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  1. salokcinnodrog

    Particles or boilies

    Doesn't always work that way though.😉 On Earith, with one exception, over a gravel bar with big depth changes, putting particles in on a flatter area of lakebed attracted tench and bream and they would not move away, or the carp would not come in. On Ardleigh, usually loads of groundbait and particles was bream, with maybe a carp if you were lucky, although if carp got there first you could catch one or two. Saying that 12 bream in a 'work overnighter' hoping for a carp was not fun. I did only once have a double figure carp when bream were feeding, although John Wilson (RIP) managed bream with a decent carp in a Go Fishing episode from there. Even on the river, I found carp would leave sweetcorn alone for a few days, until it started to go dirty grey. Tench and bream would munch it on introduction if in the area, but carp (whose patrol route I had noted) would ignore it at first until it was dirty. To be honest, a lot of it is knowing the water, and how the fish react.
  2. salokcinnodrog

    Particles or boilies

    Almost every lake sees particles, hemp, tigers and maize, which to be fair are brilliant baits. They catch fish, but can attract silvers, even the supposedly bream proof tigers. I have lost count of the tench and bream I have caught on tigers! Particle beds are good for attracting fish full stop, but on occasions, I have found bream and tench get onto them so heavily that carp can't get a look in to feed themselves. I have caught more big fish over just boilies.
  3. salokcinnodrog

    Boilie over runs

    I know Gladwell's did Crafty Catcher overruns or mishapes, the freezer bait is exactly the same as the shelf life. I would get a bag or box of 'mixed' come up to the shop then either bag them into kilo or 2kg bags, or stand separating them into whichever they were, King Prawn, Black Cherry, Sea Salt and Crab Meat, or even the Ringers hookers, then bag and sell them. You may find the occasional different bait in there as we weren't perfect at sorting them, especially standing while serving customers. (Crafty Catcher factory make the Ringers Match boilies, as well as a few other shops own baits)
  4. salokcinnodrog

    Hookbait tigers

    Glycerine, glycerol is a preservative used in loads of bait soaks and glugs to stop them going off. It is, I think an attractor in its own right, which is why I prefer glycerol based flavours. Tigers I save a few in glass 'sample bottles', with RH Megaspice and brown sugar dissolved in glycerol, glycerol in a shot of coca cola, or glycerol with any other thick dip. I actually struggle using tigers and peanuts as bait, I have a tendency to eat them after soaking and boiling...😱😖😉😆
  5. Welcome to carp.com
  6. salokcinnodrog

    Carping without coarse fishing...?

    I wish I could manage a pic of a kingfisher! On the river last week I had a kingfisher perched in the tree above my rods, reach for camera and it was gone. I think carp fishing was the top of fishing when they were few and far between. Now they are 'just another'. I think we have had the discussion before about what tackle is available, it is mostly carp gear. It is often harder and more expensive to buy other coarse gear, and at the same time from clubs, to day tickets, most waters are stocked with carp. Obviously because of that people will start carp fishing.
  7. salokcinnodrog

    Carping without coarse fishing...?

    I must admit I think that an 'apprenticeship' in other species is useful before moving into carp. I fished (and fish for) for silver fish, chub, bream, tench, roach and pike as well as carp. As Kev says, some of what I learnt about feeding for other species is relevant to carp fishing, even if it helps me avoid other species! If you can feed effectively then you are likely to catch more. @Dannygooner, my local rivers have also been empty, although I think there are additional reasons, otters, EE's and the ability to get to them. The access for the spots I have been fishing is a mile away from the villages, yet the EE's have been there, least I think that from the beer cans that have been left... I absolutely love a lot of being outside, sunrises, sunsets, the kingfishers, which I often see, even though apparently there aren't many around according to Countryfile after they tried spotting them in the Lea Valley. Today was this, no more than an arms length away. I reached for my camera and he came closer.
  8. salokcinnodrog


    At night I normally slip into my trainers, or in winter, often my combat boots, it is easier than trying to get my feet into fishing boots, having feet stuck halfway down the boot as I try to get to a take, or even somehow managing to get them on the wrong feet.😖 During the day though I wear a pair of TFG Extreme boots, somehow TFG ran out of stock of the plain green ones, so for the same price sent me the Realtree or camouflage pattern. https://www.totalfishinggear.co.uk/shop.cfm/tfg-clothing/boots/39/4528 When I walk to the swim or around the lake I will wear my trainers or combat boots, depending on how wet it is. Trainers ok in summer, but rainy autumn and winters can be a bit cold and muddy around the lake, so on go the combat boots. Mine have a lace up front, but also a zip down side, so at night I can slide into them easily. The worst thing for getting cold feet is them getting sweaty and wet. If they sweat, then the damp gets into your socks, making them cold later. So my advice is when you get to your swim, change your socks, even your boots, especially if the weather is cold.
  9. salokcinnodrog

    Introduction, Newbie

    Welcome to Carp.com. We also have a specific North American section on the forum, and one of our mods, Buzzbomb is based your side of L'antic
  10. salokcinnodrog

    Best spod and marker reels?

    I haven't fished with a Daiwa reel for years, mostly product loyalty to Shimano reels, but as I said in my previous, the modern expensive range do not seem as well built. The Beastmasters I do use and abuse myself, however the new spod reels I haven't beasted as my Aerlex is still going strong. The only reason I would need to update is for a faster retrieve!
  11. salokcinnodrog

    Back lead on canal for pike

    You are welcome. Something for you, the float can be quite handy as rowing, sailing or even barges and general motorboats try to avoid the float, however racing canoeists go over the darn things, no care or looking where they are going. If it is up to halfway over you push them away to the far side on a canal.
  12. salokcinnodrog

    Best spod and marker reels?

    I know what you mean about looking after your gear, my Aerlex 8000 which I use on my spod rod is at least 14 years old. Been used and abused, but still going strong. I must admit many of the current Shimano reels, even the more expensive ones don't seem as robust as older reels. I use a Beastmaster 7000 on my marker rod, same as my fishing rod reels, which is actually in the 'budget' price range. I don't know if these are any use? https://www.fishingrepublic.co.uk/shimano-aerlex-spod-10000-xtb.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgLCnrpjt3gIV2eJ3Ch0WogkbEAQYASABEgJKNvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/shimano-beastmaster-xta-reel
  13. salokcinnodrog

    Spomb stick or catty?

    I think that 'pile it in' approach is used by a lot of anglers everywhere, no matter what type of lake they are fishing. Not every angler looks at the situation they are fishing in, it seems many follow the media advertised method rather than think about how a lake needs to be approached.
  14. salokcinnodrog

    Spomb stick or catty?

    That is why you put the lock part of the cable tie facing up away from your hand. Drennan Boilie pult with smaller pouch
  15. salokcinnodrog

    Spomb stick or catty?

    That first paragraph sounds like 'The Korda approach'...😖😅😆