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  1. Being different to what others are doing can be a good edge. Bream can be a right pain, but the areas they feed on can be carp spots. The only thing I have found is bream tend to vacuum an area of the food, eating everything, including big boilies, tiger nuts etc. You end up using massive baits to avoid them. On Ardleigh, most nights if I had bream I wouldn't get carp, although there was one exception, strangely from the same swim John Wilson had a carp in the middle of a day's bream fishing. His was a mirror, mine was a common. That same swim did give me some good carp norm
  2. I saw that on my Facebook feed. Really sad. One of the few angler's who has really left a legacy in the fishing world. RIP Marsh.
  3. You can tie the same rig with various hook link materials, braid, coated braid, mono, stiff mono like Amnesia or fluorocarbon. Each material will behave differently and some stiffer materials like mono may 'lie funny' on certain lakebeds. I would pretty much only use mono or even fluorocarbon on clear, weed free areas of hard bottomed lakes, clay, sand or gravel. Even then, on gravel, it only takes a nick in the line and it could break. These hook links, to be honest don't lend themselves to going in a PVA bag. Braid can be used on pretty much any lakebeds, over weed, gravel,
  4. I can only echo @yonny 's words, Bulin T4. Have a good shop around they can be hard to get hold of at a good price. I would suggest staying clear of Trakker stoves, the same stove can often be purchased 50% cheaper from non tackle brands. The exception to tackle brands is the TFG Lite stove, but at £25 is still probably a bit pricey for what it is, although I do own one and have used it for years.
  5. I'm sure they are sealed, but some brands are better than others. The standard Coleman canisters seem to have less 'pressure' than CADAC and GoSystem canisters. I find Coleman are OK in summer, but in winter do need the warm water treatment. The other thing is the mix of gases, Coleman standards are butane propane mix, I think GoSystem are iso-butane, butane and propane. I bought 6 GoSystem canisters last week for £30, a bit more than Coleman multipacks.
  6. 08.00 this morning. Bit frosty, but this view...
  7. A bait I was working on years ago for a food source was green, I found seagulls had problems seeing them after impact.
  8. I often just heat up a small amount of water in a saucepan for a minute or so. It doesn't need to be boiling, just warm, then put the gas canister in the water. I really don't see the point of the canister jacket. It only works after the canister is warmed up first to my mind
  9. I know it is early, but I've been awake since 4 this morning, Fishing dinner: diced lamb and garlic over pasta stuffed with pesto and goats cheese with chopped tomatoes and mixed herbs. To be honest washing up is no problem, I put water and washing up liquid in the saucepan, and boil it, then tip that water into the tupperware my tomatoes and lamb were in and onto my plate. Wet wipe and clean.
  10. I did go through ebay, most suppliers were out of stock or selling at silly prices, but I was lucky to find one free delivery and at £25 I couldn't really say no. Even with the piezo on my TFG I still normally used a lighter. This Bulin has a fold down piezo, which fired it straight up. One recommendation though, don't use it to light a ciggie... 😉🕯️
  11. Treated myself to a new stove 'just because' Bulin T4 gas stove. Just had its first Bialetti use, and I'm impressed
  12. Of those, I would be looking to the Century rods, or from having Terry Edmonds on my Facebook feed and his casting, the Shimano's. Or as I posted earlier, Rod Hutchinson Dream makers.
  13. Century are probably the best, World Record holders in a number of weights for distance casting. Plus also a favourite on mainland Europe Rod Hutchinson Dream makers, a 13ft 3.5lb is available at around £200 by shopping around. Any long range rod is going to be stiff as a broomstick. Heck I used Century FMJ's, very heavy, very stiff but boy could they cast. Terry Edmonds, currently using Shimano has put leads a long way with their range, and they are probably in the bargain bucket price range.
  14. I'm still trying to eat healthily on the bank, although I do drink far too much real coffee. Breakfast, a proper porridge and tonight's offering is couscous with stir fried lamb, onions, mushrooms, ginger, garlic, black pepper and coriander.
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