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  1. Mid November 2018 I was Lake, Dog, Cat and house sitting at Rushes Lake, Vire en Champagne, Sarthe. There are boar and deer in the immediately adjacent woods. Before the owner departed he asked me to be sure that the dog was indoors at all times on the Sunday. When I asked why the reply was "Because the locals hunt the in the woods most Sundays and they shoot at everything that moves and this includes each other ". I was sorely disappointed when they didn't show up. Ian.
  2. No shortage of headroom in the 2-man, 1900mm, 6ft 2". I'd struggle to justify paying a grand for a bivvy, although they do seem well thought out. Ian.
  3. Long term planning then, Phil. Makes sense. When are we going fishing together? It's been too long, mate. Ian.
  4. If it's for an angling charity get the handles over to me, Nick. I'll sort them and get them back to you FOC. Ian.
  5. Thanks for that. I'm just off to visit that well known auction site...….. Ian.
  6. A lanyard for my receiver would make sense, leather pouch, too. I'll wait for your pics, Highy. Ian.
  7. I'd never heard of them until now. Just had a look at them on Google. Excellent reviews and appear to be great value for money. The Mk2 with peak for £179-00 has got to be a bargain, surely? Ian.
  8. Your analogy about cats was spot on, Stevo. I got into one at Windmill Lakes, Cosse-en Champagne, this June. It lead me a merry dance for what seemed like an age until it eventually showed as 41lb8oz on the scales. Not the biggest in there but my current PB. Know what? I'll keep on using the rods. Ian.
  9. Hi Steve, welcome to the forum. When I saw your question I had a bit of a Google around and it seems that Knighton Reservoir is a well protected secret! No information forthcoming, not to me, anyway. I wish you luck, mate. Ian.
  10. I use a set of three Greys Prodigies which I've owned for at least 12 years, probably more. Not long after buying them I hade them converted to full cork handles and Fuji reel seats. I love these rods! They are in 3lb test, or were when new. Do you guys reckon they'll have softened a little over the years? I only ask as I'm doing much of my fishing on French waters these days and want to be confident that I'm still suitably armed for the better stamp of fish. Ian.
  11. It was the fact that booking well in advance was necessary that put me off returning. I seldom know from one week to another what I'll be doing, one of the downsides to self-employment, I guess. Can't believe the place will be at full occupancy this time of year, though. Maybe I'll see you there. Ian.
  12. Good call. Nige. Know what? I might even drag Alan over there during the break. It's been years since I fished it. Ian.
  13. "They have redone most of the pegs and moved a lot of fish around". Alarm bells already ringing. I won't be bothering but thanks for coming back. Ian.
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