of the original venue? You probably know that Alan and I were on the list but I had to honour a promise to my elder granddaughter to take her to her wedding in my vintage Morris. I'd add that the replacement water looks even more inviting! Ian
  6. welder

    Taking bait to france

    It Lumey, stress not! Collect your frozen baits as near to date of departure as is reasonable. Use cool box(es) and you'll be good, mate. I've fished three venues in France over the years and all insisted upon the use of fresh/frozen rather than shelflife. For this reason fridges/freezers are supplied at the fisheries. My son and I are on Rushes Lake, near Le Mans this coming weekend for a week. My third and son's second visit. Never, ever had a problem with baits defrosting en route. Go Outdoors have a wide range of cool boxes at entirely affordable prices should you need more than you have. Enjoy your trip! Ian
  7. welder

    What is your newest purchase

    An air-drying bag. Spurious make off the Bay. It's very well made and will take up to 20kilos. Several leads, mostly inline, and a variety of glugs/additives from a small local tackle shop. Oh, and 440 quids worth of frozen boilies, various and assorted. To be shared with my son for use at Rushes Lake, Sarthe, France. To be collected on Thursday and put to use from the 16th-23rd. Can't wait...……….. Ian
  8. "The normal". Cracking expression, Gaz! I fully concur with your comment...the uneducated have no comprehension of what we do or why we do it. Their loss. Ian
  9. My son and I work together and fish together. We each spur the other on and agree we could, if permitted, live full time in bivvies. A couple of years ago the 16th June dawned a lovely day. We arrived at work almost side by side. I suggested that we clear off and fish the River Alne, near Alcester, instead of working. "Good call, Dad" was the response. So we reversed off in unison, drove home for appropriate tackle and went fishing. Ian
  10. Hey, like I need telling! Ian
  11. "Fishing's not a hobby. It's a way of life". Thoughts? Ian
  12. welder

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    finchey, tell me how and I will! Ian
  13. welder

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    That's a credit to you, mate. It's immaculate! Always loved the CBR600, probably always will. Ian
  14. welder

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    Tidy! My bike before the Fireblade was a GPz900r. Proper quick and a lot more stable than the Blade. Ian
  15. 18 years ago I treated myself to a 1994 Urban Tiger Fireblade. Then I had a full, rolling road, Dynojet carb conversion carried out. A fast bike became even faster. Whenever I ride the bike, in my mind, I'm at least a demi-god. This evening I tuned into ITV4 and watched todays highlights from the Isle of Man 2018 TT races. Demi-god? No. Elderly chap on a motorcycle which far exceeds the riders abilities? Sadly , yes...……... Ian