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  1. A fish id love to catch 👍
  2. For £870 and the spec id say good value their, assuming it all works well consistently and the price doesnt slowly creep up .
  3. With the summers we have had recently ,rear vents are a must now , amazing the difference opening the rear vents on my Supa brolly , make it so much more comfortable during the day and especially the nights.
  4. Fished the comp , guessing near 75 fishing , only 8 weighed in a single Flounder each . Yessss I managed a Flounder , but …………..alas it was 2cm undersize 😭😭
  5. dayvid

    January catch reports

    Small mesh bag with five boillies chopped in half . Thats how im fishing this time of year and its working for me .
  6. Well tomorrow im fishing an open comp , a Sea fishing comp , wish me luck 🤞
  7. [censored] me £800 for the 1 man 😲 https://ridgemonkey.co.uk/de/products/escape-bivvy-range
  8. I guess because its a different concept to a Bivvy im not sure I like them , but thats not to say that after seeing a few on the bank I may well come to love them . Elmo you should have posted the price ,I now have to find it myself 😂😁
  9. Not that I wouldnt use another make of reel Carp fishing , but I see Daiwa as the best reels out their . Good job we are all different 😎
  10. How different we all are , I really like QD , hence using daiwa windcasts QD Seriously considering when I can get a good deal the Daiwa 19-45 SCW QD
  11. I have a diamond file and a magnifying glass , 2 or 3 strokes with the file is IMO sharp enough for me to use , I dont seem to have encountered any problems doing this . If I feel the hook is sharp enough out of the packet I will happily use it .
  12. Personally I would use a size 6 .
  13. Ummm , cant see how this will work 🤣
  14. I have used my DJI Phantom Drone on my Syndicate 😀 ……….. then posted it on our Facebook site , everyone ,and I mean everyone loved the footage .
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