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  1. salokcinnodrog

    Unfenced lakes

    I can't remember if I have said it on this thread, but foxes will take otter kills after otters are finished with it. Foxes tend to drag and cache the kill. They tend not to eat in 'public'.
  2. salokcinnodrog

    Hello again all it's been a while

    A lot of mixes expand after coming out of the bait gun, so smaller nozzles size I reckon for you. If they are a bit sticky, give the rolling table a light dusting with base mix. You are probably doing it already, but make your sausages, finish the batch before you roll them in order of production. The first sausages should have stiffened and dried up enough to roll comfortably, but as said, may need a dusting, which actually helps preventing them from sticking together when boiling.
  3. salokcinnodrog

    Tell me about bobbins and bite indication...

    I use Solar Short arm Titaniums. I can set them up mega tight as spring arm indicators for tight line fishing, as plain swingers for short to medium range, or as slack line indicators, at maximum drop for slack line fishing. Apparently Long arm indicators are better, but personally I found no problems with the shorts. I do also use them for roach fishing with buzzers on the reservoir.
  4. salokcinnodrog

    Advice on a silty days only canal.

    Does it have much flow and boat traffic? What sort of depth and profile is it? By that I mean does it have a ledge both sides, any overhanging trees? Are there any locks? Any permanently moored boats? Boat traffic can move your bait around, especially in shallower water. It may pay to add some Vitalin in your baiting. Permanently moored boats can be worth fishing as they give cover, as do trees. The carp in canals and rivers can be almost constantly on the move.
  5. salokcinnodrog

    what water temp should i start using oil?

    Welcome to Carp.com. There really is no set answer because different oils have different temperature bands, cloud up and solidify at different temperatures. Vegetable or nut based oils tend to be thinner and will continue to leak out. To be honest, I really only use oil in my groundbait in summer, in winter I prefer to use other liquids.
  6. salokcinnodrog

    Which B/S Fluro for D rig....

    I actually avoid carp tax fluorocarbon hooklink material, mine is Spiderwire in 15lb, but I don't do much snaggy water fishing. It does go through the eye three times on my Gardner Muggas for D-rigs.
  7. salokcinnodrog

    Caulking gun Vs boilie gun

    Reckon you will find many caulking guns are exactly the same as tackle manufacturer bait guns.
  8. salokcinnodrog

    So what's changed then since I've been gone ?

    I know Earith Marina a few years ago had an otter and a seal showing very visibly in the daytime, right by the bridge where the fen drain comes into the Great Ouse, so I worry for Earith Carp lakes as that wasn't all fenced with a footpath running right through between the two syndicates on either side. A few years ago in Chillfactors area I had membership of a couple of lakes just so I could bivvy up and watch the big airshow at Fairford. Sadly we learnt that otters had cleared most of the stock of carp, even the average size of the remaining tench had dropped as the bigger fish were munched.
  9. salokcinnodrog

    So what's changed then since I've been gone ?

    Talking of Redmire, it has just been desilted and had the koi looking carp taken out. Sadly the Halls Angling, Leisure Sports are no more. Most of those lakes were sold on and have become something different, although a few are still under syndicate or season ticket banner. There were a few that were under the radar as well when Leisure Sport was broken up! Korda have the Embryo lakes, basically buying lakes and putting full otter fencing then restocking or protecting the stock. I think your gripe as it were is the instant big fish lake. Growing on waters with forgotten stock seem to have gone.
  10. salokcinnodrog

    Any other tips for lightening up

    Load a rucksack correctly it is no problem. Clothes go at the bottom, gradually load it to heavy stuff at the top. The bedchair weight is basically spread from top to bottom as it is strapped at top and bottom. The weight was only around 40kilos with all my bait, food, water and cooking stuff. Not like I was yomping far with it... Maybe a mile or so round Ardleigh...
  11. salokcinnodrog

    Any other tips for lightening up

    I used to strap mine to my rucksack, it can make carrying it a whole lot easier. Rucksack and bedchair on my back, rod holdall strap across my shoulder, holding the handle, tackle box in the other hand. That is the advantage of Bergen strapping, you can attach pretty much anything to it.
  12. salokcinnodrog

    So what's changed then since I've been gone ?

    Sponsored lakes, a way to get loss making lakes to have a bit of secure funding I think in some cases. While I can use wraps, I still prefer to cast at a marker float and feel the lead down. I feel I can be sure I have the right spot compared to being 'slightly off' with a wrap. As for bait, while krill is a good bait additive, you can't have a high amount in your base mix as it makes it buoyant, so you need heavier non krill ingredients. In other words, you can't be sure of the percentage of krill in the base mix. Nut and coconut baits are valid, but I honestly feel that meat or fish meals are a better more viable source of protein, in fact my reasoning for my 'basic bait' in your welcome back thread. Buckets, oh my goodness, mine have come from various kitchens, all plain green with the food ingredient label taken off, or one camouflaged one that was so well camouflaged, someone left it on the bank in the swim...😖😆😆😉
  13. salokcinnodrog

    Favourite pike lure?

    I'm old school, had most fish on Mepps Syclops and Big S variations.
  14. salokcinnodrog

    Hello again all it's been a while

    I found some mixes went best through a bait gun, and others were best with a rolling table. Obviously wetter mixes were bait gun, but may need a bit of dry powder on the rollaball. Trigga was a rolling table mix as is my mix on this thread
  15. salokcinnodrog

    Hello again all it's been a while

    Sausages keep collapsing? Work the mix a bit more before rolling it might be the cure. If not it will be a case of another egg.