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  1. Wronguns

    I did not think their was such a fish as a Pure Mirror , i thought they were bred that way for easier preparation for cooking and such like ,so not having to de scale the fish
  2. Wronguns

    Thats what i meant to say , their offspring would slowly revert back to commons . Im defiantly no expert , but common breeding with mirror every year ,i would imagine the mirror side to be bred out each and every year ,as i said mirrors were engineered that way not naturally that way , so i would have thought much easier to revert back to their natural state as commons . Im sure if mirrors were a true species it would take mother nature and eons to do , but mirrors are not .
  3. Wronguns

    I would have thought as Mirrors were engineered that way many moons ago , left to their own devices they would eventually revert back to their natural state as Commons.
  4. Wronguns

    Their was a meeting held early part of this Feb and that was the outcome. Natural idiots England stopped us stocking the Brockenhurst River with Roach from the EA ,as they said the EA roach were not 100% truly British . The EA said the cost to breed 100% British roach was to expensive to attempt on a large scale , so one would assume most Roach in this country are Wronguns and being stocked by the EA ,
  5. support you local ..... ... Ah you are he he he
  6. Wronguns

    They have been in their as long as i can remember and not that many in 11 acres that sees very little presure.
  7. I seem to always find when you get a 10% discount code from AD , anything i want to buy at the time ,eg ,rods/reels/bivvys they are Always out of stock
  8. Wronguns

    Natural England are planning to remove all the CARP from Hatchet Pond in the New Forest and have them all destroyed , this will probably take place latter part of this year.
  9. Get a Power porter , no more hills and buy the heaviest gear you like.
  10. The False PB Joints

    The only weights i ever worry about and thats not the proper word for it, is between myself and two of my closest friends . As mentioned in around about way those type of venues are great for a social , big or small.
  11. What is your newest purchase

    After reading on here about the Korda Rig safe and Tackle safe i have bought both , although some of the compartments seem a bit small to me still an excellent buy .
  12. Bed chair advise.

    Hotel comfort , now that has to be my 8 leg Nash indulgence.
  13. Agree with the trackker square buckets , gone back to my old round ones of no specific make, so so easy to remove a round lid opposed to a square one ,
  14. Bed chair advise.

    Wychwood Tactical Flatbed .....2150mm Roughly 6 inches longer than 2m
  15. Throwing stick..

    18mm no problem Wanging then out that far , either dry as above or relatively hard so as not to break up , i would use a spod though at that distance.