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  1. dayvid

    Rod Shots

    I bought all the gear for Drop shotting , havnt had time to try it yet.
  2. dayvid

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    No ,not even a liner , the lakes been difficult all summer.
  3. dayvid

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Fished Friday night and Saturday night , and from start to finish I have not needed a hoodie on , just a T-Shirt , 20 degs+ down here as well.
  4. dayvid

    sign of the times

    My new Fox RX plus alarms , great alarms so far just one niggle and of course I can live with it . Change the colour of the LED to Orange and then turn the nite light on and its Red , but lights orange on a run, go figure that , Fox probably didnt realise till to late ,but thought Hay Ho those suckers will still buy them and its to late now to rectify . Tried emailing Fox and I was not surprised I had no reply . This fault is on all Fox RX plus I have seen
  5. dayvid

    Rod Shots

    A couple from the weekend before the rain set in.
  6. dayvid

    Bank Tackle.

    Yes I have , I had no problems with them .
  7. dayvid

    New bed.

    Exactly right , I sleep in Hoddy ,Tshirt ,joggers and socks just for that reason , so no way do I want a super warm Bag or System.
  8. dayvid

    Broken receiver

    First thought would be to contact Fox themselves
  9. dayvid

    Beginning of a decline do you think?

    LOL , I think Ginger991 is 31 and a stab in the dark here , Nicks 48. As regards to being checked whilst Carp fishing I think the last time was probably in the 90s , but have been checked several times during matches on match/pleasure commercial fisheries . The higher the volume of people on a venue regularly ,the more chance of being checked.
  10. dayvid

    Something positive for all......

    They make me happy
  11. dayvid

    Time to Switch?

    I dont switch , ill be using Fishmeal this winter as in previous winters .
  12. I stand to be corrected , but I doubt the range on the Sensor will be much more than a few inches ,ok for your hand to activate , but not some one 10 feet away.
  13. dayvid

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    This would seem to be you best option , if you dont want to get caught tt
  14. dayvid

    View from your bivvy door.

    Stealth Shot
  15. dayvid

    View from your bivvy door.

    Not quite the bivvy door , but near it 😊