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  1. Looking for a good Trail Cam ,A must is not having the LEDs glowing at night , not overly worried about price .Any ideas out their .
  2. All i can recommend is the Fox Supa Brolly system , Personally a fantastic piece of kit , super quick to erect and fits a Nash SS3 Wide no problem .
  3. This was at midnight. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking you don’t go disturbing people at midnight. Your right their , and to borrow some weights , hard to know what intentions he may have had at the start ,but im guessing they changed in the end.
  4. I use these with a cable tie , its amazing how much weed you can clear from a tight spot . You can also have fun with against that Punisher at night ,as they say "Revenge is a desert best served cold " 😉
  5. If its a rough as you say on the bottom this would be one of those rare times i use a "Lead drop off system" you can still pack the method mix around the lead ,just mix it a little stiffer . You tube has plenty of info on Lead drop off . I would also move to 20 lbs mono , far more abrasive resistant than Braid .
  6. I use to use the Solar globetrotter ,Brilliant pod absolutely bullet proof , still have it and woulndnt sell it , only changed to a Cygnet pod for changes sake
  7. If your looking for some Big Pits ,dont mind the colour , look at this, Mag sealed as well , great Spod or marker reel too. https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/daiwa-19-emblem-surf-45-scw-qd
  8. dayvid

    BC BS

    If the owner's or syndicate members cant pay for it them selves , then move the fish or just let the Otters eat them , either way it matters not to me or the people i have spoken to.
  9. I rate it quite well , been using it for a few 3 years + i guess , very tough ,not sure it sinks any quicker than normal mono, hard to compare that . I see no reason to change ,18lbs @ 0.35 Dia, Casts well It does start to fade slightly colour wise after a year , but you could just reverse it
  10. You Can keep maggots for several weeks in the fridge at a low temp , I know as its how id store them back in my match days
  11. I use an old 2:75lb Shimano carp rod as my marker rod , works fine
  12. All the good ones i know are invite only , But you could look up New forest water park and the Roach pit both at Ringwood, Sway lake at Sway in the New forest , it has 30s but is such a small venue , but if you want a numbers game no problem their , not mu cup of tea though Just some off the top of my head
  13. ill take a look , but as with most ,its who you know that gets you in ,
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