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  1. nafy, like Nige, I'm still here. Don't post as often as I used to but I maintain a watching brief.... "Better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt" Good to see you back on here, mate. Ian
  2. I used to fish a water which had a boilie ban that was quite strictly enforced. I got around it by using Sonubaits paste wrapped boilies and felt no guilt as the paste would be the attractor, not the boilie. Now let's sort of reverse this. As Steve suggests, make a sweetcorn enriched paste. Now wrap it around an entirely acceptable boilie. The sweetcorn will be the attractor but not identifiable as corn. Sorted! Ian
  3. I have similar back problems to Will's and struggle to get up out of a chair. Problem solved when I bought my Nash Indulgence Daddy Longlegs chair. It's high off the ground, has armrests and will recline to almost flat if I fancy a snooze. Recommended. Ian
  4. Some years ago, when fishing Rushes Lake in France, I rented a Viper Icon for the week. It was well used but entirely reliable and very useful. I'd have no problem with buying one. Ian
  5. If this social should ever actually happen I'd be glad if my son Alan and I could be included. Date and cost not important. Ian
  6. Richard, if the Zionists don't top him there's a queue of armed US citizens waiting behind them. Ian
  7. 31 minutes and 40 seconds. I enjoyed all of them rather more than the average US citizen did, I imagine. We'll see, won't we. Ian
  8. It's a cracking water, harpz. I've fished there many times but not in recent years, sadly. I wish you luck with your application. Ian
  9. Regardless of application the only batteries I'll buy are Duracell. Ian
  10. I wouldn't have said that, Nige. Well, not if you were within earshot............ Ian
  11. Bravo this man! I concur with every word. xp10rer, if ever you're near our village pop in and I'll introduce you to the foxes I feed. If it's dusk or later we may see a hedgehog or two as well. My wife and I feed them with Scotts Porridge Oats which they are fond of. Ian
  12. Now look how the Rothschilds have funded every war since the Napoleon War. Both sides on most occasions. Then look at how many national world banks they control.....every one but three and I include the Bank of England....... Abraham Lincoln stated that he was going to break "the Zionist Hold" and was shot in the head. JF Kennedy did the same with identical results. Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi broke away from dollar-based banking....and they aren't around any more, both shot. In the head. As the outcome of "manipulated, US driven, warfare". The Rothschilds OWN the American National Reserve and the International Monetary Fund. They even print and produce all banknotes for the USA and charge them handsomely for it. The fact that I'm aware of all this must mean that Mr. Trump is, too. He'd better become a Zionist or bow down to them. I wish him well. Ian
  13. Like Trigger's broom, then................. Ian
  14. I have the Nash Indulgence which is sublimely comfortable but could never be described as light. I know a "mature" carp angler who has a lightish bedchair supplemented by a mattress cut from 50mm thick memory foam. He swears that it's the most comfortable thing he's ever lay on. Ian
  15. IMO if he doesn't toe the Zionists line he'll be shot in the head. If anyone wants some interesting reading just Google "Rothschilds". Ian