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  1. Prick the bag just before casting , this helps release the air making it sink quicker.
  2. Coming from a match background puts you way ahead when it comes to Carp fishing.
  3. Need a bit more of a clue here with regard to The Blue Lake , welcome to the forum
  4. Why not , please explain....
  5. I have found switching over to tigers , slows the bream catch rate down if they get to much , assuming you can use them.
  6. No USE or Sale by Date , i believe they have found Honey good enough to eat that is several thousand years old
  7. Just checked my phone bill and had an un expected £6 extra on top , so spoke to 3 network who were helpfull . i needed to phone Ted carter tackle , so looked them up on the net , the link below came up and i rang them on the 0845 number not realising it was Premium rate . Now i dont believe Ted Carter to be responsible , but expect its a third party redirecting calls via the 0845 number , just something ill be aware of in the future.
  8. Daiwa sensor is excellent when it comes to abrasion , you can also use it to replace the springs on your car , its that springy .
  9. Does anyone have any info ,good or bad on this venue.
  10. Prices Licence type Trout and coarse 2-rod Trout and coarse 3-rod Salmon and sea trout 1-day £6 Not available £12 8-day £12 Not available £27 12-month £30 £45 £82 12-month - over 65 or disabled £20 £30 £54 12-month - junior (12 to 16) Free Free Free
  11. As i see it 4 Alarms and receiver for £90 , cant be bad , but have no idea if they will last , its always a gamble on lesser known brands
  12. I know its not everyones cup of tea , can you not introduce some Catfish , its worked for Farnham
  13. I read it was to safe guard vulnerable people being colluded into dying by unscrupulous family members looking for an easy pay day.
  14. Yes you are right Nick ,it would be X-Box users ,they are so much more Dumber than Playstation users
  15. How was it taken, from a drone possibly