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  1. Angling is never a level playing field; time, money available to spend on equipment, even transport and rules other constraints can mess things up. I can give you a simple that I use though, a 1oz lead sinks approximately 3feet (1metre) per second. On my local reservoir I use this quite frequently to get a rough depth when counting my feeder and lead down. I have 'double checked' my counted estimate with a marker float, and come up with the same reading. I have watched fish feeding, what happens when you can get up close can be very different from the same fish who don't know you are there. By that I have sat in cover watching carp, and I'm positive they knew there was a 'predator' about. Yet watching the same spot from high up a nearby tree, the carp fed comfortably, clearing the area rather than backwards, forwards, in and out. Now we all know the Korda team did the 'Under the Water' dvd's, yet they created a 'predator', an unlifelike situation, a blooming camera in the environment that is not normally there. Were the carp (and other fish) behaving normally or not? I have mapped various lakes, some physically put onto on paper, some physically recorded with marker and mentally remembered in my head. I have pictures from Google Earth with features showing, distances of casts to features of one lake. Some lakes can be googled and pics like that will appear! Strangely that comes to your next point of interest, weed. Weed is a brilliant one, it can grow over your lines in a day, it follows the sun, it is a food holding feature, it is cover, and weedbeds can be travel routes. I have seen weedbeds where the fish have 'tunnels' through it. The carp (and tench) will go through these tunnels under the weed.
  2. Welcome to Carp.com This is the new to the forum section of Carp.com. You might find it handy to ask this question in https://www.carp.com/forum/19-uk-venues-and-where-to-fish/ section of the forum, although I know there are some old threads on Bishops Bowl, even if over 2 years old. If you play with the search, and post on one of them, you bring it back to the top of the section.
  3. I don't think one method of feature finding will find everything. Even gravel bars often have a layer of silt on them, which a Deeper may not identify as a bar, just as a shallower area. Strangely enough there are some lakebeds I really know well, some features that marker floats and leads are extremely unlikely to pick up, years of experience, getting out onto the lake with a boat or swimming. On Taverham, one of the island gravel bars has a trough that is around 150mm deeper than the rest of the bar. Fish use this slightly deeper line to swim up from the depths to the island margins, checking it for food as they come. Another swim has a massive great flat topped rock, standing proud of the lakedbed, with nothing around it except weed. A marker float or leading around is extremely unlikely to find these features; it would be quite difficult to land a marker, followed by fishing end tackle on the rock. The ONLY way to find these is by going out to them and seeing from above, boat or Deeper. Yet to identify a gravel bar or patch as (silt on) gravel may require personal eye visual or a marker float and lead.
  4. At the same time, I do like the heavier pod as it increases stability. Going lighter on some equipment is not always the way forward.
  5. Two of the people blocked are known fish thieves, stealing fish from waters to put in their syndicate lake. They even boasted about it on FB, and the EA, local club and council are involved investigating them. Don't forget I don't just carp fish, so while I don't mind helping bream and roach anglers, or other carp anglers (in private), it is the lazy carp anglers who are just going off other peoples efforts.
  6. I have a standard P1 pod, I wouldn't change it for anything else. I can fit longer banksticks to raise the front or rear.
  7. Phil, at the same time, look how effective the bent hook rig was. Elmo's rig is on those lines, difficult to eject.
  8. Put it this way, a few people on Alton's Facebook page have been blocked from seeing my posts. Pictures have been from all around the ressie, not just where I was fishing.
  9. I had to order a new pair of Eyelevel sunglasses, (£12.95), I managed to sit on a pair this weak and broke the arm. New medium black Spomb, more PVA mesh, hemp and a few tigers for particle mix. Dave has ordered another bag of Vitalin, he pinched most of mine for groundbait😖😆 (I don't mind, we are happy to take it in turns to buy groundbait😉)
  10. Not always so healthy, bacon sandwiches on Tuesday lunchtime, although porridge for breakfast was a bit better. (Prepared and eaten in saucepan). For a session of a couple of days, I can keep a pint of milk in my coolbag. Ages ago we had a Bankside recipes thread, I do still like decent cooking when I'm fishing. I can't live on Pot meals, and 2/3nights is roughly what meat keeps for in the bag. Onions, peppers even mushrooms will last that.
  11. Welcome to Carp.com. What matters is how the rods and reels feel to you. Personally I would think that the 5010 baitrunners are a bit small on 3.25lb rods, but at the same time I think 3.25lb TC rods are too heavy for most fishing, they are long distance fishing rods. Fox FX11 reels are long distance casting reels, which is what a 3.25lb rod is designed for.
  12. Monday night was couscous with stirfried chicken breast, mushrooms, green pepper, garlic and tomatoes, spiced with cinnamon, ginger, coriander and chilli seeds.
  13. Aye, but he was not on my friends list, and can only have seen where I was fishing through Alton Water's page. Dave has also gotten wound up at even bream anglers not bothering to do any work. We've been targeting an area that all of a sudden has become heavily fished to the state that it can be difficult to find a swim or peg. Sadly the other anglers aren't catching as they simply aren't putting enough bait in. We've stopped naming areas, and clipping our photos to the extreme to reduce background.
  14. Not one Mate. I know I can't see the whole of the water in one walk, it is 10 miles round, but Dave and I stop at bridge and look both ways, head to either Birchwood or The Wonder then study with binos from there, both ways up and down.
  15. I should have bivvied further back as I could be seen if you looked carefully off the bridge. Not a recognised dog walker, I know a few of them by now, or correctly Sky knows their dogs.
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