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  1. Horseshoe is looking like the place. As has been stated decide on a date, pay the £25 membership and whoever turns up turns up. It's £1 an hour so we can opt to do 2 or 3 nights, whatever personally suits. Early Autumn this year would be good for me but a consensus is needed. Ian.
  2. As do I. Bonus is that you don't actually have to punch anyone's lights out....Hey, delete him from your Christmas card list. Ian.
  3. It's the "hope you don't mind" bit that would have infuriated me. You have to laugh then choose better "mates". Ian
  4. It's usually possible. The place is seldom fully occupied and it's huge! Ian.
  5. Horseshoe would be fine by me. I like the place even if the size of it is a bit daunting. It's an hour and a half from home so fairly handy. Can't do June as I'm in France, can't do 24th July, it's a bit of a special birthday...….Any other time is great! Ian.
  6. We didn't, mate. Miles waived it because we were already paying a lot of money into their coffers. Another reason was the political infighting within the Carp Society and new memberships were being discouraged. Ian
  7. The trophy spent quite some time in my son's possession. Biggest fish at one of the many socials he and I have attended over the years. We'd both be up for a social, pretty much anywhere. Ian
  8. Did I hear the word "social"? Up for it wherever, whenever. I do like a social, made several good friends as a direct result of the many I've attended over the years. Ian
  9. Josh, if the canal is fairly local to you I'd suggest that you persevere. I firmly believe that the inland waterways potentially hold good fish. A pal of mine lives full time on a narrowboat and tells me tales of huge fish. Sadly, he's not an angler. Damn fool! Ian.
  10. Phil, have you considered putting a rod close under your feet, in the near margin? Easier to bait up and I remember having a conversation with you at one of the socials about never overlooking the margin. As you know, I always have at least one rod close to the edge. Ian.
  11. I know what you mean about the call of fishing in France, Phil. It's addictive. I did Rushes Lake twice last year and this June Alan and I are on Windmill Lakes, just up the road from Rushes. Taking my nephew with us . He'll be celebrating his 40th birthday while we're there. You'll know all about self-employment being a potential obstacle to fishing in general. I certainly do. It's all about priorities whereas a booked trip to France is a specific and can be worked into the diary. Ian.
  12. Can I guess what's on the menu soon? Ian.
  13. "And hanged by the neck until he was dead". I banned him. Again. Ian.
  14. The French fishery I'm on this June has a barbless rule, too. These hooks look ideally suited, I'll get some. Thanks. Ian.
  15. welder

    2019 Plans

    Living where you do, Phil, Horseshoe makes a lot of sense. Too much of a trek for me to do it on a regular basis or I'd be joining you. Ian.
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