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  1. That dog need to learn to relax....... Ian.
  2. Hi Dave, welcome aboard. Ian.
  3. Yes, I'm still about and here to keep an eye on you! I'm delighted to see that you're back among us, welcome home, mate. Ian.
  4. Hi Andy, Welcome. Take a look at the Nash Daddy Longlegs chairs. I'm like you, struggle to get up out of a low chair. These start at a good height and can be raised a lot more. Had mine years and wouldn't want anything else. Ian.
  5. I understand that rechargeable batteries can develop a memory. After several "short" charges all they'll accept is just that. It's good to run them completely flat then soak charge. Apparently. Ian.
  6. Be interesting to know what was "said". Ian.
  7. We've got them all around Birmingham, everywhere within the Inner Ring Road. £8-00 a day for my Mitsubishi Shogun, £8-00 a day for my Transit Jumbo. So £16-00 a day before I've even begun work. They're calling it a Clean Air Zone. Ian.
  8. My son is obsessed with carp rods. Over the years he's spent a great deal of money on several sets of three rods. His go-to, all-time favourites? Three Chub Outkasts that cost him £145, several years ago. It isn't all about the money. Ian.
  9. Ah, the sock diet. We used to have two chocolate Labradors and very few intact socks. No dogs now but, miraculously, loads of socks. Ian.
  10. I've got a hat just like that. I'd better get a dog. Ian.
  11. That's some serious ear ring. Ian.
  12. Know what, Greekskii? I'm beginning to think that your alternative suggestion may be the way to go. I know from previous experience how hot it can get in France during the summer months and the lake we're on is closely surrounded by dense forest so a cooling breeze is unlikely. Briefly wielding a towel has got to be better than on and off with waders and an opportunity to cool off isn't to be missed. Ian
  13. Thanks. Highy. This confirms what I suspected. I'll take a look at the decent quality stuff. Ian.
  14. And therein lies the rub. Almost literally, I suspect. I'd imagine that we'd be wearing the things for long periods whilst fishing as I don't suppose it makes sense to keep putting them on and removing them. Ian.
  15. Thanks for this, I was wondering about sizing. I guess a visit to Angling Direct would make sense. Try for size etc. Ian
  16. Advice needed, please. Son and I are fishing Clay Lakes in northern France next year and one of the requirements/suggestions is that fish should be handled, or at least unhooked, whilst in the water. I have no problem with this but have never owned waders of any sort. Hints, tips and suggestions as to what to buy will be welcomed. Ian
  17. You don't know what's in a Big Mac yet still we devour them in their millions. Ian.
  18. I agree with every word. Especially the bit about YouTube and fishing........ Ian
  19. My thought of the day. Just how important are "Reality" TV programmes in the real world? I note that The Sun newspaper today has dedicated it's first three pages to something from the telly. The headline reads "EXCLUSIVE: I'M A CELEB IN CRISIS". Apparently one of the contestants (?) went home feeling poorly and can't return, another is taking painkillers and one's fretting because his mom's unwell. Is all this newsworthy? Three pages worth? Know what? I really, really don't care. Ian.
  20. Happy to help. If you visit them have a walk up the yard to Unit 90 afterwards and I'll make you a tea of coffee. Ian.
  21. Hi Griffindor, one of my business neighbours does work in canvas and assorted other water-resistant materials, in the past they've altered a bivvy groundsheet for me. They'll probably be able to make what you need if you have one to copy.. Comptons 2000 Ltd is the company's name and 0121 622 5562 is their landline number., they're in Digbeth, Birmingham. Ask for Steve or Reece Hennessey and tell them that Ian Whitaker passed you their details. Ian.
  22. £8-00 a day in Birmingham where my workshop is located. It's also where I keep my van so it's £16-00 a day, virtually every day. I'm convinced that the retail trades are suffering already, shops are closing more and more frequently. Ian.
  23. I'm doing the same but with added sweetcorn. I just have to use corn, it's my go-to attractor. Don't know why, it's a confidence thing. Ian.
  24. I have to agree with Yonny. I don't think that carp change their diets during the colder months, they just feed less often. IMHO If Tigers are what they're used to then just carry on using them. Ian.
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