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  1. Gardner Micro Grubs. The business, don't look elsewhere. Ian.
  2. Night fishing is fine. No membership required, just your EA license. Google Anchor Meadow Fishery to find their website. Ian.
  3. Joel, welcome amongst us. You might want to take a look at Anchor Meadow on the River Avon. Harvington, near Evesham. WR11 8PA. It's a cracking place to be, trust me. Ian.
  4. Great picture, even better sense of humour. Ian.
  5. I enjoyed that. Thanks GP. Ian.
  6. I can't believe that any significant weight would be saved but I'm liking the notion of a much firmer bedchair. I feel a few experiments coming on. First will be to insert several cable ties in amongst the existing elastic. Ian.
  7. The pool in Fox Hollies park used to be good for roach and tench. I haven't fished there in decades so can't help further. The Grand Union is almost certainly a better bet for carp. Oh, nearly forgot. Welcome to the forum, Alex. Ian.
  8. I've had to cancel a week at Lac du Menhir with my son and nephew, supposed to on there 19th July. Fortunately the owner will honour or booking as a transfer to next year, same deposit. Ian.
  9. It would seem so. Hey ho, we're back at it! Ian.
  10. Are you guys using phones to access the forum? I'm on a PC and have had full access but there has been no traffic at all. It was all a bit odd...………. Ian.
  11. That's exactly what I did when I sent a set of three rods to a pal of mine. The tubes were what the carpet grip bars are sent in and the shop owner was glad to be rid of them. When I'd secured each rod in it's own tube I taped all three tubes together to be sure they all travelled as a "unit". As there's a UPS depot just round the corner from my business unit I dropped the package to them. They were delivered almost exactly 24 hours later. Ian.
  12. There's no problem with this post as it's only about sales elsewhere. I agree that UPS are probably the best to use in this case. Ian.
  13. Will do. Oh, them Wuke caps are available from Amazon. Ian
  14. Big Bass, you might want to check out Wuke caps on Google. I have one in cammo which my wife bought for me. The peak on it is noticeably longer than usual and the cap is well made despite being made in China. Ian.
  15. I'm well pleased that this thread has been resurrected as it's triggered a though which may be a benefit when I fish Lac du Menhir in France this July. I've never fished there before so, other than what I've gleaned from the internet, I'll be going in blind. My thinking is that something as attractive to carp as molasses has to be at least an enhancement, possibly a game changer. Following my internet research of the water it seems that boilies and particle mix are the only baits/attractors mentioned. They're certainly the only things available at the fishery. I shall definately be taking molasses with me. Am I dreaming? Ian.
  16. I tow our caravan to Wyton Lakes Camping/Caravan site, just up the road from St Ives, at least twice a year from the outskirts of Birmingham so I've seen several changes to the A14. The best by far is the new arrangement where A14 goes from M6. That dreadful Catthorpe interchange with the traffic lights is gone! The difference/improvement is astonishing and is how it should have been all along. Otherwise it's same old A14, pretty much...………. Ian. PS. If you're into camping, trailer tents or caravanning you might want to Google Wyton Lakes. Very friendly, laid back and the fishing is good...……...
  17. I love fishing the rivers, especially for barbel. They must be amongst the best fighting species on the retrieve. Mind you, a decent perch can give you a good scrap! Ian.
  18. It's all the rain we've been having? Ian.
  19. It's been a while since I was there but I used big lumps of luncheon meat, pretty much standard barbel fishing. The guy who owns the stretch can usually be found in the Unicorn Inn and is a mine of information. Wish I could remember his name...………... Ian.
  20. Mid November 2018 I was Lake, Dog, Cat and house sitting at Rushes Lake, Vire en Champagne, Sarthe. There are boar and deer in the immediately adjacent woods. Before the owner departed he asked me to be sure that the dog was indoors at all times on the Sunday. When I asked why the reply was "Because the locals hunt the in the woods most Sundays and they shoot at everything that moves and this includes each other ". I was sorely disappointed when they didn't show up. Ian.
  21. No shortage of headroom in the 2-man, 1900mm, 6ft 2". I'd struggle to justify paying a grand for a bivvy, although they do seem well thought out. Ian.
  22. Long term planning then, Phil. Makes sense. When are we going fishing together? It's been too long, mate. Ian.
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