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  1. Seems very good value for money , its not strictly 10,000 HH , as each skin is 5000 HH , no peak , worth a punt though .
  2. Just bought a second hand Trakker RLX Nano chair , and what an excellent piece of kit this will be , it is extremely light and seems well made , but what i really like is its versatility , The Trakker Video sums it up really , i have tried it just on a level floor ,its ok, bit low and too acute an angle , but i didnt buy it for on the level.
  3. I always use a dab of superglue , it also acts as a line aligner to a degree.
  4. Good luck guys , hope to see some photos
  5. You wont go far wrong with a pair of ... Fox Micron M+ Bite Alarms at around £50 for a pair
  6. 19.5 Wraps should equal 74 yds, so shouldn't be to much trouble with a single hookbait, I would hazard a guess and say your casting technic needs refining ,i would suggest you have a look around and see if you can find a casting instructor near to you, failing that watch some videos on youtube then find a field and practice .
  7. I currently fish my Dream lake , but im sure their are others out their that would surpass it , Best thing is it rarely has more than me on their fishing on the weekends
  8. That bag does seem good value
  9. What great price , i have both of the above only difference is mine is the Plus wide sleeping bag, i fish all year and have never been cold not even when the lake froze over.
  10. The bearings in the TLD range of multipliers has dropped considerably since they first came out , talk to any charter skipper that uses them for rod/ reel hire , its probably a marketing strategy , make a reel last a couple of years or so then buy new again , then repeat
  11. Second that , around £50 each , great rods ,handle well and look good
  12. Caught several " nusience "fish over the years that the boillie would not fit in their mouths.
  13. Never received the PM
  14. How about plain old food colouring , i use black to darken down my groundbait when fishing clearer waters.
  15. Use a finger stool or similar, although at the distance you are going to fish initially its probably not that necessary . As your fingers get wetter and wetter from spoding the skin softens and braid is like a cheese wire then ,the harder you cast the more careful you need to be . I use the fabric Elostoplas on a roll . cut around 4 inches off and wrap round fore finger ,