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  1. dayvid

    The weather and fishing.

    I tend to consider our Winters as an extended Autumn , so nothing really changes . maybe less bait , but my decisions to alter things are made at the time and venue.
  2. dayvid

    Ebay bargain

    Great bivvy , I have the Nash Viper TT , Theirs a guy on the net called ,,Army Andy who will repair all the seems and by all accounts is very good ,reliable . Youll have to search his name or search other forums for his details.
  3. dayvid

    deeper pro plus

    If you have plenty of time use a marker ,if time is limited use a sonar, in dont hold faith in the fish finding ability's but for depth excellent , you will still need a marker though after to tell you what the make up of the bottom is . Just another tool to help you fish better.
  4. Not sure ,but I believe the imperial threads 3/8th only apply to Banksticks , Landing net threads ,Keepenets ect , so smaller I would imagine are metric , metric on my wavelock brolly
  5. dayvid

    Can I ask a favour?

    Different fish , Scale patterns are different imo
  6. dayvid

    Stuck on scales

    Something on the lines of this
  7. dayvid

    Stuck on scales

    I bought the T bar as an extra , for those thinking of buying a T bar , always buy one that Clips on to the scales , Not just hooks on .
  8. dayvid

    Stuck on scales

    The older version of fox scales were fine , I use to remove a batterie to prolong battery life . The new ones have an on off switch and batterie life is excellent , over a year I guess and still going. Plus they go to 120lbs as opposed to the old Fox ones that only went to about 66lbs https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/fox-digital-scales-60kg-inc-case
  9. dayvid

    Stuck on scales

    Fox every day , light compact and accurate . So what if it has batteries , just keep an eye on them the same as you would your bite alarms ect . Reubens are fine , just so BIG
  10. dayvid


    YES …... , you finish on a yes ………………….. Cars loaded and I was nearly on my way to you , and you finished with a yes ………..😫
  11. Lets see, I started with a 45 inch brolly and 1000 gauge Damp Proof Membrane over the put together camp bed, this worked well as the brolly kept your head dry and the DPM kept the bed dry Then bought the Nash Titan , excellent as it was to me a brolly and a bivvy all in one , then the Nash Titan Viper TT with winter and extreme skins , so versatile with the different combinations you could have , absolutely excellent piece of kit. Also have a Fox Evo with extra skin , only used it once , it wasn't for me ,plus ii have a 2 man pram bivvy by Adobe I think ,only used this once but thats not to say I wont in the future . then the Fox 60 Supa Brolly system ,absolutely faultless ,so much so that when I bought my MK2 60 Supa Brolly System in Cammo , my mate bought my old one , I really loved the Titan , but the Fox system is the nuts , love Fox's Cammo pattern and those rear vents this summer have been a god send , I have more than enough room to do several nights under it ,and it accommodates a Nash Wideboy SS easily .
  12. dayvid


    Not worried where it is , Just dont leave us hanging for the next instalment , its been 47 mins since you edited , 😩
  13. dayvid


    Cheers for that.
  14. Who sell the brightest Green 25mm x 3mm isotopes. their are so many on the market now I dont want to end up with some cheap dull copy
  15. dayvid

    How often do you switch baits?

    I would say yonny has summed it up in his post above. For me bait and rig presentation has never been a worry . If im not catching its one of 2 things , they are either not their or not feeding.