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  1. Always check you packaging when you have something sent to you . A lot of it is not polystyrene but PVA nuggets used as packaging , most of mine has come this way.
  2. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    Tried this season with a mate Mainline Hybrid for a change over the Crayfish and Garlic by Shoreline we have been using for the past few years . We are having some really great results on it , really great. Bait is only as expensive as the lack off effort you put in to source it though.
  3. Bivvy Waterproofer

    I bought that in B and Q several years ago
  4. Bivvy Waterproofer

    If you look at my photo you will see a pump to pressurise type sprayer , and 5L of Fabsil , this is by far the best way to apply it , i doubt 2 cans will be adequate to be honest . Go Outdoors were selling 5L for around £33 or 1L £13 ,hence i bought 5L
  5. Bivvy Waterproofer

    Fabsil or Fabsil Gold , gold is more expensive I use ordinary Fabsil good for a couple of seasons .
  6. Nazeing

    i believe you have to pay to use it now .if you havnt they have blocked all photos that have been put up on sites such as these .
  7. Joining a Syndicate/Water

    Cracking looking lake , good luck their
  8. What is your newest purchase

    Newest purchase ..... DJI Phantom 3 A........... Drone
  9. Bailiffs

    I consider i have been fishing long enough to know that every choice i make is the correct one ,
  10. Bailiffs

    As i have said, photos are very deceptive to distance , what seems like 25 may only be a third of that.
  11. Bailiffs

    The EA rules i believe state ; Rods are to be no further than 10 feet apart , but im unsure as to whether it has a rule on how far YOU can be from your rods . If i am wrong can someone post a link
  12. Bailiffs

    All photos make distance look further than it really is, looking at the foliage and the track i would not have a problem with this .
  13. Help needed to sink braid

    It was only the answer to answer all answers .
  14. Help needed to sink braid

    Ahh , mine must not have been worthy of moving over just deleting .....
  15. Help needed to sink braid

    My post disappeared from this thread ................any ideas why