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  1. No prices on ladignac , so cant be botherd to find out so ill move on.
  2. Never heard of this before.
  3. Try frying it , havnt had it in years , must buy a tin
  4. I too use these , but you have to make sure the little hook at the end is the right way up , not facing down to your thumb
  5. If you have a water butt that collects rainwater you could use that.
  6. Its not good form to brag about your PB.
  7. Try Farnham angling , although southern Surrey
  8. Tie PVA Spring around the lead clip ,
  9. As per the title , just ordered one.....................................
  10. I love Delkims , but see no reason not to buy NTXRs both top end alarms . Choose what you want i would suggest
  11. Only what i have read , seems a nice enough place and have not read any bad comments on the place.
  12. KHV

    You may have to ask yourself why you have been offered a ticket now after waiting how ever long . Maybe just maybe several other anglers have dropped their ticket because of the outbreak.
  13. Think what all creatures eat in the wild , fresh to rotten and everything in-between , we are the only ones who have sell by / eat by dates on our food.
  14. Whats the cammo netting for ?
  15. What a result .... well done