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  1. I know what you mean about the call of fishing in France, Phil. It's addictive. I did Rushes Lake twice last year and this June Alan and I are on Windmill Lakes, just up the road from Rushes. Taking my nephew with us . He'll be celebrating his 40th birthday while we're there. You'll know all about self-employment being a potential obstacle to fishing in general. I certainly do. It's all about priorities whereas a booked trip to France is a specific and can be worked into the diary. Ian.
  2. Can I guess what's on the menu soon? Ian.
  3. "And hanged by the neck until he was dead". I banned him. Again. Ian.
  4. The French fishery I'm on this June has a barbless rule, too. These hooks look ideally suited, I'll get some. Thanks. Ian.
  5. welder

    2019 Plans

    Living where you do, Phil, Horseshoe makes a lot of sense. Too much of a trek for me to do it on a regular basis or I'd be joining you. Ian.
  6. welder

    2019 Plans

    For 39 years I've lived within half a mile of the River Tame in North Warwickshire and I've never fished it. That's going to change this year. Ian.
  7. I have the Procat, had it for years and it's never let me down. I bought it 2nd hand and it came with a hopper extension which simply sits inside the existing hopper. Without the extension the boat holds around three quarters of a kilo. With extension I can double that. It's all the boat I'll ever need, quite fast, steers and handles well. Here's a tip. I bought a large plastic-coated hook and welded onto it a 3/8ths BSF set pin (bolt). I can screw this into a spare landing net pole to lift the boat into or out of the water if the bank has a bit of a drop to the water. Another tip. When first using the boat to take out your terminal tackle, lead, hook etc DON'T make the mistake I made. I didn't open the bail arm on the reel, relying on a loosened clutch to allow line off. Massive line twist was the result!!! I learned my lesson, trust me...……... Ian
  8. Just Googled it. The Walleye is also known as the Yellow Pike and is a close relative to the European Zander. Ian.
  9. welder

    Dogs on motorbikes

    Cracking picture! Ian.
  10. I've just had a good look at that, myself. I could do a week on there, no problem. Ian.
  11. These are the ones I use. Why pay more? Ian.
  12. Same! Years ago I had my Greys Prodigys converted to full cork handles and was a bit precious about them. Sought and sought suitable butt grips until I realised that these were ideal all along...…….a bag of chips is more expensive than a dozen of these. Ian
  13. I'd gladly have eaten wild boar but the catching, killing and cooking bits would have been complicated and too gruesome to contemplate. I settled for a microwaved Chicken Provencal in the end. Hardly any bloodshed...…………. Ian.
  14. Dayvid, you and I have fished together, albeit in decent weather, at Horseshoe. This experience was the polar opposite of that..... Whatever, yes I caught. Best was a 32lb common which came to the net like a defeated bream. The lake hasn't been fished in November for over 15 years so who knows what goes on. Most interesting element? Sitting reading a book with Mylo, the resident dog at my feet. He sat bolt upright, staring at something behind me. Two wild boar from the woodland behind the swim. They helped alleviate the loneliness...………….. Ian.
  15. He's still not 100% but came back to work with me last Friday. Your wife is quite right, he planned to fly to Le Mans with me collecting him from there when released from hospital. He told one of the doctors as much and was told, in absolute terms, that it would probably be the death of him. He's since told me that he thought his demise was near, for a strapping, muscular 37 year old this was something of a shock. He'll get well, he's got to. We've got a backlog of wrought iron gates, railings etc to catch up with...………... Crusian, thanks for your concern and show this post to your wife, please. Ian.
  16. I fished Rushes Lake in France from 11th November to the 19th, this year. It was dark longer than it was light and when it was light it was freezing! I was there because I'd promised the owners that I'd keep an eye on the place and feed their dog and cat while they were at their son's wedding in Dubai. My son was supposed to be with me but was admitted to hospital suffering from pneumonia on the day of departure and was in for 5 days. Never, ever have I felt so isolated or lonely. Won't be doing that again, trust me. Ian.
  17. I seldom look down at my feet. It's a waistline thing...……………. Ian.
  18. Know what? I'm going to investigate these. Perhaps I'm not as hard as I thought...………... Ian
  19. I've never fished Bluewater but have fished several venues in France. The best advice I can offer is to ask what is used to feed the fish during the, usually closed, winter period. Use this as a background bait and either fish over it with any of the better known baits or whatever is sold at the fishery. The latter, ideally, as the fish will recognise the bait as food. Ian
  20. Essential to life, mate. I cant remember ever leaving a tackle shop empty handed. Ian.
  21. Agree. Always have my crocs at the doorway of the bivvy. No fleece lining, though. I'm hard, me. Ian.
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