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  1. Love those turning bays , excellent for Bream
  2. dayvid

    April Catch Reports

    Well after 2, 48 hr sessions blanking i finally managed one , bang on 19lbs , sorry no pic it was 3 in the morning and cold 😊
  3. I agree both ,but when done artistically well and dependent where it is , i like it
  4. Not knowing the size of fish you will be targeting very difficult to say, and up grading from what.
  5. Yes ill give a review when spooled up and in use .👍
  6. Decided to give this a try , amazed how heavy the spool was when it arrived . £44 inc del , from TFT ,out of stock now.
  7. Didnt they early NTXRs do that
  8. dayvid

    March Catch Reports

    As they say " A picture paints a thousand words " 48 hours later and nothing😪
  9. You will be so against me in a few weeks , but then,,,,,, am i Normal🤪🙃
  10. I wish they did just propane for the Bluin T4 ,although the propane /Butane mix is ok in the cold till around 80% empty , then takes a bit longer to boil
  11. Fleece Pillow Case - Gardner Tackle
  12. I bought a pillow from Ikea and have the Gardener camo pillow case .
  13. I have had a bait boat for over 25 years ,although i dont use them much ,i have recently just ordered a new one from Germany . I am not interested if anyone disapproves of my use of one , i go fishing for my enjoyment ,and no body else . Buy one ,use one, and above all enjoy your sport using it if it helps you . You can just make out an A.T Microcat in my cover photo 🙂
  14. Managed just the one in the Cold NE wind
  15. Have a look at that on Youtube , really quite funny when people see it
  16. A couple from mid week
  17. If only we could stay longer
  18. Angling Technics Microcat , excellent boat , fast quiet and can take alot of bait , around £350 and up second hand .
  19. Metal detecting , now thats a great hobby and some thing i have really enjoyed , no Saxon hoard though .
  20. Post this on other forums as well such as CarpForum - The UK Carp Fishing Forum. Information, chat and advice
  21. It wouldn't surprise me that more manufacturers do this to their ground sheets in the future. Oh the other thing is they market the groundsheet a HEAVY duty , No way at best MEDIUM duty , my Fox Supa brolly ground sheet is Heavy Duty
  22. Took my Frontier X out for a test ,yesterdayTotal weight with Vapour peak ,ground sheet pegs ect in the bag came in at 16.6 Kg.It fits a Nash SS3 Wide with around 6 inches clearance at both ends .and plenty of room inside .Clipping the arms in is relatively straightforward , taking apart does make you feel like you may bend them , but i didnt, how long the boss will last clipping them in and out (wear and tear) ,who knows .All in all, id say well made and an excellent bivvy
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