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  1. Not had a problem with the DPF going Curly, but the colour does bleach out by the end of the second summer .
  2. So close yet so far 🙂 Is it Fluro coated similar to the DPF by wychwood .
  3. I do like the look of the Minis , only thing putting me off is you cant push the weight back beyond the pivot point making it fine for slack line , I do like the MK2 swingers in Black
  4. I personally like the Fox swingers , covers every fishing scenario i fish .
  5. Good lesson learnt though 👍
  6. Unlucky mate , fingers crossed its an easy fix.
  7. After blanking overnight the weekend before last , decided to fish over night last night ,and ended up with this fish at 6:00am ,which i caught in May 2018 at 29lbs 9ozs , it was substantially bigger this time round ....
  8. One from last weekend , an uneventful overnighter 😥...... next time though
  9. Looking for a good Trail Cam ,A must is not having the LEDs glowing at night , not overly worried about price .Any ideas out their .
  10. All i can recommend is the Fox Supa Brolly system , Personally a fantastic piece of kit , super quick to erect and fits a Nash SS3 Wide no problem .
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