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  1. Surely if they use the same one or two knots in all the tests ,it is fair to those knots and line .
  2. Yes , Warrior do make them . expensive new as most things are .
  3. Have you looked a Raider boats , The Raider 18 is nice
  4. All nicely tucked up in bed only to be disturbed by the appearance of this lovely mirror , may it continue 😁
  5. Just seen the front facing camera mirrors the image 😬
  6. Plenty of Perch , but as far as I’m aware no Pike
  7. Rod and bivvy shot , I had a screaming run around 5 , but connected with nothing, very strange.
  8. It was a rush to get here before dark after finishing work ,as I hoped to get away early , well that didn’t happen and ended up chuckling out 30 mins into dark, so not set up for photos , so this is the best I can do at 3 in the morning , I’ll try and post if I catch over the next 24 hrs or so .just landed a common at .
  9. I'm pretty sure this is the same as the one i have . its been that long since i have seen it i cant really remember.
  10. One from earlier in the day .
  11. Never liked Capsules/ inner dome , i have a Rod Hutchinson dome somewhere with that trip hazard yo mention , personally id sell the inner dome and buy the over wrap .
  12. Several carp caught over 48hrs ,this one being the best at 27lbs 120zs
  13. 48 hrs Carp and Catfish fishing , the main target were the Cats though , no carp carp 😊 but did manage a Grass carp , my first ever plus two cats .😻 Sorry for the pics just being mat shots .
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