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  1. Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    Renew my season ticket, keep on enjoying my fishing, keep on mixing it up. I keep on saying it, but going to have to start a barbel chase as well as keeping on with roach, chub, carp and tench.
  2. The Cheating Thread

    I know a a couple of waters that hold numbers of different 40and 50+ fish each, yet I know only 1 pic has ever made it to the angling press. Ask any angler what he's caught, unless you know them very well, will get fobbed off. The guys on those waters are classing themselves as 'average', but after seeing some of their fish, and knowing the waters, I reckon are above that. To me any fish from my water is special, but the fact that a fair few of them will beat my largest is always a bonus. It also keeps me in touch with the 3 other lakes I know that those big fish mentioned above are in. I still think of 20lb as a good fish, 30 as a big fish, and 40 at the moment as my absolute target. I can't be interested in monster chasing like Frank, but I totally respect him for it. Not that I'm not interested in those fish, but I have to fish for everything, roach, pike, chub, carp etc and as much as possible at specimen sizes; pike I class 20 as a specimen, roach my pb is 2lb4oz, chub 5lb2oz, and then doubles for tench and bream. I still have to chase barbel at some point.
  3. Angling Direct

    Witch craft it must be. I walk down the street giving her a walk, and total strangers say how beautiful dog she is, and many ask if they can stroke her, even those who have been wary of dogs. I tell you what, if I was that way inclined, I could definitely pick up a few yummy mummies... As much as I do love women, I'm not into getting involved. Now best raise the tone before I drop myself in trouble! I did go into Fishing Republic in Ipswich the other day, Tim and Shahn were both as helpful as ever, kind of friends outside the tackle shop as well, but know I am not one for them to come check up or see if I need help, so they 'watch' from behind the counter knowing if I need help I'll go ask. Mind you, Shahn was laughing when I told her why I needed new storm poles, she already had an idea and was giggling at the thought of me being dragged out the bivvy on my bedchair.
  4. What's on your Christmas list?

    Make sure you treat the Mrs first What you need is usually more important than what you want, but sometimes the two are as one. While it would be good to buy all new for you, and give your son the old gear, sometimes you 'bond' with your gear. I often reach for my older gear than my newer stuff as I find it more comfortable to use. Mind you, I seem to recall you do have a knack for picking up a bargain
  5. The Cheating Thread

    Strangely enough I have fished a couple of waters that were the 'lake of my dreams', the atmosphere was right, there were plenty of fish, and some big ones too. Taverham was a water that got inside my head for 10+ years, a lovely treelined lake, every feature you could wish for; gravel bars, plateaux, channels, lilies, islands and bays. The fish I was fishing for went from singles to well into 20+, and were a mix of fish strains, Italians, genuine Redmire Leneys (purchased from Redmire), Dinks, commons, leathers and mirrors. The other water was Earith, one end wide, deep and open, the other treelined, with islands, lilies and overhanging trees. Again some beautiful fish, and again from singles to high 20's. I caught so many fish I lost count, on average out of 5 carp, 2 were 20lb. After two years I felt I had gone as far as I could, and the owner had chosen to put a few Simmos in to supplement the existing stock. I really don't know how I could describe my favoured water now. Considering what I tell people about size of fish not being everything, the water I fish has to give the chance of beating my largest fish and be a challenge. Those overstocked commercials, or a water with the price of a ticket putting it out of economic viability. By that if the water is £500 a year to fish on syndicate or season ticket, its actually cheaper than a £20 a night day ticket. 25 overnight trips a year is that season ticket price! I do more than 25 nights a year for sure; while I don't fish every week or weekend, I often manage a weekend trip, and add a few 3, 4 or 5 night trips over holidays or between work. Talking of cheating, and fishing, is it cheating to fish an overstocked water? Does an angler who fishes such really learn the 'art' of fishing?
  6. Angling Direct

    Johnson Ross, I love that shop, they are all so helpful. Customer comes first, not playing with the phone as I had at Birds on a number of occasions! Only problem is they all try to treat Sky when I tie her out back I can't get away, they all love her, and she gets boilie cut-offs as well as stroked
  7. Shimano reels.... Bail arm issues.

    Pretty useful Mitchell Match 410 Basically you pushed the bail arm forward at the start of the cast, and took your finger off as you would normally with the line.
  8. Shimano reels.... Bail arm issues.

    I'm the same, flicked it over myself since I used the Aerlex's. Ps, I did have to correct that typo myself, could have been embarrassing
  9. Blanking session

    On Nazeing recently the tufties have been cleaning up untouched bait, so you kind of know the fish haven't visited. Its worth watching for tufties and ducks surfacing in 'shock' after a fish in the area. You see the almost shocked look on their face as they surface.
  10. What Breaking Strain Braid For Marker Work

    Once or twice, usually when the braid is dry and you try to hit it big, or if you don't make sure the leader knot is at the back of the spool. Right pain to untangle I do know!
  11. What is your newest purchase

    Oops! Just went to get my hair cut at my barbers, which just happens to be on same side of town as Fishing Republic, Cygnet 42-82 storm poles sorted, along with more PVA mesh, and some more deadbaits, there goes another £40
  12. Blanking session

    You got it
  13. What's on your Christmas list?

    Carp, obviously, big pike, and I know its something small, 2 new storm poles, to replace the ones Sky managed to bend rushing out of the bivvy while on her long lead attached to my bedchair!
  14. the z word

    The whole world is governed by the war machines it seems, and the need to make money at all costs, from goodness knows how many colonies in Africa, India (and its subsequent break up into separate states), American Civil War, Asia with Korea and Vietnam, even Russia with Afghanistan, the list goes on. Lets blame Afghan for terrorist attacks, Libya, Iraq, for WMD, then 'invade' to clear it up. To be honest, many Arab countries are upset at capitalism not trickling down with more money going into their economies. Iran, Iraq and Libya then supposedly backed terrorism in the 'civilised' world. Israel has been a hotbed in The Middle East for hundreds of years, long before it became again the Jewish homeland. Three major religions all have their roots in Jerusalem, thats a war footing for a start. The Palestinians don't want to be moved, Israel needs to but can't expand to cope with their population, Anti-Semitism is rife in most Arab countries in that Israel should not exist, and all blame USA and UK for its very existance. Problem is Priti Patel had her own agenda, and Theresa May is NOT a strong enough leader of her political party to hold her ministers in check. A guerilla army often wins against most organised forces, because the organised forces expect set battles, whereas the guerilla tactics are aimed at avoiding set piece battles, and even air warfare can't pin down guerilla forces, unless you also have troops on the ground; something that America and UK need to relearn, and that Soviet Russia learnt in Afghanistan. How about the US and UK governments concentrated on rebuilding their own countries rather than interfere in other nations...