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  1. Angling Technics Microcat , excellent boat , fast quiet and can take alot of bait , around £350 and up second hand .
  2. Metal detecting , now thats a great hobby and some thing i have really enjoyed , no Saxon hoard though .
  3. Post this on other forums as well such as CarpForum - The UK Carp Fishing Forum. Information, chat and advice
  4. It wouldn't surprise me that more manufacturers do this to their ground sheets in the future. Oh the other thing is they market the groundsheet a HEAVY duty , No way at best MEDIUM duty , my Fox Supa brolly ground sheet is Heavy Duty
  5. Took my Frontier X out for a test ,yesterdayTotal weight with Vapour peak ,ground sheet pegs ect in the bag came in at 16.6 Kg.It fits a Nash SS3 Wide with around 6 inches clearance at both ends .and plenty of room inside .Clipping the arms in is relatively straightforward , taking apart does make you feel like you may bend them , but i didnt, how long the boss will last clipping them in and out (wear and tear) ,who knows .All in all, id say well made and an excellent bivvy
  6. I have an Adobe 2 man and can fit a Nash ss3 wide and a Nash indulgence with room down the middle comfortably room wise with the winter skin on , very tight without it thouugh.
  7. The only extra i bought was the Vapour Shield ( Skull Cap ), really cant see the point in the full Mozzie front as it comes with a Mozzie door and Mozzie front s ,as for the overwrap almost pointless if you have the Skull cap IMO
  8. Its arrived , certainly heavier than i expected , material feels excellent , thats as far as i have got LOL
  9. From what i have seen of some of these poles {dont know the makes} they are quite bendy and fiddly to get in the right position at range. I have a Maver 16M competition pole ,and if needed i could use this as its straight as an arrow when shipping out with the cupping kit , so this type of pole may be an option bought second hand
  10. Im up for a social , its been a long time since Horseshoe.
  11. It is indeed , but im sure it will give me endless hours of pleasurer 🙂
  12. I use and have been for a few years ,Wychwoods DPF in 18LBS @ 0.35 Fluro coated . Does it sink like a stone NO ,but sinks , i consider it to cast well and is defiantly a tough line IMO
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