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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from fudgecat in Nearly ready to go carping   
    Lovely looking fish.
    It's nice to see someone learning 'properly' and having fun doing that.
    I may have caught some very big fish over the years, but I still enjoy just taking a rod and fishing on the float, be that for silver fish or carp.
    On a lake I know, fishing the float lift method produces far more carp than sat behind a battery of rods on buzzers. I sometimes go down with a bucket of groundbait, sweetcorn and/or particles and catch some nice carp from single figures up to 20lbs.
    Fishing is fishing, whether carp fishing or silver fish fishing. It's fun, and as long as you learn, then all is good.
    By the way, whatever, don't ever forget your unhooking mat. Any fish too big to hold comfortably deserves the respect of not being laid straight on the ground, that is bream, tench, perch or carp!
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to welder in main reel line   
    Tony, nothing on this planet could persuade me to use fluoro as a main line. I tried it for a while and couldn't get it off my reels quickly enough. I found it to be like casting a spring. A gentle cast? Coils all over the place. A pretty determined cast? Same result but slightly smaller coils. Not good.
    I'll be sticking with mono for the foreseeable future, Diawa Sensor to be specific. An excellent generic line, only bettered, in my humble opinion, by Sufix Synergy, a cracking line which the makers chose to discontinue for reasons unknown to me.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to newmarket in Nearly ready to go carping   
    Apart from the horrible slime i cant understand all the hatred of bream i really cant . 
    Ok its not very pleasant getting up at 2am in the pouring rain for a 2lb bream
    it proves your doing everything right except youre using too small a hookbait
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to Phil in Nearly ready to go carping   
    Sounds like a good list of equipment mate.  I assume you have bought a licence too? Just checking.  
    Good on you for starting out with a float setup, you will lean so much more, and catch many more species.
    Get a few books, check out your local library, ask questions in your tackle shop, on the bank, on forums and you wil be learning new bits n bobs in no time.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to ouchthathurt in Nearly ready to go carping   
    You sound like you have everything needed to get going, on the right fishery, good balanced tackle and bait will get you plenty of bites. Using kit like this, you learn how to strike, play and land fish properly as well as bait application, the importance of balanced rigs and correct sizing etc. We all should (and in many cases, did) learn our skills like this, it will make you into a far better angler in the long run.

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    salokcinnodrog reacted to ouchthathurt in Nearly ready to go carping   
    This is so very true! I like nothing better than leaving all the carp gear at home and just trotting breadflake on the current of the Avon in search of chub and roach, or running a fly for brown trout, it reminds me of the magic of it all and why it (should be!) is such a brilliant relaxing pastime!

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    salokcinnodrog reacted to buzzbomb in Nearly ready to go carping   
    As above good luck and have fun. Sometimes even when you have all the carp specific gear it's nice to leave it behind and use the simple methods we started with. I still carry a few corks and plastic rings from drink bottles in my tackle box for impromptu indicators.
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from hoorayhenri in Otter Petition 2014   
    Something that may help get more signatures is if anglers can make people like the RSPB aware of how otters are also killing birds.
    The RSPB has a lot more clout in government than anglers, because they are so well organised, and not fragmented as anglers are always going to be.
    I have put a post on The British Bird Lovers website, showing the Youtube video of an otter killing a heron, and the link to the e-petition. (https://www.facebook.com/BritishBirdLovers)
    It may not be much, but if it makes more people aware of how damaging the otter can be in this unchecked spread, then I believe it will be successful
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from hoorayhenri in 360 rig   
    I wonder how much mouth damage from some of these rigs is down to bad unhooking?
    I have no problems in cutting the hook, on the shank, just below the eye or as low as I can get, and then feeding the point through. The cut eye section will fall away with no problems. It is fiddling and faffing and forcing the hook free (with any rig) that can cause (additional) damage. Then dose up the hookmark, or marks with Klinik or similar hookpoint antiseptic treatment
    I would much rather tie on a fresh hooklink, rig or hook, than expect to re-use the same one each time. 
    Please don't get me wrong, I am very tight on hooks, and materials, if it is sharp enough, then to me it is good enough, but for the sake of NOT damaging a fish, I would far rather cut the hook or hooklink than be responsible for mouth damage.
    A good pair of wire/side cutters is an important item to have in the tackle box for that very reason.
    I think that it is long shank hooks that can be the cause of much mouth damage, especially in small fish, whatever pattern, Carp-R-Us Longshank Nailer, Fox Series 5, Ritchie MacDonald Z13 or PiggyBacks, whenever there is a chance of double hooking, and I think that many anglers are using fashionable rigs, without necessarily knowing or being able to think out the potential risks. It is not even their fault, but since Rob Maylin first published the Bent Hook Rig, it got used everywhere, and the same is true of the 360 rig. 
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to InteraX in Totally pointless / rubbish   
    I've got perforated lips due to the number of thing I've been caught on.
    It's very embarrassing when down the pub and trying to drink with the lads.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to ouchthathurt in Totally pointless / rubbish   
    I like the idea in principle but find it just as easy to count my marker float off on the 1ft mark and 6" mark on my marker rod. I cut a 1.5ft length off an old fabric tape measure (check your sewing kits!) and used "fablon" (sticky backed plastic!) to secure it to the blank, then i can get a fairly accurate measurement of the depth as i pay out.
    Another inside trick released... God damn it, lol!!

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    salokcinnodrog reacted to ouchthathurt in What is your newest purchase   
    We have just set up in amesbury in wiltshire, (historic home of stonehenge! - lol!) and we are in the process of setting one up as on an open day the interest in the local children was so high they were looking at turning them all away, so several of us parents offered to start up another colony to allow all the children to join. I was thinking about pond dipping on the river avon,
    The cubs were the start of everything for me, cubs- scouts-sea cadets-marine cadets-territorial army-regular army-present. I learned a love and facsination of wildlife and nature that remains to this day. I even saw my first big carp cruising the margins in a pond next to the cub scout camping field whilst on a fieldcraft competition. I stood and watched that carp cruise past me for what felt like hours and suddenly i needed bigger hooks, rods and line!! My dad had an old abu cardinal 55 reel loaded with 12lb line and an old fibreglass 11ft carp rod with a cork handle and action like wet speghetti! Armed with my "new" carp gear, i headed to my local water, stuffed with huuuggee carp (4-8lb carp, mostly commons, up to 24lb) and set up in an eternal scorching summer, a 3/4oz arsely bomb with a 1ft mono hooklink to size 6 super specialist. Side hooking my home made "boilie" (made from flour, sugar, almond food flavouring, water, red food dye - rolled into approx 25mm balls and baked in the oven!!) and turfed it all out into the pond. Attached my cork & hairpin bobbin and set back to float fish with my match rod. A few hours and many recasts later, i had a run and landed a 6-7lb common carp, a majestic beast of golden browns and deep mahogonies - a real wood carving of a fish. That summer was a dream, got another 11ft glass carp rod, i rod rests and matching hairpin bobbins with beach reels ("big pits...!") and did away with my "boilies" in favour of corn, meat, bread, peanuts, chick peas, dig biscuits, 8-10mm trout pellet, and eventually, strawberry jam boilies - learning about hair rigs and braided hooklinks, semifixed and inline leads, tubing etc by a kindly tackleshop owner along the way. It was a stonking summer and i fished and caught most days, and all the carp were lovely hard fighting bronze-gold-mahogony solid carp with big shoulders and heavy well set flanks they averaged about 5-10lbs each and fought like tigers. A carper was born!!
    Funny how your mind plays tricks on you, once i had become an "accomplished" carper and had fished all the hard waters with some success, i went back to this water, all the carp were small, pale, limp, worn out and damaged, nothing like the carp that inhabited the lake of before. Gone had the large beds of reeds, grassy banks and pituresque bankside scenery, in its place were dead cut back reeds, pallets in every swim, bare muddy banks, with small flaccid pale looking carp. Wonder if i changed or if the water changed? Or has the rose tint worn off??

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    salokcinnodrog reacted to ouchthathurt in Guess the size   
    Id say mid 20s 24-26lb+ but look at the colouration, its a lovely looking fish, regardless of size.

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    salokcinnodrog reacted to grangemilky in Guess the size   
    Well, they are Mal-hard to spot
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to blanksalot in 'The zig, the whole zig and nothing but the zig'.   
    Tim , i've never had an issue with tangles on adjustables,
    working backwards if you like from mainline through rod,
    lead on run ring, 8mm bead  ,cigar float  ,8mm bead  ,quick change swivel .
    then the hooklength, usually 3ft for me with a loop on the end,
    prefered leads are 3-4 oz flat pear.
    pva nugget on hook, stun the lead on impact ,look for 2 splashes, feel to bottom.  
    pay out to surface if within visual range, this will clarify no tangle . wind down to lead then count up from 3 or whatever your hook length is 
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to newmarket in 'The zig, the whole zig and nothing but the zig'.   
    Carpbell , by the sounds of it Dal fishes zigs the traditional way straight off the lead which means you have to tie up hooklengths at a pre-determined depth and then reel in and tie another if you want to change the depth.
    You are getting confused with an adjustable zig set up which uses a float of sorts such as a bubble float with which you can adjust the depth by letting out or reeling in line a few inches at a time to adjust the depth.
    It sounds easier in theory but i have had nightmares with tangles so beware.
    In fact if anyone can solve that problem for me id appreciate it
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from welder in Floater Fishing Time   
    Managed to get back yesterday for a couple of hours, it took an hour of feeding the carp and the ducks, but they eventually came into open water. Lightning reactions and keeping it away from the reeds saw a nice ghost common on the bank.
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from welder in Floater Fishing Time   
    I did the other day
    I got back a rather straighter hook than I cast out with
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from ouchthathurt in Floater Fishing Time   
    Managed to get back yesterday for a couple of hours, it took an hour of feeding the carp and the ducks, but they eventually came into open water. Lightning reactions and keeping it away from the reeds saw a nice ghost common on the bank.
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from dalthegooner in Floater Fishing Time   
    Managed to get back yesterday for a couple of hours, it took an hour of feeding the carp and the ducks, but they eventually came into open water. Lightning reactions and keeping it away from the reeds saw a nice ghost common on the bank.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to sharpy86 in Hello and a query about overnight fishing   
    I night fish more on my own than with others - and I prefer it that way!
    Just a few other things:
    Just because your bivvy has a door, doesn't mean you need to use it - It's a lot easier to watch your rods, and more importantly your bobbins (if you are using Isotopes) without getting out of bed. It's not that much colder than with the front zipped up. I also feel a would-be thief is less likely to approach your swim if you can see them. In fact, the only time I have in the last 4-5 years fished with the front zipped up is if it's heavily raining and blowing into the bivvy, if it was snowing, or if I'm going to the toilet!
    Toilets - Not all lakes have them. Be prepared!! I use a bucket which I line with a bin bag, which then gets tied up, and dumped appropiately.
    Don't underestimate night vision - you can see quite a lot WITHOUT torches.
    Self-take shots: Be prepared to take a self take at night. Tripods / resting the camera on a bucket, timers, flash etc. You will be glad you spent time sorting it out prior to getting a fish on the bank. Most cameras these day's have plenty of pixels to play with. It's better to take a photo zoomed out a bit, and crop the photo, than cutting off the tail / your head - If you have a flip around screen - even better!
    This photo I took by myself at night - it's probably better than some of the other people on the lake could take if I asked them to.

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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from Phil in Butyric acid to particals   
    You could add it in as you soak it, but you will have to move very shortly afterwards, and may well end up getting divorced.
    Seriously, while N-butyric acid is a great attractor, I wouldn't bother putting it in particles. However CSL, Molasses, Multi/Nutramino I would
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to Phil in Butyric acid to particals   
    Put it in once the seeds have cooled, for the love of all that is holy....do not boil it in the house lol
    Personaly I much prefer to use it in/on hookbaits rather than in a particle mix or groundbait.  As far as I'm aware, it's kinda hard to overdo
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to ouchthathurt in 360 rig   
    The 360 rig is sometimes pinned with mouth damage due to its mechanics, in the same way the long shank bent hook rig was in the 80-90s - indeed this rig was banned in many places. The long shank aspect used to "double hook" (hook through the lips multiple times, otherwise called stitching) and then tear in the carps mouth, the bent hook, if not bent correctly, would open and close at the point of bending kind of like an old fashioned can opener causing damage to the carp.
    The fox series 5 - the first commercially available long shanked curved hook brought in to try and emulate the success of the bent hook rig. It was found that smaller, more frantic carp could "double hook" themselves which then tore, ripping the lips. The readon shrink tube became so popular was it allowed you to fish a "bent hook" which didnt cause the damage with the hook opening and closing like a can openerin the carps mouth this is why we bend and curve shrink tube, to emulate the bent hook rig.The link has been made between the longshanked aspect and the 360 rig, it has been said (by "them") that it can cause the double hooking which leads to mouth damage. The evidence is not exactly solid, in the case of the bent hook rig, the damage and its cause was obvious, and lots of lakes banned it. The 360 rig is used by many top anglers, mr dave lane being one of them, it is seen as a "big fish rig" mostly down to the fact it utilises a longshanked hook which can hook multiple times in a smaller carps mouth. It is also designed to be fished heavily weighted as opposed to critically balanced. The idea is that the pop up spins 360 degrees and hook in the bottom lip. The use of a longshank hook has always been linked to mouth damage to smaller carp. Whether its true or not? Well thats open to speculation, the old bent hook was brutal, but the 360 rig is well popular and well used, if it was as damaging as the old bent hook rig was, then we would know by now, its been out for years, i dont use it as its too much metal in/around the hook - plus the use of a longshank puts me off a bit, as i remember the mouth damage from the 1st longshank curved hooks and bent hook rigs. I havent seen the series 5 on sale for years, although fox do sell the armapoint LSC which look near as damn it identical.

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    salokcinnodrog reacted to welder in Floater Fishing Time   
    Lightning reactions required, Nick. Hand on rod at all times....like you need telling.
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