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  1. I've fished at Rushes Lake, Vire en Champagne, France several times. There are wild boar in the dense woods behind one of the banks. I've heard them but never actually seen one. Yet. Ian.
  2. And a tarpaulin draped over a brolly to form a shelter. If you were lucky, a folding camp bed, too. Ian
  3. I seldom sleep even now, despite having all the necessary gubbins. I'm on a level of alertness at all times. Ian.
  4. Hi Kieran, welcome. I Googled Pinnock Lakes earlier and found a link to the Wimborne Facebook page. Quite a lot of information there, mate. Ian.
  5. Choprider, welcome amongst us. I well remember dismantling a Fag packet for it's silver foil. Ian.
  6. I used to remove the elasticated bit and use them as inline feeders. I can see why elasticated ones are potentially hazardous. Ian.
  7. It all comes flooding back! I used a mix of Dynamite Baits Meaty Marine powdered groundbait and their Frenzied Hemp powdered groundbait. I used the juice from a tin of sweetcorn as a binder and added corn to the mix. One or two kernels of corn on a short hair with the hook pushed well into the ball of mix.. Must give it another go, soon. Ian.
  8. I'll try to remember my old "secret" mix. No pellets were involved, that I do know. Ian.
  9. Know what? I'm pretty sure that's where I bought the ones I had before. Thanks, I'll pop over next weekend. Ian.
  10. My son and I were reminiscing about some of our past angling exploits when he reminded me how well I used to do on the method. I used to make up a "secret" mix which contained sweetcorn and use corn on a short hair, buried into the ball of mix. "Why did you stop doing that, Dad" seemed a fair question although I had no answer. A fashion thing, maybe? Anyway, I'm going to give method feeders another go. Are there any particularly good ones I should look for? Ian.
  11. Well, Elmo, I've seen your photo and now I've seen the dog. Guess which I prefer? Ian.
  12. Gift horse is the expression that comes to mind. Whatever it takes........... Ian.
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