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  1. I had the same problem getting used to mine. Grab the top section boss by the spokes and push the lock up onto it. If you hold the lock against your chest it should push and lock. Then I think most have a screw that fits in place holding the brolly erect.
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  3. Hi Mate

    Should be sorted.


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  4. Welcome to I split your post away from the Withy Pool thread as the last post was 7years ago! I have googled Withy Pool and can't find any new information.
  5. Expensive! Close on £300 even discounted to SSP. I've been using Chub Vantage Flatbed myself for over a year, and paired it with Morpheus Extreme bag. It still folds flat even with that wrapped inside.
  6. Welcome to
  7. I often cable tie or strap mine to the platform, and in this case, jammed the legs tight to the border, but even then I am wary of it moving. Kev does make a valid point about the screws damaging the wood, but I don't think the holes are that big, and I know on Lee Valley the platforms are regularly repaired or rebuilt every few years as wind and waves do send water over even the highest platform.
  8. You can buy your rod licence online here:
  9. 1350? Really as late as that? Those originals would surely have been Wild Carp? I remember from 2003 when I was first playing on t'internet, a club was banned from stocking carp in a water, due to its closeness to a flood plain and river:
  10. I know you read the other leader thread, and since then on my clear water I have been using leaders again. The leaders I have been using are the clear TFG Lok down leaders, available strangely from TFG, they are quite supple, and are looped at mainline end, with swivel at hooklink end. You have to put on lead attachment, lead clip or run ring, or they do a heli leader as well with quick link clip on end, and heli swivel. Should have said first, welcome to the forum
  11. Well, I'm sorting the gear out for a day tomorrow. Someone I have known for 20odd years has a set of lakes at Bromeswell, which strangely another of my mates has been fishing since he got back into freshwater fishing. I've never been there before, so it's an exploration trip, and nicely Al has offered to pay as he knows how things are at the moment, and I had sorted him a few bits out when I was at the pet and country store.
  12. When I was self employed I would work for three and a half or for weeks then fish a week. Done plenty of two and three nighters around my days off, as well as overnighters midweek if I had an early followed by a late. With Wednesday and Thursday off I would drive to the lake Tuesday night after work, fish until Friday morning, drive back and shower then be at work for my shift at 3 in the afternoon.
  13. I think they make it a more stable set-up than a pod. Dry wall screws also have a deeper head for the screwdriver bit, so are less likely to strip the head than slot head. By the way, it may not be the screw head that is at fault with ruining the head, both Pozidrive and Phillips look the same, but using a Phillips screwdriver in a Pozidrive, will strip it, however a Pozidrive will not fit into a Phillips. Dry Walls are definitely Pozidrive.
  14. Pig Pen on Brackens
  15. Stringers? You want to see one I used in that swim? I did catch with it! That swim in the pic above has a shelf all the way around the margins, if you come off the shelf it goes down to between 9 and 15 feet, which in summer is no good, so you need to be tight, although there is a gravel bar in front of the swim It also has the advantage that no other swim can fish that water, so those margins are definitely worth it. I have already seen fish there this year. I think number of carp doesn't help, 100 ish carp in 60acres. On open water features I do clip up, it's only drilling a cast towards islands or margins I don't. I could not see or guarantee to hit a gravel bar in open water, so those I make sure I hit the clip. I'm also positive my current rigs are tangle free, stiff mono or coated braid rigs, with a stringer tied 'top and bottom'. A braided rig may coil on the lakebed as it lands unclipped. Just think how much freedom or 'confusion' it gives the carp until the rig extends on the take, which may actually be a good thing.