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  1. Highy, you might want to consider bringing pod and full setup back from the edge until only your rod tips are over the water. Cast shadows and sight of the outhang by fish cruising the edge may result in spooking potential catches. Just an observation. Ian
  2. David, Alan still treasures the trophy but will be happy to hand it, personally, to it's next adjudged recipient. Ian
  3. Bars versus Pods? No versus required. Carry both and deploy as you see fit. Ian
  4. Best baitboat is a broad spectrum question, every owner/user will have a different opinion from the next. I have the Angling Technics Procat which suits my needs. A pal of mine has a boat, name forgotten, that resembles a cross channel ferry......It suits his needs. Enough said? Ian
  5. harpz, I've been using the JRC Sti 2-man for years and there is no way in which it has loads of room for two bedchairs. I treat mine as a 1-man with a little, and I mean little, extra space. Even with the extended wrap, which I bought as an add on, it's still not a 2-man bivvy. Are you very, very thin? Ian
  6. I did the week on Wyton Lakes and stuck steadfastly to one rod on a boilie approach and the other on the method. Seven fish, best a strong twenty, in total. One fish to the Mainline Cell, six to the method feeder, always with corn/maize in the mix and sinking fake maize on the hair. I'm back on the method! Ian
  7. Tim, I'm buzzing, mate. At my most recent visit to Horseshoe, several months ago, it was obvious the there was a physical security problem, made worse by the fact that the numbers for the combination padlocks are being passed to non-paying, nocturnal visitors. We have suggested a GSM driven keypad system at the gateway which can be altered weekly, daily or hourly via specific input from a verified mobile. I believe that this image is what attracted Sabrina's attention.
  8. Just bought a JRC Bait Bag. Substantial bit of kit. Insulated interior and the separate lid-zip reveals two decent sized bait boxes as a bit of a bonus. Ian
  9. Vik, it's obviously local to you. Be nice if you could take a look and let me know wether or not I'd be wasting my time getting there. I'm a Brummie, well Water Orton in North Warwickshire, so it's a bit of a step getting there. Ian
  10. I like the idea of fishing right beside a very busy highway but off the radar, so to speak. I've spent a few more minutes on Google Earth, just looking, plotting and I do when the bug has bitten. I'd like the opportunity to just chuck a few small bits of bread onto the surface, stand back and await activity. Ian
  11. Steve, I've frequently wondered about these waters, having noticed them when dragging our caravan down to Billing. Perhaps we should go on a voyage of discovery? I've found the narrow lane that you mention. I'll be down at the Aquadrome at some point this summer as several members of our family have fond memories of the place and have recently come back into camping. If you should go before I/we can get there I'm sure you'll let us know what's in the waters. Ian
  12. Try using Dynamite Baits Meaty Marine powder as a binder, added to some small pre-glugged pellets and a load of sweetcorn, pre-dried on a towel. Use the water from the corn can in the mix for the moisture and natural sugar. A fairly firm mix and give it a minute or two before casting. Couple of grains of corn on the hair or one on the hook. Try it. You might like it. I did........ Ian
  13. I agree but not quite entirely. I'd still fish one rod on Mainline Cell....because it's an almost universal catcher and because I have real faith in it. Ian
  14. Gentlemen, thanks for all the replies to my question. Since reading them I've had a root through some of the kit amassed over the years and dug out several old but perfect nick method feeders. I'll give them a go next week at Wyton Lakes and report back my progress. If any........... Once again, thank you. Ian
  15. Some of you will know that my username comes from the fact that, along with my son Alan, I manufacture and install wrought ironwork, specialising in automated gates. I'm a member of the Carp Society and have fished their headquarters Horseshoe Lake many times. The site has had a security issue for a while and Sabrina, Admin there, noted some pictures of our installations on Facebook, liked what she saw and has invited me to visit and quote on manufacture and installation of bespoke, secure gates. Upshot is that I'm meeting with Sabrina and Fisheries Director Miles in a few days time and feeling very proud and excited that we may be involved in such a prestigious project. Can't stop grinning! Ian