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  1. Sadly it does happen. I know some snags (overhanging branches) on lake's where you can safely fish under them, yet others are lethal. On Bromeswell for example, some overhanging branches you could only fish under them for about 2 weeks after they have been trimmed.
  2. Had 4 more today, biggest 14lb, others of 9 and 10. Final fish was a 5lb scamp Jack that picked up the smelt on the retrieve I use a single in 4 or 6 up the trace and a treble at the end.
  3. First pike trip of the year, in fact this season, has started well with 4 fish. The 2 smallest are 9 and 10lb, but I have just broken the pike PB as well with a 23
  4. If there are loads of crayfish, otters will often munch them over fish. I know a few lakes that we discovered otters on by crayfish claws and mussel shells appearing on the bank well away from the water line. The other predators for crayfish are grebes, catfish and eels. The cats and eels can actually get into crayfish holes to eat them. The most simple rig I suppose is mono fished with a simple knotless knot. I prefer to add a line aligner to even that. As I said in my first post, a mono hooklink, properly tied hook, line aligner and that lovely whipping thread or dental floss hair, tied to the eye, then whipped down the shank actually still works
  5. Andy, Like you I struggle with a low chair, although I do find the recliner useful. Have you looked at the JRC range? https://www.anglingactive.co.uk/jrc-defender-chair.html
  6. No, i'm hiding😂😉 Good to see you back here, have missed you.
  7. So much weed in front of me, hasn't died away. I did hear fish splash the first 2 nights, but the last 3 were quiet, although the coots were active. I prefer the cold to excessive summer heat, although packing up in the pouring rain was a bit much yesterday 😳
  8. Crayfish and rudd, proper rig tanglers; anything with soft braid you might as well forget it. Use a mono hair with crays and risk it being cut off, although 25lb braid won't get cut in half. How on earth crayfish can find a pop-up above them and walk it down to the lakebed beggars belief. This is where coated braid or if the braid section is VERY short, a combi-rig comes into its own to deal with rudd and crays. Worse is when you can't use real bait and have to go wooden, even if you do go to a genuine meshed pop-up. For me that is time for the rig ring on the hook shank and a braid hair with a uni-knot loop to hold the pop-up. Saying that @nigewoodcock has seen crays flare up at carp trying to get the bait, although I've caught carp with the pop-up chewed or even totally missing.
  9. These ones? https://rodhutchinson.co.uk/product/3x-enduro-carp-rod-12ft-2-75lb/
  10. Rod Hutchinson did have some Enduro's on the Black Friday sale on the website. There is a link on Selling as a set of 3 I think, but I do know where there is an unused pair of 12ft 2.75's
  11. Yes and no! I'm possibly a few years older than you and can go back to tying your hair onto the hook. I think that the knotless knot was a late 1990's idea, (I could be wrong) as until around 1994 I was tying hairs on with mono, whipping thread or dental floss, and using either biro, shrink or silicone tubing to keep the hair to the shank, and extend the hook shank. Personally I found that on some lakes or fish, a standard knotless knot rig could be ejected, but add a line aligner and the fish would be hooked. This was watching the fish at close range, seeing the pick up with the knotless knot and watching the hook and bait get blown out. The change to the line aligner put the same fish I had seen eject the rig on the bank. Instead of ejecting it, they couldn't deal with it and ran. If everyone is fishing the same rig, same length, or even same material hooklink then the fish will 'learn' how to deal with it. Add in how you feed, your baiting situation and you can change things in your favour. There are definitely times when you need something different from the normal. Pressured fish, particular spots or how you bait up may need you to change your rig.
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