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  1. Link to Thermacell. https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15906389/thermacell-mr300-mosquito-repeller-15906389
  2. Yea , I know what you mean , Well at least this forum "Does what it says on the Tin "
  3. Bought my Green ones from him , they are plenty bright enough to seen in the dark . Remember , Red will be the dimmest and Green the brightest , the other colours fall in between .
  4. Spent a good hour or so with the Deeper mapping out the water in front of me , I now have the topography of the lake bed in my head now as well as on the deeper , this sort of information would have taken at least a day to achieve with just the marker . Still use the marker to confirm what I think the bottom is made of , Great piece of kit along with my baitboat happy days and nights ,and thats what its all about , My Happy days and nights .
  5. £150 , look secondhand, that sort of money should cover most out their .
  6. Ok , no problem . I see they have brought out a Deeper Chirp , slightly better on depth than the Pro Plus, but around £70 more
  7. I now proudly possess a Deeper Pro Plus , havnt had time to try it out this weekend , but fingers crossed for next weekend .
  8. Her you go ,😀 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/50pcs-Rubber-O-Rings-Black-For-Fishing-Bite-Alarms-Rod-Pods-Bars/382797830554?hash=item592087599a&enc=AQADAAAC8FjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduV9SPzoVvxg0itiZ4JvuQrrp0qBceiwmAPIh307%2FhTgVx7WKwxC3KjQ2f6ZPVh23wb%2F%2BhwM5lPTGhVx8N5e5BTuxnBx4rFMlhU1XUlimU6TNb7MM%2B9dSwAKbV6xCtmyeTFml9Qd8DrcGHtmUSj9s0%2B2GD%2Bvk2SlqAKZnGJ8Izp6xkyqg1%2Fd1jH%2BnQNwKO1LfG9LWBtxXKyA062MYVaOc%2FMYqmqI44KJkjnqpREYqtH63TOB4F0JNKykaMWp2VGeTBtTvdGGAdO8rrGckHvi6IrW5Izm8YbaOxnwwnWIgMWRmQdkt9Qa66bFV6bAfq6fYVG7d8QsdLO0zekOlS5YfAnIuvFLHM%2BpmBRWSdGuUVFi8hjkm6LH4AgnzckWQKLAAg%2BxAh9Vp5tgD7WVl7CALEF5W%2FrfMjfXHYpO5%2F4QCzZWwoPcl%2BNHinJFyhAyVyTv9Y31%2BVGtOyOPrwUzXLJD6qMi2UGNcqjX6G%2F6mfXjMIFCbFN5%2BBiFVcoH0%2F%2BNK0IX%2B3FgJtsqF7iXOtFWOF%2FQTR8AiJUvHTxc%2BZFE9jD56sqDA3GZu0OQ6dloFBNs4b1X4Db1hFuSc1ZMoPkRYNx%2FEmDGJlgQCC0ShO4msnXHoX%2BnEuuqqdb97EHRXNMSGx0F5uO5zfI7DXhV9Ae95%2BMIxQih5NAW9%2BQSxKyaWZlw6BAUGa4ZQGlnvDPX%2F%2BjaTpJcExZDvUdzLoSzRpcW3%2FRwVh2Va6Rl9N6En0OpN7A0j1YivBhQfVfHMR9Yt7yVYtNewRQeRa%2FGC0vymvEU41m7OeuqA9yz8nstCfZZmvxLkOFiaTDAnk36Z%2F7riWLg6L%2Fc8vtoQgKpW1exOWNckFo6ys4sYBtxS58DHfGco4Dc4uNcPxyACgEoAp4WioO7ujam2wteD045Fnft6edx1FTuWtoUrRGDQboIpWAjpCk8zhNhnJ6iUZv69cZYAviteaaxJyR&checksum=38279783055407adda96078a442392b2655f8ea3664f&frcectupt=true
  9. Totally agree , waste of money
  10. You just bind it on going round and round the bait ,when finished winding it on just pull to snap , it just binds on ,no need for loops or nots , have a look on you tube sea fishing ect , theirs bound to be someone showing how , it is really easy Ps , floss will not contract like bait elastic which pulls tight on the bait.
  11. Ebay , has loads of different sizes and colours .
  12. Never used Snails or Slugs , but if I was to put a Snail on the hook, out of the shell, I would use Bait elastic and bind it on , very similar to way I secure soft baits I use Beach fishing . https://www.gerrysfishing.com/gerrys-bait-elastic-1-per-pack.ir
  13. Prestigue Vs Nash , If theirs one thing youll learn from having a barrow is you need POWER not every lake has flat level tracks , so those small inclines become mountains , This Nash barrow has the poweror lack of it of the old MK5 Prestigue barrows (ok but not good ) , I know I had one until up grading. Watch make your own mind up , but basing it on what you see in this video ,the Nash barrow is way way down , lets face it its stinky winky in comparison to the Prestige version
  14. Once I have finished with the rig in the bin it goes , but will save usable parts if any.
  15. Done this on several occasions , last one was PVA mesh a week or so ago, 100M ordered only then to find the other 100M in the garage 🤣
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