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  1. The only reason boilies are round is so they travel further. You can use cubed baits, what I call pillows, out of the gun or roller onto the rolling table and just cut them, or obviously you have dumbells. Once I even pinched a playdoh cutter of Bart or Homer Simpson from the kids, rolled some bait with a rolling pin and used the cutter then boiled the baits. I caught on them! Another method is roll sausages, boil them, then cut them after boiling into discs.
  2. Gary Bayes was or is a smoker and blows smoke on his baits as he rolls them, or did it to prove/disprove the theory. I spent a number of years not smoking, before I started again, and have not noticed any difference in catches between the two, so I don't worry too much. In fact I roll my own ciggies, so handle the baccy as well as getting nicotine from smoking on my hands. I actually worry more about the smell of soap than I do cigarettes. I have seen fish put off by soap, in fact has anyone heard of soaping a swim so fish don't visit it? I think on the original thread I made the same observations!
  3. Confidence must be the biggest factor in catching fish. When you are confident finding them comes easily, and a series of blanks for whatever reason can destroy that even if you know its a case of so few fish in such a big water. I know I mentioned the Seafood Takeaway above, available in frozen and shelf life in 1 or 5 kilo multiples, so may be worth a look? Lingfield, I don't bother rehydrating baits, I use them as air dried. If I put them out by throwing stick they don't travel quite as far as fresh out of freezer, but go well in a Spomb and pellet or particle mix. Air dried baits take on water faster than baits out the freezer, so may actually give a washed out look and then break down faster than frozen. I really must compare the break down times of shelf life and frozen against each other, but sticking one of each in a glass of water does not work as it would if one of each in the lake.
  4. I think it was the first Suffolk Water Park Social Neil came down with Mr Fox, some good times there mate, even if you didn't fish. I seem to recall you shared in the beer and spoils of the barbeque?
  5. That worse for wear look is, I think the moisture breaking down the 'cell' wall of the boilies as it expands while freezing, then contracts as it thaws. Freezing, thawing, freezing and on denatures the proteins over time (even totally frozen proteins still break down in the freezer), and may make the bait less nutritious. Bacteria on refrozen and thawed foods can make humans sick, note that humans, so although fish can probably deal with it, I prefer not to take the risk. When I use frozen boilies, I actually take them out of the freezer as I leave the house to go fishing rather than a few days previously, although if I go straight from work I take them out that morning before going to work. The advantage with that if I'm doing a few days is that my bait will turn while I'm fishing, and I'm happy for that to happen. You can slow that down by putting your frozen baits loose in with your pellets, or even as I do a handful of rice or groundbait in with them in the bucket if I fish boilies alone. Strangely enough over the past few years (10+), I have switched over more to shelf life food baits; Trigga I caught comfortably on the shelfies as well as my home rolled air dried and frozen, and my current baits, Solar Seafood Takeaway I use both shelf life and frozen versions, and the new Tunamino is shelf life only, and I catch on all of them. Yonny was it you who has a preference for frozen even though shelfies have become more fish friendly?
  6. I open the bags, take out what I need, and leave the opened bag in the cupboard in the kitchen
  7. Oops! As Yonny and BC say, when they turn white is the best time to use them, especially with New Grange If you air dry baits, every time you go past them, give them a shake just to move them around. The best option would have been to continue the air drying process, as me personally I will NEVER refreeze baits. Reboiling may well be an expensive mistake. As an aside, why take 5kilos of bait for a day trip, no need to take more than 1k. I take 5k of boilies for a week
  8. I was hitting around 115 maybe slightly further, but not much more. I paced out from the overhanging trees to the left of the sluice from the Gravels at Nazeing, and walked the line out to be sure. I know with Shimano DL10000's and 15lb line I could only get 90, but changing to Beastmaster 7000's added at least 20. I was also using 3oz leads, with a single or double bait stringer. Any more and the cast went awry when trying to go for it! I could feel the difference between whacking it out with my old SP's which did 120 with ease. Amazing what you can do with a phone call to get your specifications sorted at Century.
  9. My last set of new rods I actually dropped in price I think my NG's were just over ยฃ650 for the three and custom built to my specs. The last rods were RH The Ones and cost a whole lot less, although Rod Hutchinson going back to Italy and out of the U.K. Angling scene meant I got a very good deal. I think in terms of value many items of tackle have actually dropped in price, although the top manufacturers like Century who insist on staying British built have stayed higher. If I was looking at casting rods then it would be Century SP's, whereas as an all rounder I would go back to NG's.
  10. Could well be because the trees opposite are evergreens A mix of firs, conifers, holly as well as a few deciduous. Its rare that I get the chance to fish that swim in the summer, so that pic is a autumn, winter or srping one, and the date on the ipad is February
  11. Gladwell's at Stowmarket were short of staff so I had to go over and help out instead of being at Copdock. Did mean I finished at 5.30 instead of 6, but I still ended up getting back to mind around the same time I would normally. The late dinner was more upsetting. I do want to catch, but just being by the lake is relaxing and beats being at home
  12. Does this include groundbait? Vitalin may work if this is not included, plenty of crushed maize in there. Otherwise liquidised Sweetcorn as part of a slush, and if you can use groundbait, use it as the liquid content with or without water.
  13. So fished Nazeing this weekend: Friday morning loaded the car with everything except the rods, and went to work in Stowmarket. Finished work, drove back to mine to load the rods, feed and take Sky for a quick walk, then drove to Nazeing, remembering as I went that the A120 was closed at Marks Tey, so drove down to the A414 at Chelmsford, missing a roundabout, which meant a quick run back up the A12 to the 414, and across to Harlow, and down to Nazeing. A walk around with the dog, and my favoured swims were all occupied, so I was lucky or unlucky enough to end up in the car park swim on the Central. Rods out and Bivvy up, then my dinner at 9.45, followed by a two night blank๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜ I keep saying always next time, so next time it is. The top pic is the same swim, but from this time last year. The bottom one is Sky hiding a pigs ear for later
  14. I still have the saved pics on my photobucket: and after hitting the search engine on here: this thread has most of the conversation and points I made, but the editor at the time would not give me permission to publish his side! Lea Valley fisheries rules make no mention of leaders, Leadcore, barbed or barbless hooks, yet nuts are a no no. To some extent with certain hook patterns I actually prefer barbless hooks, long shank, but whatever rule I abide by it. Rig design can play an important part in barbed vs barbless, and how easily a hook can be unhooked on landing, or where you are fishing; snags I would prefer a barbless hook. Yet near those same snags, leaders or Leadcore to me would be an absolute NO! Grey Tail or The Clare park fish (same fish, two names), Suffolk Water Park was another found dead in Leadcore, and they lost another fish, a big 30 in an untethered carp sack. In fact it was losing a Leadcore leader and fish a year or two before the demise of Grey Tail, and finding one Leadcore leader with around 50 metres of line attached to it, and a piece of fake corn on the hook caught up in the weed that I somehow managed to retrieve even though caught up in weed. Trevor the bailiff at the time and I together could not get the lead or rig to release until we used pliers, which I'm sure every sensible carp carries in their pocket. I have made the point about Leadcore in a local tackle shop, and the guys behind the counter basically carried on advocating its use!
  15. Gunning and rolling the mix in one hit is a whole lot easier, just remember to roll them in order. Hutch mentioned your mix may be too coarse, it may also have had not enough moisture or oil, makes it even more confusing Rolling is always trial and error. I used to make my own, and one mix I made if I gunned it some baits would float. I had to roll the sausages with a rolling table. It meant I had a smoother outside skin, and the final rolling would produce a very nice round bait.