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  1. I actually used to hand deliver rods if I could if it is close enough in East Anglia. In cases where I had to post rods (or long items), I would actually check the exact price and quote that on delivery. Carriers are really tight on long parcels right now, and to be honest, I wouldn't even think of selling and posting rods right now.
  2. Welcome to Carp.com. This might be useful, especially the second post which has a couple of recipes if you want to make your own from scratch. The choice is then what flavours and liquids you add.
  3. If you want to balance the rod to the reel the 10000 size is likely to be better. The 6000 is quite a bit smaller. The line capacity of the 10000 with 0.35mm 15lb line means you likely won't cast much above 90metres. If you do need to cast further look at Big Pits. The ST range of reels I have used, and I would say I'm not sure the extra money of the DL's is going to make much difference. I bought DL10000's for myself a few years ago when the DL's were first available, on my 2.75 tc rods. I don't think much of some of the build quality, but that is modern Shimano. I managed to bend reel handle grips, the handles themselves seem softer metal, and I bent somehow the central pin the spool mounts on, but I do use and abuse my gear. Saying that on the original Aero baitrunners I had, they got the same treatment and I never bent or broke them. Shimano reels as I said, seem to have dropped in quality. If you do want good reels now the mid price range in Shimano is not the best buy. The bottom price bracket, then the £100+ price is the place to go. Basically check and feel everything.
  4. I agree with you Mate, but at the same time, in fishing and life, companies are creating and marketing things we don't actually need. Plastic bottles of water spring to mind...
  5. Easily! You can do it a couple of ways: Distance sticks, you know how many wraps it takes to get your fishing rods to the spot, the spod rod will be the same number of wraps. The distance between the sticks is the same no matter what length rods you use. You can clip up and walk your end tackle down the bank to a physical mark; bankstick or even something like a bramble bush or tree trunk. The spod rod again can be clipped up on that physical mark. That physical distance does not change.
  6. I mapped out a few lakes completely, or as best as I could with marker float, rod and reel, and use of a boat. On Earith it took a couple of weeks to do the whole lake. I also did the original depth maps for Suffolk Water Park and Taverham Mills. I do have a Google Earth screenshot of Nazeing South with depths in. The Deeper Pro would make life easier, but I still prefer the older method, proper Luddite I am.
  7. Like other things, I should have patented and registered the idea to stop tackle companies ripping anglers off😖😉😀
  8. I've used wooden balls for baits, so I countersunk some, counterbored others to stop crayfish pulling boilie stops out. Thought 'hang on, that looks tidy, i'll do some real baits' so used the countersink for them. Colour coded? Would you like fishing colours? Yes I use my local tackle shops, yes I have worked in my local tackle shops, and there is always a rep coming in and trying to sell the latest 'must have'. Do you know how much stuff gets purchased and then ends up in the '90% off' bucket after being unsold for 5 years?
  9. Don't be facetious; jewellery screwdrivers are tightened with fingertips not with hand pressure. My point has been, the countersink itself, the head on that is exactly the same from manufacturer to manufacturer. Come on, admit it, you work for Nash, this is taking the mickey out of anglers. When Rolson or Famag, Screwfix or whoever sell their hand countersinks, none are above £6.20. You by choosing manufacturer can get the handle size or shape you want. I can go into B&Q and buy one from a choice of manufacturers, and I am willing to bet that I could find one in the exact same shape as the Nash one. (Just to say, I have been in B&Q recently as I bought myself a new tile cutter, dowel and edging to renovate a bathroom and make a new bath panel, including countersinking the screw heads). Nash Bore Tool is more expensive than all of the countersink tools on sale there.
  10. Do you really believe that? Or rather have you convinced yourself that? Or even worse, who pays your wages, and be honest, because your bias is noted? Nige, I have had one for years, like the Nash one which I got from Screwfix, the countersinks are designed for wood, which is why they are hardened steel. The difference in handle size is for the size of the hand using it, NOT for what it countersinks into. I could stick a countersink from my drill bit box into any of my removable bit screwdrivers if I needed to. The handle could be Stanley, a generic, or Rolson.
  11. Nige, Would you prefer to pay £4.51 for the Rolson hardware countersink or £5.99 for the Nash countersink? That is my point, carp tax being added on non fishing items just to sell them to sheep...😖😉
  12. Don't get me started, £33 on a cushion when B&M or Argos can do a grey one for £5.
  13. I have a feeling the Fox Royale Barrow is not supposed to be available in UK. (I could be wrong). As standard it comes with the Under Barrow bag. The spare code for the under barrow bag is Fox CTR009-03. I am pretty positive the TFG is universal, but that is from when I worked in the tackle shop.
  14. I use the garlic infused cooking oil spray. Not the nicest smell, but it does work. You can spray hookbaits, inside and outside PVA bags, even just on top of Method ball groundbait on the feeder.
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