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  1. Pike fishing

    It comes and goes. I think Early 70's was a good roach time, then they died off, early to late 80's then they disappeared until the 90's then gone again. The big roach area, fish over 3lb was upstream of Swanton Morley Great Witchingham. A couple of years ago a mate had a couple around a pound again at Drayton. The barbel in the area, was only 3 or 4 doubles, with one being caught all along the 3 mile stretch to a number of anglers between 11 and 13lbs. The majority of a few fish were between 7 and 8lb. I used to catch numbers of pike in that area, now there are less, with a few big ones, but less jacks. I was catching dace again last year that have reappeared. The fish I was catching looked healthy, so I think there are still some good pike around. Last time I fished that swim, again it was one pike, but the mackeral deadbait it took was the same size as the pike... The chub are still around but keeping away from the shallows downstream they used to show on before otters were in the valley in numbers. There are otters, I think the fish are still there, but not being so obvious, moving into faster deeper water.
  2. Pike fishing

    Other than playing the fish I was able to avoid the worst of it😉, walking next to the footpath which was all ivy leaves. There is a proper wooden walkway under the river cliff The Wensum is up a good couple of feet, that current is really boiling, although to the right is always a slack on the outside of a bend. That area has produced carp and barbel to double figures (not to me sadly), chub to 5, roach to 2 as well as pike. I have also caught some big dace trotting maggots on a stick float.

    Never had any problems, although Friday and Saturday could be a bit lively if some of the Army Garrison boys turned up with a few beers and birds. It was usually on both a ratio of 3:1. For each bloke 3 beers, for each woman 3... The big orange stick was and is always handy
  4. The False PB Joints

    I still class my river 28lb as a personal best😉
  5. Dropping leads and it's impacts

    Don't know how many years I have been using bags and stringers, but on Earith there was a leader ban, on Taverham it was too weedy to use a leader, and on Brackens there were few casts across the lake, which was 100metres wide, but on each I would fish 15lb straight through with the lead inside the bag. I know on Brackens with 0.35mm line on my DL10000's I could hit 90metres, which was just short of the pads in front of Pad swim (no casting from Pads over them). I am not the best caster, but I can keep it smooth and put it 100yards on Beastmaster's on my current rods. Thing is this, you can put a Stonez a long way, no matter what. Anyone, and I mean anyone, with casting tuition, practise and good gear can put any ledger weight a long way. You do not become the best caster overnight and better gear makes it easier to do. Using budget gear will not necessarily allow you to cast the best. I would not trust a £60 rod to be casting long distance, I know there is quite simply a limit on the ability of the gear, and my ability to use it. I can drive 125mph in a Ferrari, but I could not likely do it in a Nissan Micra. Quality of equipment is simply better😉 That is exactly the same as the point of the video, using good gear can help you reach 140 yards with Stonez.
  6. The False PB Joints

    End page of The Carp Strikes Back? My view is it keeps them off my venue! However it can give a false impression of what fishing us about. The guy who fishes an overstocked lake finally gets bored, and goes somewhere else thinking that will be just as easy. He either gets the hump because fish don't jump into his net like they did, or suddenly learns what 'real' fishing is. I do get the hump slightly, because while it may be a big fish its a false personal best, with the media extolling 'biggest is best'. The biggest fish does not necessarily make you the best angler. I suppose its the competition in us all that makes us want a bigger fish than so and so, but...
  7. Bargain tarty distance sticks

    I can go days, even a week without a ciggie, then I just get the urge for one, normally when wound up and stressed.
  8. Traces for Zander?

    Pike hit a bait in the middle, and turn it round to swallow head first. Zander, and perch, hit from behind, and swallow tail first. Always need to use a wire trace for zander, too much chance of a pike taking the bait. A treble sewing up the stomach is a death sentence for pike.
  9. Pike fishing

    Closer to Norwich, about 10minutes from my daughters house, she lives in Eaton😉
  10. Dropping leads and it's impacts

    Sorry Mate, I know a number of people who have cast loaded bags over 100yards. Been numbers of articles on it, in Carpology, Carpfeed, online and printed media: https://www.carpfeed.com/fishing-advice/how-to/kev-hewitts-foolproof-guide-to-solid-pva-bags
  11. Pike fishing

    Trip to Norfolk today Today's view, the bite alarm, the float paternostered roach deadbait using stonez on a weaklink, and the 9lb pike caught on smelt on sunken paternoster
  12. Plagiarism

    I am the person who will rather pay £1.18 for a pen made in Britain over £1 for a pen made in China. I have gotten to looking at environmental cost, to why do we ship or air freight goods from China to UK on blooming great container ships. I have gotten to thinking about those sweat shop factories, and I have gotten to thinking about UK produced goods. Not being funny, but part of this is Brexit related as well. There will be Brexit, we need our economy working, we need to be producing stuff for ourselves, a manufacturing industry. We also need bigger name tackle manufacturers, like Nash, like Fox, Korda or whoever considering the environment and where they manufacture and what they charge the angler for their gear. If they charged a real fair price, then maybe a lot of this 'copy and paste' cheaper made gear would nit be produced to undercut them.
  13. Dropping leads and it's impacts

    The only way I can hit big casts is regular practising. The number of miscasts until I get it right. Ok, they hit 140 yards with decent rods, on a big water, but how many of us fish large 75 acre lakes? Stick a Stonez on a normal rod on a normal lake, say 10-15 acres, and you can reach pretty much anywhere. As it happens, I have cast a 3 1/2 oz Stonez around 100, and yes I know it was 100 as it was checked against my marker rod, on a known feature and (it shames me to admit it), counted on distance sticks, 27wraps. The rods are a set of RH The Ones in 3.25lb TC and it was with P-Line Floroclear, not the best casting line, 16lb Thats a set of £150 rods, on an £80 Shimano reel. Probably top end of average priced rods. So it is definitely possible to cast them. I made the point earlier in the thread, put a Stonez inside a PVA bag, with the rig and rest of the end tackle, make a clean and tidy bag, make it aerodynamic, and there is your distance casting weight all sorted.
  14. New rods

    Roughly 80 yards? I think you have discovered exactly how far that is, doesn't sound much, but is really quite a chuck. Probably not what you want to hear, but bag work and chucking a lead a long way I would be going to a top brand manufacturer. Don't think you need to go much above 2.75, but 3 maybe 3.25 will add yards to your casting with a balanced reel. Lot of money, but my 2.75lb Century NG's will go well over 100yards even with a small bag, and they chuck big pike deadbaits out as well.😖😳 They do a couple of higher TC rods in the same range, as well as the longer range SP's. Even better, made in UK😉
  15. Plagiarism

    I have some sympathy for British manufacturers, who design and build in this country, but too many big name brands have gone to the Far East, to get gear made while keeping the high price. Its also an environmental, human rights and other concern, the cargo ship coming all the way from China, the fuel to bring it that way, the risk of your container being one of four to fall into the sea every day. The child workers in the factories in China, at minimal wage, tuppence a day. I could quite happily see a couple of brand names slip from the tackle market! Some factories 'sell to the highest bidder'. One factory may make tackle for Fox, Nash, JRC etc. The brand that pays most gets their bedchairs before the next payer gets theirs. It is why sometimes there can be a shortage, as well as brands purposely holding gear back to create interest. You have as Yonny says, tackle brand owners making big profits in their own pocket yet not wanting to put money into R&D. Updated tackle, some of the new advances in tackle is a step backwards, some original gear is brilliant, yet newer models are frankly awful. I have a TFG oval brolly, I think it was £80, yet why should the same thing from Fox or Nash cost £200? Why should a Fox bedchair cost £300, when exactly the same from JRC is £150? The items are essentially the same, in some cases just a different badge! Carp tax, fishing line is fishing line, sea line is the same as fishing line, (example) yet the Fox, Korda brand is £20, compared to £9.99 for Sea fishing line. It is the same stuff!