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  1. Years ago I had my Greys Prodigies converted to full cork handles. It wasn't cheap! Ian
  2. Was a time when I always had at least one tin of Bacon Grill in my bait bag. I'm going back to that time cos I'd almost forgotten just how good a bait it is. Haven't used it for ages, that's going to change! Ian.
  3. I have three of the 4000 Regal BRi's. Cracking reels and barely any larger than the 2500's. I find them good on rods short or long, great for trotting a float downstream or fishing the close margin with shorter rods. Ian.
  4. The River Tame, North Warwickshire, is the lowest I can remember it being. Ian.
  5. I was saddened to see that fish hauled out without the use of a landing net. On the strength of that I wouldn't consider buying the contraption. Ian.
  6. ESP Synchro for me and well pleased with it. It knots nicely and sinks well. Ian.
  7. The reviews are all good, Phil. Carp to 49lbs, apparently. Enjoy! Ian.
  8. You need to speak to a Guy called Bernard Brown who lives on Edward Road, White City, Water Orton. Not sure of the house number and don't have a phone number for him, sorry. Beaver Pool is now a syndicate water with strictly no night fishing. I'm told that there's a waiting list for membership. Ian.
  9. Looks like a young rainbow trout. Nice. Ian.
  10. I've read everything available and assume that some stuff has been deleted. Always a shame to lose any member, let alone one with obvious enthusiasm. Alan and I are fine, mate. Mad busy with the wrought ironwork and disappointed that our trip to Lac du Menhir in July isn't going to happen Stay safe. Ian.
  11. I've just had a Google look at the venue. It's a series of reservoirs which are pretty much exposed to the elements and look rather daunting to me. I'd suggest that you find a smaller, more intimate, water to fish whilst you're establishing a learning curve. Good luck. Ian.
  12. Only just encountered this thread and know absolutely nothing about it. I must pay more attention! Ian.
  13. Another almost forgotten trick is to fill the air-space beneath your bedchair to prevent a cold aura from the ground. Anything not immediately required will do. Bivvy bag, luggage, holdall etc. It works, trust me. Ian.
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