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  1. Welcome to I have moved this into New to section as I know you ve posted on a Baden Hall thread in UK Where to fish
  2. I've seen Crays laugh in the face of Armamesh, and then rip it to pieces!
  3. If you are tight on a budget, I think the JRC Contact 2 man is your type
  4. Closest off site is probably Swangey or Cranworth Woodrising.
  5. I won't use Superglue anywhere near my rigs, I don't like the smell myself, it may not put fish off, but I won't chance it. I have also found that any repair or fix with Superglue is likely to break at less pressure; prevents needle or hook knots flexing or moving and gripping themselves as they tighten with a fish on. I use BC's method of a couple of turns below where it exits, or silicon or shrink tube. If you put the tubing on after tying the hook knot it is fiddly, but possible to get the hair out of the back of the tubing. Another alternative is a piece of tubing, either shrink or silicon, along the shank to hold it in place, basically as a blowback rig, but tight in place instead of able to move as a blowback rig.
  7. You get used to it, very quickly. Since Baitrunners came into major fishing around the early 90's I have been on and off with them, Baitrunners, Baitrunners, Big Pits, using front drag with no free spool, Baitrunners again, then the Beastmasters. You learn the method on the reel you use.
  8. It has a quick drag system, basically baitrunner on the spool.
  9. I'm of a mind it was Tim Paisley or Ken Townley who split the thirds originally No matter what we know of stock levels from introduction there are always fish that rarely get caught for various reasons. A fish in Barham B Pit called Turbo was a fairly regularly caught fish, then he just stopped being caught, and a lot of anglers said he was dead. During a sneak round I found him still alive in an area that was rarely fished, (not legally anyway), but a good deal heavier by looks than when I caught him. As Vik says, a switch of thirds. Some anglers can catch certain fish that others can't, yet that fish may be well known as a tackle avoider. I know Tim Paisley has definitely written about that! On Brackens I managed not to catch any of the big 3, yet I did catch 3 Unknown 30's that nobody recognised as being in there, although we didn't have stock records. Stock levels are often higher than we think, either as anglers or as lake owners. So the owner puts more stock in who disappear, or a few get caught regularly. The only way to truly gauge stock is drain, net and check, but at the same time you don't want to keep disturbing your fish.
  10. I know CM is a big fan of fermented particles, but this may be of some interest:
  11. Reels I can honestly recommend Shimano Beastmaster 7000's. A lot of other reels for various brands are all made in one factory and I don't think QC is as good as Shimano and Daiwa.
  12. There is a fraction of a difference I measured it when I was at the tackle shop, the spool sizes on the DL10000's are slightly bigger diameter wise, by around a millimetre or two, and also slightly longer from front to back, they may be able to be swapped as the centre fixing is the same.
  13. Welcome to Enjoy the madness of our advice and banter
  14. I can handle most things, but for goodness sake, when you are in the smoking jacket and pipe mode, you must be in slippers, boots are an absolute NO. The DPM combats may be mistaken for pajamas, but you must change to slippers.
  15. Used the Method type groundbait round the lead with boilies on Ardleigh for a number of fish, and still use it on Bromeswell with various other baits. I think it is one of the most effective methods, not faffing with PVA, just moulding ball around feeder or lead. Fashion is a big part of fishing, and The Method seems to have fallen from favour, but all methods will continue to work, but even more more so and better if you keep it to yourself