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  1. dayvid

    Favourite fishing tv programme

    Discovery shed was always good for angling programmes , of late they don’t seem to be showing any
  2. dayvid

    Shall i rent my lake out privately? Sussex

    Ok , is it 2 or 3 acres , is it fenced ? ,how secure is the venue ? and their is the odd Carp in their . Not much to go on to be fair. Looking at it as a Carp fisherie their would have to be a lease for X amount of years , night fishing a must and access 24/7 At the end of the day without viewing the venue it’s all just guesswork and speculation .
  3. dayvid

    View from your bivvy door.

    Have this line on my Embkem X s, about the same time as smufter, been using it for some time now ,only when I bought my Windcasts I tried Daiwa sensor for a year . I personally like the line ; so much so I’m more worried about snapping my rod than the line breaking stoping Catfish.
  4. dayvid

    View from your bivvy door.

    You need longer front legs.
  5. dayvid

    View from your bivvy door.

    You have to go to You Tube just top see how versatile these pods are , so quick and east to put up and down with a reasonably wide footprint as well.
  6. dayvid

    View from your bivvy door.

    From the weekend ,Featuring my new Cygnet Grand Sniper pod and 18 lbs 0.35 Wychwood DPM line.
  7. dayvid

    What is your newest purchase

    Been looking for one of these for a while as they seem to be discontinued , and one pops up on ebay , practically mint , had to buy it ….
  8. dayvid

    Recommend some lines for me....

    Cracking info that Highy
  9. dayvid

    Marker rod braid.

    I see nothing see no reason to not use it on a marker , although never used it .
  10. Well lucky for me , I have to traverse neither ,nor would I , but if thats what you have to do then carrying it seems your only option I guess.
  11. The best way to sort out weight issues ,is buy a Power porter , you'll just as mobile as someone who has scaled down
  12. I have the SS3 wide 5 season and that would Defiantly be the first thing to go if I was to lightening up
  13. If I was to look at going light the bivvy I would look at would be the Fox Easy Shelter , Take a look and make your own minds up
  14. dayvid

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    I expect their are Carp . Look on You tube … some big Catfish in their .
  15. dayvid

    Big Fish Mix unveiled

    Could this be made a STICKY