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  1. Motability disability scooter loaded to the gunnels... Think I need that! Only problem you would need a van or trailer for itπŸ˜πŸ˜‚
  2. I'm going to start looking for fish along the river, but will definitely include some chub floater fishing. I didn't even walk the river this close season, I spent non working days on my syndicate fishing.
  3. I found meshing baits would keep rudd at bay. I used to prebait with 18mm baits and fish 15mm on the hair. The theory was that the prebaits would be harder for tench, rudd and bream to deal with, carp would happily take them and the 15mm boilie when actually fishing. This worked fine on most waters, but big (8lb plus) tench and bream would happily eat 18mm boilies on some. Fishing loads of groundbait and particle where bream are present will attract them if on their route; even tiger nuts and big boilies will be taken. I do tend to fish one size boilie now, wheth
  4. No matter what life brings, as an angler you get the urge when you least expect it. A new challenge or a 'rebirth' is often the spark that gets you wanting to be fishing again. Enjoy.
  5. Not every fish spawns at the same time, some don't at all! My personal view, is just don't fish for spawning fish. On Ardleigh back years ago, I had a 13lb heavily scaled mirror from the mouth of a small bay where they would spawn, I had seen other fish splashing along the bank. 2 hours later I caught a 24 battle scarred warrior from an area 100 metres away, middle of the reservoir that had not been in the splashing fish. The 13lb mirror was munching on the spawn, there was no dripping milt or eggs, the 24lb mirror was built, but again was not dripping. It did not look
  6. Essentially I would agree with you Blue, but sadly some days I struggle with sciatica and hip pain, so putting the gear on a barrow keeps me balanced as well as being able to walk faster. The days of carrying everything are gone. I carry only what I need, that does include chest waders and life jacket, I've not been conned into extras. I don't have bivvy table, but my floater rod may need setting up so spare hooklinks and hooks are in my tackle box. Go through that I don't think there is anything I don't use! I don't often take cooking stuff on summer days, but winter pike fishing
  7. I always have my barrow in the car. Carp Porter Porterlite. I can't drive to every swim and Sky's food bucket and my 5 litre water container seems to be the tipping point (not literally) for carrying gear to the swim. I have the massive Rod Hutchinson unhooking mat, which makes a good barrow carryall for my food and bait bags, along with another unhooking mat for Sky to lay on rather than damp ground. Even pike fishing this winter the barrow was used for getting round to the dam wall swims, only a 100metres or so, but it makes a lot of difference.
  8. Small carp tend to wriggle more than the larger carp.
  9. The fish in my lake spawned 2weeks ago, then this week a few went again while I was there. The rain soon stopped them Friday though. I know some have moved right away from the area, I did see a few right up the other end of the lake.
  10. Sonik do a marker/spod combo rodπŸ˜‰ To be honest my original Centuty marker rod was a 2.75lb test curve, and lasted for years until I felt it had softened a bit, and I lost feeling with braid. I picked up a Vader spod/marker rod to play around with, but for the past year or so I have been out in the chesties, so haven't used it, leaving a pole marker in until I have taken my bait out by hand. Sometimes you simply won't be able to get a drop if the weed is that bad, so it has been used pretty much just as a tool to take away some of the 'loose' weed.
  11. I do think summertime many day ticket or even smaller club venues can be busy all the time. I have gone to fish a club venue, the park lake, Suffolk Water Park and Hintlesham midweek and found no available swims! Compare that to my syndicate, where the most I have ever seen is 10 anglers on 45acres.
  12. To be honest I don't think that drop off heli-rigs do constitute fish safety. You need the lead on the end of the line for the rig to be able to be ejected. If the lead drops off, the leader, or broken mainline can or even will, fold either side of the rig preventing it being ejected. This then becomes a potential tether if a fish swims around a snag, be it a branch or lily stem/root. This broken line wrapped around a snag tethers it. Underwater 15lb line may take 60lb of pressure to break it! If that were a leader of 20-45lb, multiply by 4 to get how much pressure in po
  13. To be honest I clip up before reeling in, but I have positioned the stop knot directly under the rod spigot when it is on the buzzers. I have allowed for the bow caused by the wind or drift, so it always goes back to the same spot.
  14. I believe that if it is under guarantee and not fit for purpose, or breaks then the retailer should replace or refund They then return it to manufacturer. However online shopping has blurred the boundaries.
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