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  1. Will, welcome amongst us, mate. You'll fit right in. Ian
  2. My latest purchase is 80 assorted leads, all types and all over 2 ounces and all new, unused. £25 to include a zipped pouch. Collected from a guy 4 miles from where I live .From a Carp fishing page on Facebook. Ian
  3. Thanks for that, Phil. Were getting the hang of it now. Ian
  4. It's how I earn a living, yonny. My son and I manufacture and install wrought iron gates, railings and the like. Ian
  5. Hi David, welcome to this cracking forum. You asked about France? If you have the mind to fish there, just do it, mate. My son and I have fished Rushes Lake near Le Mans twice, this year we're doing Napoleon Lakes near Lassicourt and next year we're on Le Lac de Premier. It's not so much the chance to catch big fish, more the pure adventure that is the attraction for us. Added bonus is that we get to spend a full week living in our bivvies. I love life in the bivvy! Ian
  6. Mine is four ordinary rake heads welded together, all at 90 degrees to each other on a length of 20mm steel tube. I pass a length of polypropylene rope through the tube, form a noose and just chuck it out. No photos, sorry, but it works very well. Ian
  7. My take on things, entirely. If I'm not using the baitboat this is how I fish. Ian
  8. While walking our venerable chocolate Labrador this evening I noticed a couple of Bumble Bees doing whatever it is that they do. Must be spring, surely? Ian
  9. Same, Nick. Inline is the way for me, dumping the lead is a fashion I never bought into. Why would you when the choice of shape/design of available inline leads these days cover all requirements? Ian
  10. I fished Sywell once, when we had our touring caravan at Billing Aquadrome. Quite simply the best tench fishing adventure I've experienced, Steve. Ian
  11. I'm giving some thought to changing my this story! Ian
  12. Redmire would be on my bucket list, too. For company I'd want my son and partner in crime, Alan. Aided and abetted by anyone who's company I've enjoyed at the many socials I've attended. There would be lots to choose from. Ian
  13. Love this comment, Steve. You sound like a politician responding to a question in parliament...... Ian
  14. YES! Alan and I are well up for this, Phil. We too are utterly mad busy with the wrought iron stuff but I could juggle things to get there. High time we met up and I want to shake a few hands at Horseshoe. Andy, Stoogie...up for this? Anyone else? Ian.
  15. I wasn't always a Moderator and I don't often post with my Moderator's hat on so don't judge me as such. Judge me as Ian Whitaker, mere mortal and angler. As such I still think that you were showing off. Ian