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  1. The concept for using drones whilst fishing will take of at some point in time , its just their noise will get them banned on most waters . Theirs a vid on Youtube somewhere of a guy catching ,i guess an American Black Bass around the 3 Lb mark spinning using a drone ,and he lands it.
  2. Mate Forget it , That place has seen so many BAD reports over the years i would not go their if it was free . Their are so many other places to fish in France , wipe that place from your memory and move on .
  3. You could try Vinnetrow which is @ chichester Sorry i cant give you any more details other than the name.
  4. Well im not returning Any of the money to the people that have paid , if this was just a wind up.
  5. Hi dayvid try fishing number 6 or 8 elastic for bream its much more fun when pleasure fishing


  6. I have only seen one in action and it seemed to perform well.
  7. They will be fine , for at least a year doing what you intend, thats what Shelf life boilies were made for
  8. It will always be the way that few spoil it for the rest
  9. Fox Digital scales , 60Kg - 132 Lbs
  10. Those rigs you see their are the rigs i use inn 99% of all my carp fishing . I have not had a problem since binning those hooks and will never use ESP again hook wise.
  11. Tried this site on my iphone 7 today and it worked almost the same as using a PC , i would have no qualms using it to access this site , maybe its the phone as it was very easy to navigate
  12. I do hope those hooks are not just rebranded ESP Raptors , as they are by far the worst hooks i have ever bought. i had might as well used fuse wire for all the strength they had.
  13. I have not noticed that very much has changed at all for me using a PC , but the plus side is that photos can now come direct from my PC and not faff around with photo bucket
  14. Not knowing anything about Taptalk , how does it affect using the forum .
  15. Your rods are fine for here and in France , but if you wish to fish some inland sea and wish to cast 150yds you may find they wont cast that far.