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  1. I think you have probably gotten the answer without necessarily realising it. Any object that the line is touching may diffuse the sound and vibration, and having tips under the water will reduce the singing and vibration even more.
  2. I agree that water is full of sound, but in 'higher' windy conditions line will 'sing' in the wind, almost like telegraph wires. If you have heard the high tension cables hum and vibrate, does this happen down in the water with our line?
  3. I put the line spool in a bucket of water and wind it onto the reel. No problems with twist, although I do back wind when playing a fish, and I try not to let too much line go out on a baitrunner or free spool.
  4. On Ardleigh my Vitalin usually got mixed on the bank, in the spare bucket I carried. I would mix it fairly dry, allow it 30minutes for it to soak in, maybe add a little more water, then mould it around my lead. The hookbait was pushed into the bottom of the ball. Basically a form of The Method. It was pretty much what I spodded in as well, just Vitalin with a few boilies I was testing for a (now defunct) bait company. I rarely use an anti tangle sleeve to cover the hooklink knot to the swivel. Never found the need, it's rare I get tangles, although now I've said that... Wow, just realised its nigh on 10years since I fished Ardleigh!
  5. Welcome to You may find something useful in Uk Where to Carp fish section of the forum
  6. Welcome to
  7. Welcome to
  8. P-Line Floroclear, used it in the past, but never this green version. Knot strength ok, it's now down to find its casting ability as I have needed to hit a ton.
  9. Thing with weed, it is not tight like our lines usually are. I do think that fish have specific routes through the weed, although not so much in lilies. It may be that we rarely have our lines running through a fish route (even a 'tunnel' through or under it), so they don't spook. Add to that, we don't usually or often fish hookbaits into the middle of the thickest weed, but the clearest, or lowest weedy area we can. I have questioned it before but do tight lines vibrate in the wind? Does this spook or affect the carp anyway? Would it be why they spook from an area, not necessarily the line lay across the bottom, even more so at shorter distance fishing, hence why slack lines work so effectively at short range? I have seen fish swimming around visible lines, but spook off from touching ' invisible ' lines. I have also seen fish quite carefully avoiding plain line, but my question about tubing looking like a stick or twig suddenly makes sense as they didn't spook off that. This week I also pulled a couple of handfuls of weed out the margin to see what life was in it, I did also find a few twigs in it!
  10. I've tried working on line concealment and using an 'invisible' leader or straight through mono this last year again, trying to do away with tubing, although at (I think) 40metres or more the line is running along the lakebed anyway. I've decided to go back to P-line Floroclear as I am not happy using leaders anywhere near weeds or snags. Just as I was writing this I thought that maybe tubing looks like a waterlogged stick or twig on the lakebed. Yonny makes the point about baiting up on fish, I don't know if it's just me, but if I can use catty or throwing stick when they are not feeding I can bait up on them. However stick a spod or Spomb on them and they can travel away very quickly. Put that spodded bait out when they are not there and they may come onto it. On the Lagoons some fish follow wind, others will stay in place if the daphnia are present for months. It is very rare that you can spod bait knowing the fish will move in.
  11. I cook my sausage, bacon and eggs all in one pan at home and on the bank, although I do then put it on a plate. Same with onions, mushrooms and steak, all same pan, and I can also include sautéed potatoes in there as well. I do do separate cooking pan for pasta, rice or container for couscous, sort them before the main meaty part, and I then have the choice of adding the pasta, rice or couscous and eating out the saucepan
  12. On Brackens it seemed that if there were more than 4 anglers on the lake the fish moved into 3 particular areas, only two of which were accessible. In one of the corners after a couple of casts they would move out or become uncathable, one of the others they would head right into an undercut, and one of the others they were in an uncastable area. One of my favourite swims I caught more from the overhang tree and undercut bank than open water. I also found that it could pay to leave rods in place for a couple of days for bigger fish! It was as if they got used to the lines or maybe the lack of disturbance compared to other anglers who regularly recast. In fact it was the water where I 'practised' and got used to meshed baits so that they held together on the hook.
  13. My god, my car must be clean to have gotten that reflection!
  14. I'm sure many of the big Simmo strains stocked have died at a young age as well, as said, force fed high oil pellets, then stocked in a lake and not knowing what natural food is.