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  1. Tips on pre baiting

    A cheap material for prebaiting is sweetcorn. Don't buy it from fishing outlets, though, because of the carp tax. Farm Foods do 2 kilo bags for a pound and they're good sized kernels. Ian
  2. New bait same lake

    Just a thought. Consider adding boilies to whatever you've been using as freebait. The fish will probably recognise what you usually use and come to accept these "new" offerings as a food source. It's then a natural progression to use boilies as hookbait. Ian.
  3. New Line Larger Diameter

    I'd second this and agree with cyborx that policing the difference between lines is virtually impossible unless, of course, the bailiffs are equipped with digital Vernier calipers.......and are blessed with 20/20 vision. Ian
  4. Margin rig?

    There are many waters, especially the larger ones, where the margin is the ONLY feature. Those that know me well will remember that I always, but always, have a bait right in the edge. I've witnessed the dismay shown by hooked fish on many occasions, one particular fish looked me in the eye with such malevolence that I almost felt sorry for it. Almost....... Ian
  5. Margin rig?

    Good to see a sense of humour, Trev. Life is all about laughing and fishing. In that order...... Ian
  6. Drop Shotting

    Being very old indeed drop-shotting is a technique I used when I first became fascinated by fishing, around the time of the Roman Invasion... As stated, it's something that actively involves being proactive rather than setting up the bite alarms and waiting....and waiting...... I prefer to use the technique on still waters rather than rivers and have had good results and even better fun when doing so. Try it using a halved lobworm for perch. It's a winner. Ian
  7. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Can't argue with that. Family first. I was forced to take the day off today. The Shogun got me to work but steel supplier's trucks were snowed into their yard and couldn't deliver to me. Been reading a cracking book beside the fire, instead. Ian
  8. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    You need a Mitsubishi Shogun, Nige. You know it makes sense......... Ian
  9. If it's rated at 10,000 HH it's not going to leak! I'm looking for a 2-man bivvy myself, better have a look at these. Ian
  10. Bite Alarm Help

    Nothing on this Earth could persuade me to fish beneath high-voltage power lines like those, particularly at the lowest point of sag. Carbon fibre conducts electricity almost as well as a lump of copper does and a 12ft length of it in the hands, along with damp/wet conditions is a recipe for death. To each his own, of course. Ian
  11. What is your newest purchase

    Quite right, Nige. My brother used to manufacture reflectors for stage lighting effects. A Chinese company made exact copies of his designs and undercut him until it really wasn't worth carrying on, so he moved into different products. As soon as the Orientals had free reign their prices rose by 250%. Ian
  12. What is your newest purchase

    Agree, and this is the second time in a week.......... Ian
  13. British Record

    The wisest words on the topic so far.............. Ian
  14. Catching at night.

    Well I'm going to contradict everyone but greekski. It seems that from the comments so far he and I are the only ones who actively and actually catch fish during the night. On the club water on the outskirts of our village you'd need to be a Lottery winner to buy a bite during daylight yet full darkness brings the fish to life. This is true for the 8 months of the year when I go fishing, the winter months are too cold for my old bones. I'd add that only 4 overnight anglers at any time is one of the rules. This may have some bearing on things. It's not just on this water that I've done better at night than at dawn, dusk or daylight, though. Merrington, Cromwell, Bluebell Lakes and Wyton Lakes have all seen me bank well during the night. I'm naturally a light sleeper and never, ever close the bivvy door or zip my sleeping bag up. The least sound from the receiver beside my head on a low table and I'm ready. I find that an OCD approach helps, too. Everything is always, always in the same position every time I set up. I can find to hand all I'll need without thought. Even my Crocs are positioned just so, with their heel straps pushed forward so they become instant slippers. I could go on about preparation but you're probably bored already.........lol Ian