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  1. What happens to the fish when I becomes like that in the pictuer
  2. I use Fabsil , not used the Gold ,for no other reason than Gold is more expensive, next time ill clean the fabric first though
  3. Chub Vantage 5 Star , you wont be disappointed , I have the same one .
  4. Location is as they say"the key" , but just because you spot some fish doesnt mean they are their to stay , you have to try and understand , Have they just Got their ,Are they about to leave or are they the for the duration ., this I cant explain how you know its something you learn to understand through experience and time, and you dont get it right every time.
  5. Two lines I use and would always recommend are , Berkely Big Game 15 lbs and Whychwood DPM 18 lbs , bullet proof line IMO , either of these will reach around 100 yds with a 2 oz weight with a reasonable 3.25 TC rod
  6. Confidence for me is firstly choosing a swim I feel I will catch in , so if I dont find a swim I like then Ill go to a different venue , I have never been one to fit just because their a space available . I have every confidence in the rigs and bait I use ,and as I have said before I believe if im not catching its because the fish are either not their or their not feeding.
  7. It seems to have become so bad that a few clubs have a Total Ban on Drugs and Alcohol with instant dismissal , no ifs no buts out if caught.
  8. How strange , I find it quite pleasant , not enough to put me off fishing and it only seems to smell whilst its wet .
  9. Many years ago , long dead now they had a common in their named I believe Herman at over 50lbs, its a very small pond so should suite your first time as you will never be far away from fish.
  10. Look down the second hand route , and buy at least at 50% 0f retail on your budget , their are plenty of mint excellent bargains if you have time to wait .
  11. dayvid

    September catches.

    Heres one of several from last weekend . Using a new App to me which now allows you to put text on the photo neatly and not just scrawled on from the iPhone called.... "Phonto"
  12. The Helicopter rig , pay no attention to the hook use what you use, I personally think this is the safest rig .
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