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  1. Highy, I think you'll find that nobody "merges" with Angling Direct. They just get bought. Fosters of Birmingham were amongst AD's recent purchases. The place used to be well stocked and staffed by keen, knowledgeable people. Now the place is like a supermarket, staffed by people that don't even know where the keys to the display cabinets are kept. Two words come to mind. "Minimum" and "Wage". I wouldn't trust any one of them to even wash my car properly...……. Ian.
  2. David, Alan tells me that Kites and Buzzards follow different feeding regimes so, theoretically, should flourish in equal, but different, measure. Ian.
  3. Mufty, got to agree that kites are lovely to behold. Earlier this year I was fishing the tiny River Alne near Alcester and had the joy of watching two adult kites encouraging a youngster to do what they did.. The calling was fascinating. Ian.
  4. A prime example of the powers of Mother Nature. Ian.
  5. They're frequently seen over our village, Stevo. You've met Alan, my son. He's into hawks in a big way and tells me that the larger predators such as buzzards and kites are growing in number, year on year. I love them! Ian.
  6. Probably a buzzard, mate. They're big, strong creatures and can easily hold station in windy conditions. Ian.
  7. Agree with all of the above, I've had mine at least 15 years and it's still as good as new. One thing, though. Whoever specified the dimensions of the Sti 2-man was an amoeba. No way in this world will two half-decent bedchairs fit in there! Ian.
  8. Words from my mouth! I've done France many times, often after travelling well into the night. My list of priorities upon arrival: Erect bivvy. Install bedchair , sleeping bag and/or peachskin. Get onto bedchair. Sleep. Like a log. Several logs if necessary. Ian.
  9. I, too, used these in France. Never lost a fish yet almost all hookholds were released in the net. As stated, these are SHARP hooks! I used the straight points in size 4 and they were ideal. I'd add that I've just had a long weekend on Horseshoe Lake, the Carp Society's headquarters, using the same hooks. I blanked but one of my fishing buddies had a PB mirror using identical hooks in a very weedy water. I'd be happy to commend the hooks to anyone. Ian.
  10. A convincing case for the Prestige item, I'd say. I'm not at all surprised, I have a Carporter and still it's like new at around 10 years old. Never, ever had a problem with it.....except when I left the handles at home...….. Ian.
  11. Get them sent, Nick. I'll get them back to shape then TIG weld some aluminium reinforcement on. Ian.
  12. Newest purchase? A JRC Quad 2G xxl bivvy with over wrap. It's enormous! Love it cos I can stand fully upright in it. Bring on my next trip to France...…... Ian.
  13. I once drove from the Midlands to Whitchurch to fish Blakemere. Unloaded my Shogun, started to load my Carporter and realised I'd left the handles at home...…………. Ian.
  14. It must be handy being a Heron. All those fish and no tackle required! Ian.
  15. I eat whatever my son cooks. I do the washing up. Ian.
  16. I agree with all of the above. My nephew has three Tribal Velocity's in 3lb test and I have to say that in my opinion they represent excellent value for money. He, I and my son had a week in France early June and the rods performed very well indeed, landing fish well over 30lbs with ease. Ian.
  17. Yes, it is. However, it's all too easy to become obsessed with the idea that bigger fish are better fish. There is nothing more pleasant than going back to our roots and fishing for whatever takes the bait. Sitting, chilling with no pressure just watching the float and wondering what will pull it under. Love it! Ian.
  18. Those numbers are almost right. Just need several more hooklinks now...…….. Ian.
  19. I've recently done a week at Windmill Lakes, Cosse en Champagne, France. I caught 251lbs of carp. ALL on Pallatrax Gripz in size 4. I'd be glad to commend these hooks anyone interested. Ian.
  20. He must have covered thousands of miles on his treks between home and the water! Ian.
  21. Oz Holness gave a talk about the Burghfield Common at a social club a couple of miles from where I live, last year. Accompanied by a slide show I found it a very interesting presentation and was properly impressed by the man's sheer determination. Ian.
  22. As in the title, those ads that pop up at the top of every sign-in page and frequently between posts......I feel compelled to eradicate them by clicking on the little X in the top right corner. Just a bit of sport. Am I alone in this or am I peculiar? Ian.
  23. Dean, welcome amongst us. Ian.
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