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  1. Where are all the April 1st jokes ,
  2. dayvid


    Ahhh its only Advice I see 😬
  3. dayvid

    UK Rig Tying

    Seems like I shall have an extensive range of rigs over the next few weeks , well 3 or 4 types but lots of them . I assume many will be doing the same , Photos to come laterπŸ‘
  4. dayvid


    LOL nojail for just working on my allotment πŸ˜€, and no officer thats not my old fishing gear behind me .
  5. Allotments , Exercise , well the allotments not far from me are being used by family's as an excuse to get out ,Mother digging and three kids playing ect. This got me thinking ….. if you have a Syndicate, a true Syndicate where you as a group of guys rent the venue off an estate and have free rain to do as you wish , then this applies to mine . So im going to make myself a plot, say around 20 feet by 10 , Dig and plant who knows what, and whilst im at my new Allotment by the lake ,why not take my fishing gear and to protect said allotment plot stay overnight . I see nothing wrong with this whatso ever .
  6. Once again I miss , what ever it’s about 😒
  7. I also have the Fox warrior 42” , had that many years now and that weighs 875 grams
  8. It’s the Fox warrior S 42”
  9. I have just weighed mine 42 inch with a 6 foot pole and it weighed 650 grams exactly I wonder how this compares to most and especially the high end landing nets
  10. Dont understand why you'd need a rotary washing line for fishing. 😁
  11. Back home now , no more action and another undisturbed nights sleep
  12. Beautiful Tench a 4:5 lbs
  13. Lol , they are my mistake lol here is the other one
  14. These two came within half hour of each other this morning, sirry about the mat shots , no tripod but they mainly fir our records
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