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  1. Love those turning bays , excellent for Bream
  2. dayvid

    April Catch Reports

    Well after 2, 48 hr sessions blanking i finally managed one , bang on 19lbs , sorry no pic it was 3 in the morning and cold 😊
  3. I agree both ,but when done artistically well and dependent where it is , i like it
  4. Not knowing the size of fish you will be targeting very difficult to say, and up grading from what.
  5. Yes ill give a review when spooled up and in use .👍
  6. Decided to give this a try , amazed how heavy the spool was when it arrived . £44 inc del , from TFT ,out of stock now.
  7. Didnt they early NTXRs do that
  8. dayvid

    March Catch Reports

    As they say " A picture paints a thousand words " 48 hours later and nothing😪
  9. You will be so against me in a few weeks , but then,,,,,, am i Normal🤪🙃
  10. I wish they did just propane for the Bluin T4 ,although the propane /Butane mix is ok in the cold till around 80% empty , then takes a bit longer to boil
  11. Fleece Pillow Case - Gardner Tackle
  12. I bought a pillow from Ikea and have the Gardener camo pillow case .
  13. I have had a bait boat for over 25 years ,although i dont use them much ,i have recently just ordered a new one from Germany . I am not interested if anyone disapproves of my use of one , i go fishing for my enjoyment ,and no body else . Buy one ,use one, and above all enjoy your sport using it if it helps you . You can just make out an A.T Microcat in my cover photo 🙂
  14. Managed just the one in the Cold NE wind
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