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  1. It all has its place , its just how you use it , What the deeper is good especially good for is dispelling laid down in stone ,facts about the lake bed like , Old river beds , Sunken holes , gullies you get the picture , only to find none of it exists . I dont have the heart to tell someone what its really like down their.
  2. Not really, it gives you an idea from the echo return, I havnt used it enough yet , but once you know what you are looking be it depth/drop offs ect then use the marker .
  3. Have no idea about the washers inside , but mine are as smooth as when I bought them , getting on for just over 2 years now , and I fish most weekends. The QD does take abut 5 minutes to get use too, 😁 wouldnt be without it now Bit biased I know as I have always like Daiwa reels
  4. Im all for anything that will help , Deeper for instance , save hours of needless maker float work.
  5. It may as well be😀 , I was the only one their this weekend .
  6. Dont know about the Penns but would assume they are a good reel , I have Daiwa Windcasts excellent reels , and would seriously consider the 19 Emblem 45s.
  7. Well indoors now , just missed the rain packing up , Two on Particle , Maple Maize and Fake Corn on top . 3 on Pop ups , Heres my typical pop up rig , Helicopter with Leadcore . Shimano Tribal 3;25 ,Daiwa Windcast with 18lbs Wychwood DPM Mainline Popups .
  8. Well apart from 2 liners And the rain during night I had an excellent nights sleep 😁
  9. 22:15 this came on the yellow pop up
  10. Well let’s see how this pans out , Arrived at this venue around 06:00 this morning and setup with bivvy up rods in around 07:00 Fishing three rod, 2 with pop ups and one with particle on , so far 3 fish 16-17 and 25
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