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  1. Years ago I had a Triton. Wideline Featherbed frame with Manx swingarm and shortened Roadholder forks. Engine was from a 6T with Bonneville head. Dunlop alloy rims, clip ons, rearsets and swept back pipes with Goldie silencers. Sold it about 35 years ago and have regretted doing so ever since! Ian.
  2. Hi Dezzy, welcome. Ask away, mate. Just don't ask me as I know nothing. Ian.
  3. Hi Mike, welcome amongst us. Never mind fishing, what Triton have you got? Ian
  4. Hi Phil, I trust that you're well. You know where I live, where's this place, mate? Ian.
  5. Especially if you can find a fly-hatch and fish amongst it. Ian.
  6. Update. I've now had both Covid jabs. I'm off to break into a pub. Ian.
  7. That's exactly how I do it, too. I once watched a demonstration of reproofing a tent whilst at a camping/caravanning show. This was the technique used. Ian.
  8. I'm having my second on Thursday. Can't wait. Ian.
  9. A neighbouring business on the estate where my place of work is make/repair/modify items made of canvas. I'll have a word to see if it's something they could do. Ian.
  10. I used to think that bait boats were cheating, until I bought one. Highy, you're quite right about getting a baited hook in the overhung areas. Quite simply the business! Ian.
  11. I know. I won't, though, need room to hold a rave. Ian.
  12. The wrap did require a certain amount of tiptoe work, I'll admit. All good exercise. Ian.
  13. Fairly recent purchase. Bought in anticipation of a week fishing in France and unused so far. It's a JRC Quad 2G xxl and is enormous. I've had quite enough of stooping and crouching down. This is 6ft high inside and, as a two man with just me in it, is plenty roomy enough. Only downside is that the overwrap doesn't have vents to match those in the main bivvy which is a bit of a shame. Ian.
  14. I do find it strange how the Covid jab affects people so differently. My wife and I had the Oxford one, around 6 weeks ago and neither of us suffered any after effects, at all. Our son had his a couple of weeks ago and felt constantly tired and aching for several days afterwards. Ian.
  15. My 1994 Urban Tiger Fireblade. Full rolling-road Dynojet system, free-flow air filter, braided brake lines. I loved this motorcycle. Ian.
  16. If I caught every time I went fishing I'd very soon become complacent and my levels of concentration and enthusiasm would reduce accordingly. Frosty, may I say that three hour sessions barely give the fish time to realise that you've put bait out? Maybe a couple of full-day sessions are in order? Ian.
  17. I fully agree even if such a move would make the French sulk even more over Brexit. Ian.
  18. Well, it's looking increasingly unlikely that I'll be booking to go fishing in France this summer. I've just been watching the news about the localised lockdowns over there due to yet another surge in cases of Covid19. If I'm honest, even if I were allowed to go I believe the risks really aren't worth it, guess I'll book onto somewhere in the UK for a week. Handy as I speak the language! Ian.
  19. For me it's more important than aesthetics. I honestly believe that cork helps with my grip on my rods on casting and retrieve. It's a confidence thing, important in my fishing. Ian.
  20. Remember it well. You had the good sense to move swims and caught. Ian.
  21. I just had the same thought. I'd certainly be up for a social. Ian.
  22. Enjoy! I recently sold my Urban Tiger Fireblade which I'd owned for 20 years. I got more for it than I paid for it! I'm looking to buy a Royal Enfield 500 Bullet but may be swayed to a Triumph Triple. We shall see. Ian.
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