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  1. Bank Holiday , 16 acres and only 4 on their. ClubTicket
  2. Il doubt ill fish this one , personally their is no value to me in the £25 membership , £75 for a weekend , sorry guys
  3. I know its only fishing not life or death , but he is no mate of yours no matter how you feel about him, to do that is a pure case of I dont give a toss about you , not sure what I would have done , but I doubt it would have ended well for either of us
  4. Just turning green and the lillys are starting to show in force now
  5. Bit of a journey for you and a club venue but cheaper in the long run , www.farnhamanglingsociety.com
  6. I didnt think we we paid that last time we had a social their , did we
  7. Hey , you lot , I was their first , find you own newbie 🤣
  8. Only ……….if you bring me Beer and Cake all weekend😋
  9. Horseshoe is a good venue , food was excellent last time
  10. Youll need a course of injections for infectious diseases , if you travel North, but you already knew that didnt you.😀
  11. Just for you info ,if anyone fancies fishing there , if you fish midweek ,you pay for 24 hrs and fish for 48 . PS . I have no connection with Broadlands <last time I fished their was about 3 years ago
  12. Heres another venue down this way : http://broadlands-lake.co.uk/lakes-and-river
  13. I have very limited venue knowledge, but somewhere like brasenose should result in a good social and a fish or 2 for most attendants. That would work as its rectangular , and swims are very close to each other
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