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  1. Welcome to Carp.com. Reservoirs come in various different types, from 'irrigation' reservoirs that farmers have, to blooming great damned valleys with massive depths. If you want to be pedantic, Redmire is or was a farm irrigation reservoir, that carp were stocked in to keep the weed down. The underwater contours can change a great deal, and in a short space of time, or they can be gently sloping banks down to the depths. Some reservoirs have inflow streams, others may have water piped in, or both. You might find some fairly deep water close to the dam, I have fished two reservoirs locally, one goes to 45feet, the other is 60feet deep. That is the only common between the two. One then has gently sloping banks into the water almost like a bowl on the two arms. The other is very irregular shaped, going over 3 villages and drops down very quickly with a pronounced ledge.
  2. Nothing wrong with the 10ft carp rod, just didn't want you buying an expensive carp rod if you already had a ledger rod suitable for the purpose😉
  3. Welcome to Carp.com. I'd carry on with the float rod, but also fish with a heavier ledger set up on another rod where you see it. If it is jumping in the same area there is something it likes. Baitwise, to start keep it simple, sweetcorn maybe, luncheon meat, peperami, with a few freebies around it.
  4. They did exactly the same with the Web-tex Warrior stoves. £17 from Web-tex, £25 from Trakker. Same with the Tri-lite £40 from Trakker, £25 from TFG.
  5. Drennan Long Range Groundbait catty, with the elastic shortened slightly. It is almost the same as the boiliepult, but with a hard ball pouch. You are firing out balls around the size of a tangerine. Incidentally, the Drennan Boiliepult also gets maximum distance after the elastic is shortened
  6. The cheapest place to buy it is from Vitalin direct, but it is over £60 is carriage free. https://www.vitalinpetfood.co.uk/store/item/original Pets-at-home is a £ more, but is usually in stock in store.
  7. On Layer Pits near Colchester the favoured method to catch loads of fish was spodding massive amounts of hemp, (in cases I know some anglers had a water tank in the back of the vehicle full of hemp), then CAPS chose to ban loose feeding hemp and spodding. In order to beat it hemp was mixed with Vitalin and balled in via catapult, it still worked. The plain hemp ban was lifted and anglers went back to spodding hemp to catch. It is possible to get Vitalin groundbait balls up to 100metres or so with the right catapult, and Vitalin is a good binding groundbait for many many extras, from breadcrumb, pellets, boilies and particles. On Ardleigh I used to spod Vitalin, mixed with boilies and particles, and fish it Method style, moulded around my lead. It is not just a small fish method as I was catching fish to over 20lb. Strangely enough I stopped doing that when I moved on from Ardleigh, possibly or probably because of water rules, all free bait had to be put in with PVA.
  8. I did manage to get out on the bank in March Ended up with 7 carp, but lost 3 to hook pulls on the floater rod. 5 carp were caught on A size 10 barbless Super Specialist with a cork ball on the hair and bread moulded around the cork ball. 2 came on white spice pop-up boilies on the bait near the outflow. Those twitches over loads of bait I get the feeling is crayfish again. Had baits chewed to pieces.
  9. Nothing wrong with margin fishing😉 I think honestly I have caught far more carp under 20metres from the bank than at longer range, including fish to over 30lb from under my rod tips. Baiting up by hand or catapult is a whole lot easier than spodding. I usually use a mix of boilies and particles in my summer fishing however I put it out
  10. Welcome to Carp.com. Might be a suggestion, could be useful to put an unhooking mat down on the wooden boards. Really good to see a young lady getting into fishing.
  11. Welcome to Carp.com. There is no buying or selling on this forum, and it is not planned to ever have one. There are plenty of other selling sites, so Carp.com does not need one. Other reasons are it avoids arguments, members slagging each other off for non payment, non receipt of tackle. How would you sort payment? Paypal, cash, bank transfer. Nobody gets endorsed by Carp.com, there is no favouritism, and no chance of being scammed.
  12. I usually Fabsil mine when I'm fishing, and brush it on, but apparently @Highy says, a sponge puts in on better. What I tend to do is the spoke seams first, then fill in between spokes. I may get a darker line on the seams, but it is usually the seams and around the pole cap that if ever, leak. Once that has dried, I then put the overwrap on and Fabsil that, again seams first.
  13. Not everyone has the new Delkims, only just released this year at the last show. My Delkims were purchased in around 2000, and are the ST version. Wind, sun and rain, ice and snow no failures. I was quite happy with a wire heading to my receiver until I fished a lake where you had to bivvy up off the platform and the lead wasn't long enough so I added the Att receiver and dongles. In terms of new alarms, should I ever need an upgrade or update because mine finally failed I would be thinking Delkim ST, TFG Magrunner or Atts. Reasons: Delkim have not let me down, product loyalty, good after sales service when I had to have repairs done when I left battery in and it corroded. The added sensitivity adjustment is a very useful function. You can increase buzzer sensitivity for wary fish where reduced hanger indication is minimal. Atts a good alarm, will last and take the abuse. The TFG Magrunners I have played with in the shop when I worked there, and obviously read Dave Lane's reviews on them. Ok, my reasons for avoiding Fox alarms; I do not like a new model that looks totally different being released every couple of years. Micron M, MS, MX, MR, Mini, NTX, just some of them since 2000. So many different models, too complicated, too many price points. You do also have Wolf coming into the alarm market. @andy52 has seen them in the flesh, and spoke to Wolf at the show, I believe he was very impressed. Bivvy light etc Oh, and before anyone says 'no such thing as military spec', many military items have worked their way into fishing. You would not have GPS if the military hadn't come up with it.
  14. Welcome to Carp.com. Personally, I think a 3lb test curve rod is too heavy for most carp fishing in the UK, and the maximum you need is a 2.75lb tc. A 6ft 3lb rod is going to feel like a broomstick, and is likely awful for most fishing, but heavy test curves are the fashion. In most cases test curves of 3lb plus are designed for casting long distance, not playing fish. A heavy test curve rod is NOT always the best for playing fish around snags, better to get a lighter more through action rod around 2lb. For ages my stalking rod was a 9ft Browning Spinning rod, perfect for floater fishing, fishing the lift method while carp stalking, but when it was stolen I went to a Daiwa 1.5lb test curve 11ft 6in Pro Specialist, then an Avon rod. In fact I would say a barbel rod is perfect for a lot of carp fishing. I use mine for floater fishing now, or lift float, and always on one water where the carp go from single figures through to 20lb. I have caught a number of carp on those lighter rods to over 20lb from near lilies and snags. Have a look at twin tip ledger rods, one tip section should be your quiver tips, the other is a barbel or Avon tip. For carp fishing the barbel or Avon tip is fine.
  15. I'd keep that last bit quiet if I were you!😖😆 When I got mine into fishing I bought my kids poles complete with rigs, a couple of elasticated tips and a flick tip, pretty sure there are deals still available. As for brolly, I use my TFG oval for carp and pike fishing, and with an overwrap for longer overnight sessions.
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