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  1. Welcome to A big question is what part of London are you in?
  2. It's not all bad, it's knowing what is good I also have a pair of their Field Boots, exactly the same as the Jack Pyke boots, but at £60 compared to £160. As said the Mag runner alarms are brilliant. Guess what manufacturer I had most alarms back as faulty when I was in the tackle shop.... Fox! Delkim went through a phase of faulty alarms, yet I have not had any problems with mine, purchased in 2000'ish.
  3. Tescos and Sainsbury's mixers are almost identical to Chum Mixers, and actually float better than the Chum ones which were rebranded a few years ago. Various other dog biscuits float, but my favourite for fishing are Bakers Complete, the big meaty chunks as hookbaits, and the others as freebies. Or try 11mm Expander Pellets, either your local tackle shop, or maybe an animal feed supplier near you.
  4. Welcome to Get your rod tips as far out and as high as you can over the top of them if they are in the margins. Then be aware that the carp may come in to eat the bream spawn!
  5. Explained above
  6. Whatever most of the bad, believe it. I caught a bloke so drunk fishing in the snags, and I had a go at him. Next time I went down him and his mate threatened me. A body has been dumped in the lake, a group of kids caught an Eastern European gutting a carp on the bank, and I have seen deadlines set for pike. There were a few idiots stealing tackle from individual anglers, but that hasn't happened for a while. I wouldn't let my kids go down there on their own, even though it is the perfect place for them to catch a few fish. Not sure about tench, not seen any that big, not heard of many caught, but there are a few as my daughter caught a few bars of soap a couple of years ago. What Chantry Park needs is actually regular Park Ranger patrols, but sadly over the past few years they have gotten less and less. The alternative is simply for a group of people to start patrolling it themselves. I know where a number of fish have come and gone from, the big common is a resident in Barham A Pit, with the name of Chantry Park Common. A big mirror I put at close to 30 I haven't seen for a couple of years. There is now another fish getting close to 30, and a couple of catfish
  7. That's the whole point of the slit down the side of the spare PVA tube. Maybe I didn't explain it properly, but read it again, should make sense
  8. Have you tried clicking the paintbrush at the top of the page next to your profile and username?
  9. I started an apprenticeship with a Water Authority, then watched them get Privatised, as I passed my Mechanical and Electrical Engineering C&G's, within months I was laid off. I don't think that there is any viable opposition to the Cons, Theresa May has made a very shrewd move, that will ensure that she basically gets a government of her own choice rather than what she inherited from the bumbling Cameron. Labour to be honest has been split all-ways since Blair and his Pink Tory plans, he was no Labour, just a conservative under another name.
  10. Welcome to I know nothing about the place, but hope you find what you are looking for, if not, start humming U2 songs I know, coat on, I'm gone...
  11. Thought I'd bring this back up, partly because I remember Jontain's post, partly because I had the same problems a few years ago so came up with my version of rubber bead and tubing 'holding' ring swivel in place. Last year I landed a decent fish on helicopter rig from over 100metres, but lost another that moved the lead around 30metres, on a tight line and a couple of bleeps, no indicator movement, and got snagged. (With a heli leader) This week I had the need for some long distance casting again, so used that rubber bead and tubing setup again. Halfway through the session I reeled in and had to remove around 5metres of line that had been damaged even though I had not played a fish on it. It may have been crayed, it may have rubbed over gravel on the retrieve, but the last few metres was definitely suspect. I did notice that the baits that were crayed, with no indication were on the helicopter rig. The crayed bait on the run ring and tight line, I did get a couple of bleeps. I must admit that I do check even the last metre or so on my run ring setup, and cut that off regularly anyway.
  12. Get a spare mesh tube, but make a slit down the side so you can thread your hooklink down it, cut off the PVA you need and put it onto spare tube, then first in either a couple of floating dog biscuits or foam nuggets, your hook and bait, couple more nuggets, then your free offerings. Do NOT push down hard with plunger, but gently just to compress. Slide PVA off tube and cut down PVA to create two tags ends to overhand knot around hooklink. Extra work, but if it works it's worthwhile. The alternative is PVA bag filled and with lead inside, then hook into bottom of bag.
  13. Oh yes TFG deserved the bad reputation they had, however since Dave Lane became consultant quality has improved immeasurably. Bivvies that don't leak, brollies that do the job properly and decent alarms. I still wouldn't trust everything until I've seen it in use, but I can vouch for the Power Brolly, Hardcore Brolly, Lok Down leaders and Mag alarms. A mate of mine has the Power Brolly, and I had the Hardcore Brolly, until a few months ago when it was ripped out the ground and turned inside out during a hurricane force wind. My fault probably for setting up facing into the wind, (not the first time). I gave it to a mate, and he has repaired the wire holding the spokes in situ. Even then it was a couple of years old If you go through last years TFG catalogue, Dave Lane gives a short blurb on the alarms. Of those I sold when I was in the tackle shop, none were ever returned!
  14. Over a week 15kilos had gone onto the spot, then was fished over Easter Weekend by someone else. Other than the one four fish hit, most other captures have been individual fish. The crayfish haven't been as much of a problem this year in most spots, although I did have a couple of pop-ups taken this week on one rod, and reeled in one over a wooden ball that had been whittled down on the middle rod. Strangely on one rod I used a natural bait, and retrieved that whole, and that was in an area that I thought they may be a pain. It had been the Crays that meant I wasn't using many boilies as a whole baited spot, mixing in particles or Vitalin.
  15. Sorry can't change the word censor. Last carp I had out the main lagoons was last July! Had a few from other waters, but just don't feel comfortable on them, and sorry, the fish aren't as much quality. I did indeed mention about changing times on watching the water. I had been arriving in the middle of the day, and hoping that the carp would move out of the sluice, and setting up on the nearest swims to it. A few wake ups at 5am has shown me a few fish on the past couple of trips, then during the day they move back into the sluice. That may not be much, but it has identified a few areas that could be of interest for later. Last Saturday I woke up to a frost, good job I have a good sleeping bag as I was only under the Oval. The water itself is still cold, a couple of warm days, then a few 'normal' days isn't increasing the water temperature at a great rate, especially on a deeper water. The fish aren't really being caught on much bait except one lucky guy, who fished over someone else's. Most are coming out to a maximum of 10midi Spombfuls of bait.