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  1. While I do carp fish mostly I do fish for other fish at times, often pike in the winter, chub on floating baits in the summer and the occasional tench, roach or silver fish session. I would never sell any of my gear, as I enjoy it all. Like others, I wish I had not sold my bass rods, although I might push a marker or spod rod into use...
  2. One of the best boilie mixes going was liquidised squid, liquidised liver and semolina to bind it. Unfortunately you will have to play around with binder amounts to get it to roll. Dynamite baits I think it was, also did a fresh fish range with no egg, just using the fish as the attractor. Various bird foods can be ground up to powder to bind and attract. You can also use chick crumb (young chick feed), and from memory there is a source of fishmeal in there, so don't feed it to sheep or cattle
  3. Armour mesh. Used to try to prevent crayfish and smaller fish nibbling bait away, although I have found crayfish can still get through it. Or you can use it to make a nice parcel of particles like hemp or sweetcorn for bait. Wrap it round your boilies, or particles, tie it off with a twist of 'thread', either mono, dental floss and lighter tag and blob the end.
  4. Chick peas are a good bait. Catapult fairly well. You don't want them too soft, just soaked for 24hour, then boil til if you squeeze they split. You can use tinned as well. If you want to flavour or colour them, add the flavour in while soaking, go with a spice flavour like cinnamon, aniseed or 5drops of is-eugenol.
  5. Welcome to Carp.com. As others have said I would make sure your shed is secure. I know B B mentions knocking the head off screws, I could still get in quietly and fairly quickly I reckon and to be honest if thieves know an escape route, silently is not always needed.
  6. I prefer shrink tube myself as well. I have found silicon or plastic tubing can move, either direction, and I am positive I have lost fish because of it, with Carp-R-Us Gizmos and sea fishing Spinlinks. I first played with them back at Taverham in the 1990's and I recall losing a fish where silicon tubing moved. I have also seen someone else lose a big fish on quicklinks because of it. Hence my preference to stick with hooklink swivels. Even leads attached to run rings with quick links can come off! With Ronnie swivels, it may not be such a problem, because the hook is tight on the swive
  7. Tigers go through the gut in humans, dogs and fish exactly as they were swallowed. If the tiger nut was crushed, chewed in the teeth, pieces come out. If they were swallowed whole, that is how they come out in the excrement. It may be fibre, but the actual legume itself is pretty much indigestible; hence why you do not want or need very many. In fact exactly the same as peanuts. The 'by-product' of tiger nut or peanut flour provides more useable nutrition.
  8. From memory almost every spool to line ratio on the reel is usually well out, needing far more line than the amount printed. It may be because a breaking strain has so many different diameters. A 15lb line can be anything from 0.34 even 0.32, to 0.40mm, depending on brand! A properly rated 15lb line will be 0.34/ 0.35mm, anything above that will be 18 or even 20lb. (0.38/0.40mm) Personally I have not found more expensive lines to massively outperform cheaper budget brown Daiwa Sensor or Gardner Pro, (one exception sadly no longer around, original Shimano Catana). Gardner
  9. On occasions I use Ronnie or Spinner rigs I have the opening on the outside.
  10. Fake baits are banned on some waters; cork balls, foam, plastic baits etc. In a pop-up however, is a grey area.
  11. From memory, Delkim had to change the receiver frequencies as the government of the time changed the laws on what radio frequencies were available to the public. (increased availability) Older Delkim receivers could not match with newer model TXi's as the updated versions were in the new range. It may well be worth speaking to Delkim about which receivers are compatible, or going to a specialist who can deal with receivers and older frequencies
  12. Yep, we're all taking penicillin for it...
  13. Welcome to Carp.com. My rigs are probably older than many carp angler's! On most new waters I start with a basic line aligned coated braid rig, it is old fashioned but it still works, this is fished on 2 rods, on the 3rd I use a simple D-rig for pop-ups. Only if the water has definitely been pressured on the bottom bait rigs do I change and then only by adding a sliding ring on the hook shank, but not tied on, instead it is stopped from sliding down past the bend by a hook bead. This gives me the option of changing hair length to suit, and works with bottom or snowman baits.
  14. Welcome to the madhouse. None of us know nuffing... 😖😂 Sure we'll do our best
  15. I do use braid on my marker float rod, but to an Amnesia shock leader, and on my pike rods. For shock leader to Amnesia it is an overhand knot in the Amnesia, and a uni knot through and up something like here: https://magazine.anglingactive.co.uk/the-best-shockleader-knot-sea-fishing/ I do lighter blob the knots to stop slippage. Braid to braid is a pig, they can cut through each other, but again pike fishing my braid is tied to a swivel, which unless you tie straight through on your rods (spod) you can't do on fishing rods.
  16. I still keep on thinking about plastics, but my syndicate bans all fake baits, including cork balls and foam, quite possibly because of the bird life.
  17. I always play fish by back winding, so to me it is second nature to tighten the baitrunner spool and click the anti-reverse off. After a while You don't think about it, even after waking up at night to a take.
  18. I use Shimano Beastmasters, but this is the current version, shop around for price: https://fish.shimano-eu.com/content/fish/eu/gb/en/homepage/Product-detail.P-BEASTMASTER_XB.html/ From Yonny's comment it seems Daiwa go up a price range, whereas with Shimano go budget or top range.
  19. Good Morning and Welcome to the posting or dark side. Fishing is a great way to relax and cure many ills. I know how it has helped me through my dark days. I hope it continues to heal you. Take care and have fun
  20. Until the coffee my receiver hadn't gone sticky or lost colour, possibly because I keep it in the case.
  21. To be honest, boilie wise I stick with one bait all the way through the year. Ages ago on here I wrote up a list of bait ingredients on Now I don't know what the current EU regulations are regarding importing bait ingredients or base mixes into Sweden, but I can say honestly that CCMoore, Sticky baits and others all produce good base mixes. German or even Danish bait companies might work out better. To start with I would be fishing sweetcorn, chickpeas or other particle baits, then as you find out and bait more introduce boilies
  22. Had to order myself a new Att receiver, a high wind spilling coffee in the bivvy over my old one doesn't help keep one working...
  23. I've used Drennan Super Specialist and Specimen hooks for floater fishing for years. The Specimen's are fine for open water and fish up to double figures, although you can land bigger fish if you go carefully. The Super Specialists are better for weedy or snaggy waters and bigger fish. I'm not particularly good with zig rigs, but have on occasion fished them on a particular water, where I used size 10 Solar 101's which was simply what I had available.
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