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  1. Id try and put those buckets up front if you can to reduce the weight on your arms
  2. If you want more imput from the Stalkers , why not have a Classifieds section run the same as Carp forum , 100 constructive post to be able to view classifieds .
  3. I have the air bomb ; first one broke but that was a known fault at the time ; the newer improved version works fine for me no problems at all , I really like it
  4. Id hazard a guess and say they are no longer made, looking at how old these posts are ,but they maybe rebadge as something else ,
  5. I would say pretty much everything us guys wear fishing will be suitable for ladies to wear whilst out fishing .
  6. I like to find out as much information on a venue as I can . Its handy to find out rough depths , bottom ,ect But I am not interested in other peoples Bait ,rigs and where they think the fish are or I should be fishing , I can do that myself .
  7. Here you go .£16 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/100N-ORANGE-TBF-ADULT-BUOYANCY-AID-life-Jacket-ski-sailing-Two-Bare-Feet-Foam/271249311244?hash=item3f27b8060c:m:mQbS_L-JvsAOrMuqUqE_jYw
  8. I do like an Island or two in a lake .
  9. Its understanding , not to have it in an enclosed space ,
  10. A bait boat with GPS and echo sounder ,would suite this venue perfectly , costly I know , but im sure would pay dividends in time getting to know the lake .
  11. Life jackets , this is just a personal opinion , but I dont really like the Auto inflate lifejackets , but prefer the conventional ones , You always know if you fall in , using a conventional life jacket you will always float , Auto inflate , theirs always an element of " will it inflate when I need it " Just my opinion One other thing if you buy an Auto inflate , Always wear it on the outside of your cloths , Never under a coat
  12. Are you allowed bait boats on their , Or small dinghies
  13. Of course they are safe , but in the wrong hands are lethal , To ask this question is good ,but you need to decide if you can use it safely , I fish with an open fronted Bivvy ,so not a problem, but would never use it in a bivvy with the front on , let alone zipped up . This time of year ,you should never need one anyway , take an extra jumper and joggers

  15. Never used their bait ,but having said that, I have only read positive post on it
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