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  1. No problem, course I can try. Brolly extension, groundsheet extension, another of the lock in semi circle poles, 2 extension bars to push the front pole forward. I can't remember if you get additional pegs, I bought mine complete as Hybrid and extension. Now the good bit: Remove bivvy front and door, zip the extension to the brolly, and put the cover over the brolly front bar, put the front pole through the sleeve and extension bars through the slots in the cover, and extend them to get spacing, they should lock onto front pole just above the join. Then zip bivvy front onto extension, it should fit exactlyas it does on brolly. You will probably need to peg the extension flap by the zip into the ground or it can come undone in a bit of a wind. I think that it will all fit in bivvy bag, complete with the extension and door still on it, when tightly wrapped in groundsheets. I think I gave you a spare front pole when I dropped my old one off if one is missing.
  2. It's a lot smaller than it used to be, around half the size grains. I won't fish for barbel without it, and am switching back to using carp fishing as well. The Wensum is a fairly small river, and my barbel fishing tends to be under the tip. I just can't gauge the current so use the dropper to get a bed down, along with a handful or two to try to draw the fish up. Sat on the bank right now, but haven't cast in yet, waiting until dusk and the end of the canoeists.
  3. Yep! I remember when a 25kilo bag was £15. Just boiled the first load up for a trip up to Norfolk today and tonight. I'm a bait dropper kind of person, lower it in to empty it. Going to be a mix of hemp and pellets under the rod tip
  4. Bag of hemp £38, ouch! A few barbel trips coming in Norfolk. Heard a woomer.. What's left will be used for carp.
  5. Mix the Layers Mash in with Vitalin (or other groundbait) is good, or in with particles for the cloud.
  6. It's 'alright', but I don't think it provides as much bits as Vitalin. Can I suggest you try these people, I screenshot the seller. They quoted 3 day delivery, so expected it Monday earliest, made it in 2, and delivered on Saturday
  7. Goalpost sticks and buzzer bars can be more stable in the ground than a pod on it. The pod is obviously going to be better on Nazeing style hardcore banks or on a wooden platform, and with a guy rope, or bungee or even tie wrap to 'chicken wired' platform. The only thing better is a stage stand! Solar buzzer bars until recently had a weakness, the single central thread underneath, but they have now come in with drop-in adaptors. Oops, just conned myself out of more money...
  8. I made sure every day during the hot weather she was able to be near shade and water so she could cool down. Sky has had moles out of the hole. She waits if a molehill starts moving as it digs out then shakes it. Young moles have been leaving the burrows or tunnels recently, even in daylight, I've seen barn owls in daylight picking them up for their young.
  9. I'm sorry I am a Solar Stainless person through and through, complete with a rod pod...☺️😂 When I do use single sticks, it is Solar banksticks, some of which are over 20 years old. In fact I nearly always walk my lines out, so I do use a single stick every trip. The P1 stuff is pricey, but I have tried budget stainless, and yuck, it just didn't have the feel, no ground driver point. On occasion I need a pilot hole it is tent peg in the ground, then stir it round. My other suggestion if you want lighter would be the Solar A1 Aluminium sticks or RH Gunsmoke sticks, but I'm sure that the Rod Hutchinson ones are 19.5mm outside diameter, probably the same as your storm sticks.
  10. Don't ever go with preconceived ideas, you'll ignore the best approach. In the margins, the carp are usually feeding on the bottom, a pop-up could be above them and ignored. One of the guys on on our syndicate has been quietly catching doubles when all else is quiet. Float fishing a couple of worms on a size 8 hook! His setup is basically for large tench. I used to fish a few busy day ticket waters, and on most margin fishing, a handful of hemp and pellets with a float fished hookbait over the top produced most fish.
  11. Check with the fishery. If the weather is dry enough, maybe no need for a tent for an overnight session, so nobody is any the worse off. As @newmarket puts it, I'm a lunatic, but sleeping under the stars is fine. In terms of the tents, olive green is more country coloured over the blue. Come to that though, ridge tents or dome style? That in itself is a fun one as if you have a low green dome tent you could 'get away with it'.
  12. On a hot summers day... A husky water dog.
  13. I know this has been discussed in the long ago past. It's something I do now as a matter of course as I have to reel in every day to take Sky for a walk, so the swim gets a couple of hours with no lines in. I've had fish in the past where I had to leave the hookbait in the same spot untouched for 48hours. Fish that I was able to watch hanging around the area after I originally put my hookbait in. I think that a fair few people also reel in every day to check or change hookbaits, but how much difference do you think it makes?
  14. PVA mesh and bags, another Primus Canister and a bag of Vitalin. Had to search for the best price on the Vitalin as Vitalin themselves are more expensive than Vets and Pets and some ebay sellers who are going free 3 day postage
  15. Years ago, pictured in Tim Paisley's To Catch a Carp was a rig with the line just going through the eye of the hook, as the hair with bait on that. At the end of the hair was a bead or rig ring tied on in case of the boilie collapsing. Fiddly to tie, and a fresh hooklink for every fish. Like you I would worry about losing fish to an end of line knot or loop giving way. I don't get enough pick ups to lose fish! I'm always wary of ready made shop bought rigs, but for those with difficulties tying rigs I can understand the need. Any tackle brand that sells bits and pieces of end tackle is surely a good thing, but as with every one, tackle must be suitable for purpose and 'fish safe', as in we should not be leaving tackle out for potential tethering etc.
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