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  1. Carplounge , Lounge box , various models and quite expensive as you go up in power. LOUNGEBOX | 12V OUTDOOR PWR | Carplounge UK Ltd.
  2. dayvid


    Just read on another site ,this is a potential SCAM web site selling fishing equipment . fishing4you.co.uk
  3. dayvid

    July Catch Reports

    Carp and Catfish fishing again , well the Carp do not like me but the Cats certainly made an appearance...... several times , 4 landed with 2 lost . 34lbs, 40 lbs, 21lbs, and 17lbs , The one in the photo is 40lbs 13ozs ,they certainly do fight especially at over a 100yds out .
  4. I just put it in a bucket of water and wind it on so as the spool of line spins in the water and not loops off as if it was flat
  5. 48 hrs, Friday until Sunday morning in search of Carp and Catfish , well no Carp, but 2 bream and 2 catfish @ 41 lbs and 39lbs 10 ozs Fished for carp during the day and cats at night , both Cats came out last night, Sat Not a great pic as it was a mat shot
  6. dayvid


    New Forest 2017 .WW2 Airfield @ Stoney Cross , lots of open space where i learnt to fly it.
  7. dayvid


    The camera is no different to normal camera , without zoom . So 50 yds away its difficult to recognise a face ,no different if you were to photograph someone at 50 yds
  8. dayvid


    DJI Phantom , so easy to fly ,tons of youtube video , 4K resolution and 100% no wobble with the camera in the air , auto take off and land , fuly GPS controlled , Absolutely amazing .
  9. The largest of six from the last 48 hours
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