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  1. Shame of it is that I've never considered Churn to have a weed problem. Hey ho, I'm sure you'll persevere. Give my best to the others, please. Ian.
  2. Phil, have you found the clear gravel patch near where the lake runs into the river? It's about a rod's length out and around 2 metres in diameter. Alan had four good fish from there in one day. Worth a look, mate. Ian.
  3. Or the manufacturers are taking a hit on their profits to make the product seem better value? Ian.
  4. That's exactly what I do, Highy. Ian.
  5. This is something I ought to try.....selling stuff. I just keep accumulating anything related to fishing. This is further complicated by the fact that my son keeps his gear in with my stuff and has the same, hoarding, inclinations. With the amassed bivvies, brollies and shelters we own between us we could establish a small village and give every occupant his own rod and reel. I need a bigger shed. Ian.
  6. Hi Callum, welcome to the forum. I've just had a look on YouTube and found a couple of videos showing how to set up a Sabre Capsule bivvy. I'd suggest that you do likewise, might help alleviate your struggling. All the best. Ian.
  7. I keep meaning to do much the same, back to basics down on the canal. Like many, I served my angling apprenticeship on local canals, there's no shortage of them near Birmingham! Oh, and I still remember when small perch were things of wonder. Kev, I wish you all good luck in your venture. Ian.
  8. Certainly did, Kev. Truth be told I'm daft for dogs, love them and would forgive all mischief. Ian.
  9. Other side of the coin, one of our chocolate labradors would eat anything. Tulip bulbs, plaster and the plasterboard behind it, the front off my PC, a tap-dancing shoe and part of a wellington boot are items that come to mind. Our vet grew wealthy by knowing this dog. Ian.
  10. I spent some time in this gentleman's company at one of the Go Fishing shows at the NEC, some years ago. He was a good laugh and not at all "special" despite being almost a household name at the time. I liked him. Ian.
  11. I had the same thought. Either way, I'd like a few days on there just to see what's what. I like an adventure. Ian.
  12. Damo, welcome amongst us. As far as I can see Charters is an old Dutch barge converted into a bar/restaurant, moored in Peterborough's city centre. Two things, some of my most prolific fishing has been in areas least likely to be fished, like city /town centres. Second thing, imagine how much food waste is going to be "dumped" into the river in the vicinity of this barge. Get yourself there and fish for whatever takes your bait. You may be surprised how few restriction for angling apply in urban areas. Ian.
  13. A quick tip on the topic of barrows. Don't, ever, leave the handles at home in the shed. Without them the barrow is of absolutely no use. Trust me. Ian.
  14. I have to agree with the suggestions that we leave them be for a while. We have the rest of our lives to go fishing, there's no rush. Ian.
  15. Cork! I've said it before but I love full cork handles. Ian.
  16. Top shot. The epitome of relaxation. Great picture. Ian.
  17. Have to agree with the comment about the Cyprinus bivvies. They represent very good value for money. Ian.
  18. Years ago I had a Triton. Wideline Featherbed frame with Manx swingarm and shortened Roadholder forks. Engine was from a 6T with Bonneville head. Dunlop alloy rims, clip ons, rearsets and swept back pipes with Goldie silencers. Sold it about 35 years ago and have regretted doing so ever since! Ian.
  19. Hi Dezzy, welcome. Ask away, mate. Just don't ask me as I know nothing. Ian.
  20. Hi Mike, welcome amongst us. Never mind fishing, what Triton have you got? Ian
  21. Hi Phil, I trust that you're well. You know where I live, where's this place, mate? Ian.
  22. Especially if you can find a fly-hatch and fish amongst it. Ian.
  23. Update. I've now had both Covid jabs. I'm off to break into a pub. Ian.
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