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  1. I don't mind paying for quality, so I'll stick with Whiplash, tried and tested , also use it on my boat reels for Conger , Tope and suchlike
  2. At worst ill move left or right rod over to one side , but thats no big deal as it doesnt disturb the baits already cast out. Im sure you are just looking for an argument now with those comments above , what you think you may have seen as to what probable happened are two different things
  3. Never Ever Ever Ever had a problem using a pod , no different to sticks , Never moves and has never been pulled over even locked up . I know of know one who has had problems with their pod .
  4. I have the adobe 2 man , only used it once just to try it out , seems a good bivvy plenty of space ,came with extra skin , easy to put up , The material is probable 5000 HH the better bivvy material will be 10000 HH
  5. From the picture it would seem the buzz bars are extendable , it will be alright to use.
  6. Corus highly-flavoured boilies are the perfect bait for all carp anglers. Rich in natural ingrdients, Corus boilies are packed with all things good making them high in proteins, fishmeals and full of natural oils that are essential for catching big fish Really tells you absolutely nothing , they may be ok maybe crud , I wouldnt use them as i need to know what the make up is , but thats me ,
  7. This one came in the bivvy whilst i was dozing ,
  8. I find keeping the rods high works , as they patrol the margins ,
  9. Mine turned up today..
  10. Had the same with Nash Bugs the small ones , the would sink once the had absorbed water in about 10 mins
  11. Then this Leviathan at 04:00 hrs, Sorry about Pic quality , the better ones are to big to load
  12. From the Syndicate , i was the only one their on a Bank Holiday.
  13. I have the Tracker Big Snooze Wide , i use it summer and winter , fleece lined which is nice
  14. Its a bummer i know ,but thats the way it is , as carpbell suggests use a spomb , time consuming and a pain to keep doing but keeps them away.