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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from We5ty in Advice on how to clean/wash a sleeping bag please?   
    40degrees and spin, which I use for almost everything anyway.
    Never a problem with killing a washing machine. Strangely enough, although many places will convince you to buy a new washing machine, it is often the brushes that die, NOT the whole machine, and they are replaceable (more so if you into DIY or have an engineer round).
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from andy52 in Otter Petition 2014   
    Predation Action Group covers much of that I believe
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from mickey58 in Otter Petition 2014   
    Predation Action Group covers much of that I believe
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from mickey58 in Otter Petition 2014   
    This is this years Otter Petition:
    Whatever your thoughts on whether it will do any good, as anglers we really must stop burying our heads in the sand, even if you don't normally sign petitions, then PLEASE sign this one. The Government then have to discuss this once it reaches the required amount of e-signatures.
    The more we keep on, then eventually people have to sit up and take notice. As anglers, we are at the forefront of protecting nature
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to johnuk7990 in Bank Sticks or Rod Pods ?   
    I use both, if the ground soft then I use bank sticks, but some places are very hard with stone then I use my pod
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from We5ty in I want the chance of a 30+ this year, where to go?   
    No worries, I didn't want you jumping in at the deep end, fishing for fish you weren't ready for, either not knowing the effort required or the skill ability. A bit of a difference between an overstocked day ticket water with a couple of easy 30's or the more natural balanced fishery.
    I believe that Carthagena has taken this years membership on, but you'd be looking at around £400 if you went for that lake syndicate, although one of the 2 has 40's as well. It is actually not that far from Nazeing Meads, on the road from Broxbourne station towards Nazeing.
    Also come to mind is Kelvedon and District, Silver End, some old fish, very weedy, but I know quite difficult.
    Anyway if you follow the previous link I gave to Lee Valley there are a few in there, although North Met and Bowyers I think have a waiting list
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from We5ty in I want the chance of a 30+ this year, where to go?   
    I'm a little bit iffy in worrying about 'having to catch a 30', but that is just me, possibly because I don't know your ability level, and knowing how few and far between 30+ fish it has taken me with over 30years fishing experience, only ever catching 3 30's.
    Suffolk is pretty much a no, although NS fisheries, West Stow and Nunnery may have space, although very much a case of what you know (have a look at Suffolk Venues)
    I can point you directly to Lee Valley fisheries, and they are not syndicate. They have venues from the edge of London to Harlow, Broxbourne and Hoddesdon.
    Nazeing Meads has 3 lakes, Brackens, which has a few 30's, 2 acres, but quite a hard 'riggy' water, where the fish can shy away from pressure, or the Lagoons, which I know hold 30+ fish, although I have only managed to get to 27 so far from there.
    There is a gallery on each fishery as far as I can remember, and a few of the fish may look familiar
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to newmarket in Recommendations on bite alarms   
    Your going to get a million and one different suggestions here mate but MAY I suggest fox alarms ?
    Imo they are reliable and you can pick up some good quality models at very reasonable prices .
    I'm still using my fox eos alarms and they have never let me down .
    As for transmitter , most alarms including fox' are compatible with the attx transmitters mk 1 or 2 .
    Again , very reasonable second hand on ebay especially the mark 1 attx .
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to luke_bristol in anti tangle or lots of tangle?   
    What do you think of the setup on this running KD rig?
    The rig is connected via an ACE quick change clip covered in an anti tangle sleeve; this quick change clip sits inside a Korda safe zone running rig stem
    Would the rigidity from the bottom of the leader across this join to the top of the rig help or hinder the anti tangle properties of the rig?

    Compare and contrast with the obvious "hinge" at the same point in this rig:

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    salokcinnodrog reacted to albionchez in Boilies aint for me any more   
    Earlier it was mentioned that some high profile anglers throw in 50kg of boilies in a session at certain times. I'm not so sure about this.
    Bearing in mind that some sponsered anglers have lost their bait sponserships due to them selling their freebies on the bank, does anybody else think that actually they only say that they threw in 50kg to cover up the fact that they sold 45kg on the black market?
    Just a thought & maybe a cynical one at that but I cant help thinking that this could be the case.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to newmarket in Rod pod set up   
    I dont think it matters really whereabouts your indicators /alarms are tbh .
    As for saving your rod given a savaage take then there are loadsa really strong really cheap butt rests out there .
    Would snag ears help at all with that ?
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to albionchez in Rod pod set up   
    Personally I have all the eyes in front of the alarm. If you have decnt fitting butt rests then you shouldn't have to worry about the biggest eye stopping the rod being pulled into the lake on a strong take IMO.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to blanksalot in Carp Set up   
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to theobeeus in Mono hooklink with Mono hair   
    I had dreadful problems with 8lb double strength and found it to be the worst material I have ever used, snapping at a measured 3-4lbs
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from theobeeus in Mono hooklink with Mono hair   
    I had some nuggets that I knew were fresh in my tackle box, but only a few so I threw them away, well out my bedroom window. It has since rained, had storms etcs, but the sad remains of a few of the nuggets are still stuck on the lead flashing.
    i have doubted that all of them dissolve properly, and in fact I think that some baits have been zig rigged without anglers realising it. After casting in when using them, I was only ever happy if I could see the nugget come to the surface after breaking away from the hook. The ducks on the lake would then be picking up the mush,      
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to theobeeus in Mono hooklink with Mono hair   
    When was the last time you put a few of your beloved nuggets in a water tank mate?
    Reeling in to find snotty white residue all over your hookpoint, as well as seeing, every day I went past my tank the same expensive 'premium brand' nuggets floating there after several weeks kinda put me off the things a bit somehow 
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to liamclose in Weighing Fish   
    Just because a fish doesnt get caught soon after capture doesnt mean its sulking The main reason that carp dont useally get caught soon after capture isnt because there eating less.Imo carp dnt useally get caught for a while after capture not because there sulking but because they are being completely normal going round haveing easy meals sussing rigs and getting away with it constantly. Going off topic here but personally I think your example is very rare. The majority of time when a fish puts 5lb on in a wk is because its been weighed wrong not because its attually happend.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to grangemilky in Weighing Fish   
    I think digital scales are mostly effected when you don't hold them correctly. Scales need to be held by the handle, when held by the body they are all over the place, and digitals seem to suffer badly.
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from superfly83 in combi rig   
    I use both the stripped back and the combi-rig.
    With a combi-rig, I would suggest that you check the knot between the materials after every fish, and change the hooklink regularly. I have had a knot fail after I played and landed a good 20, then without checking the knot between the braid and Amnesia cast out, and then lost another good fish when the knot gave way. My fault for NOT checking!
    With the stripped back hooklink, the same rig can be used to land a number of fish, obviously checking hook and the knots as well, but you only have to check hook knot and mainline join, compared to the 3 on the combi-link.
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from grangemilky in Bulk buying baits   
    Copdock Mill has a very good range of pellets and particles. Top Shop. I haven't had a look at the boilie range, but one of the guys who works in there I have known for a lot of years since the days of fishing B Pit in the 1980's.
    They do also deliver.
    As for bulk buy boilies, there are a fair number of bait companies who will do bulk buys, 5 or 10kilos delivered to you. However don't get caught out   as there are also a few who are a little bit sly. 
    I have had some companies recommended to me by people on here since the demise of a certain company who I backed up, but let me (and others) down.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to peteblount in Best basic combination sleeping setup for travelling LIGHT   
    Nick I've seen pictures of your "going Light" actually thought you was bear grylls. :razz:  or special services
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to Ginger9991 in Bulk buying baits   
    Hey all,
    Im looking for some bulk buy baits in and around the colchester area, Pellets, Cell boilies. Anyone recommend anywhere? I have just learnt about copdock mill, Anyone been there? any good?
    Any help appreciated! THANKS!
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from superfly83 in Hello from Cornwall   
    As you can see, you've joined a forum with plenty of joking around and having a laugh while thinking fishing and rhinos.
    Welcome to the madhouse, and have fun finding your way around
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to grangemilky in Best basic combination sleeping setup for travelling LIGHT   
    In good weather, I have been known to use not bivvy at all, just a bedchair and bag under the stars. Once you do it, its bliss!
    I never take a groundsheet unless its wet when I arrive, just too Heavy and pointless.
    Whatever clothes on have on my back, with a lightweight waterproof coat and trousers in my bag, and one hoody and change of socks.
    This year I'm going to invest on one of those waterproof bedchir covers with the stormstick at the head end, to sleep under.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to shade in Early spring common.   
    Fished a full weekend last week, and by Sunday afternoon all I'd caught was a couple of tench. Then, with everything except the rods packed away, my left hand rod started ticking line of the clutch and this very welcome 25lb 6oz common saved what would have been a carp blank!

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