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    salokcinnodrog reacted to Benjamin Perry in Head Torch   
    cheers guys, good advice, I think I want the torch section to be those that stick out, so you can easily direct it etc..ive had the flat ones in the past and they don't seem great at directing left and right for example, does that make sense?lol
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to swcarpmad in boillie novice   
    Any brewers yeast will work. I use stuff that's used for horses. Lovely smelling and taste. Its very good. Usage is not really limited but i use 50-100g per kg of base mix. Its good as a coating as well. Add your favourite liquid to just glaze baits and put powder in a bag, add baits shake and blam. Fantastic attractive baits. Something ill be using this weekend as i haven't tried it on the venue in on yet.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to Ginger9991 in Advice on a runs water   
    Ok so Im off to a lake on Saturday afternoon/ evening doing a night session until sunday The lake i believe is about 19 acres,  4 acres that cant be fished. The lakes pebmarsh a CAPS water. I popped over there last weekend and not many people seemed to be catching and im probably guessing (by the lack of spod rods i saw) that they were still winter baiting. So im tempted to go over there, 10/15 spods of pellet, boilie, vitalin, corn and seeing how it goes. Its a 3 rod water so 2 carp rods and a method rod during the day (love my method) and a third carp rod on the method spot at night. Im just after advise as to what people what do and how they would attack a new water of such a size. Even if i get on the bream i would be happy as long as i catch over there to "get the ball rolling". All suggestions welcome!
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to jontain in Entirely new to fishing...   
    Thanks for the replies.
    I really do need to start trying some other hook baits than boilies, I have some chick peas ready to try!
    Recently I have joined a few small club waters, finding them a harder fish that the runs waters I was fishing through winter but have been appreciating the challenge of a lower stock water.
    In regards to the syndicates most have been pretty helpful with information but suggest as you guys do that another year fishing some club lakes and day tickets should get me up to speed. I did think ahead when buying a lot of my gear so I went for a 42in net etc to future proof, albeit it looks a bit strange landing singles and low doubles in such a large net! Still I wanted to be sure that I wasn't buying gear that I would just have to replace not to far down the line.
    I do have one syndicate that a mate is in charge of running so he was going to show me around but would have to decide on:-
    A) If my rods and gear etc would be up to the job should I hook one of the larger fish (as mentioned)
    B) If I can afford/justify the cost
    C) If it is a friendly atmosphere or as mentioned if it would be a case of more experienced members looking down on my lack of experience rather than wanting to lend a hand or a bit of friendly advice!
    I have joined onto a couple of small club waters so far:-
    Ewart Lake - Cambourne - Nice little park lake, friendly bunch that run it. Very shallow margins and only about 5-6ft deep max in the middle. No luck on this lake as of yet but the last two times I have been there the carp have been jumping and crashing (making me think that the warm weather has brought this shallow lake on to spawning already)
    Thriplow Pit - Thriplow - Run by Royston Club, again seems a friendly water. The lake is currently much higher than usual, making it really quite deep, would guess between 10-15ft. Only one catch from it so far which was on a chod, flew off last minute whilst I was packing up my gear. Only one I have had from it so far, I am thinking here that the deeper water means that the fish are still not as active as the warmer weather wont have quite warmed the lake through?
    Also had an afternoon down Lenton Lakes just near Brampton? Fished lake one from about 12:30 till dark and again had one on the chod, at about 14:30, but did notice even on a week day the lake started to get very busy towards the end of the day (friday filling up for the weekend) so it seemed like a very pressured lake, a young local said I did well to get on as a lot of people blank there. Lake two is the club lake and looked very interesting, pretty wild and unkempt but one that I will defiantly have to get a better look round.
    And that has been my last month or so of fishing, hopefully have some more and join onto some more lakes! Thanks again for all your replies! Here is a pic of my last minute carp from Thriplow, lovely gold colour!

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    salokcinnodrog reacted to ouchthathurt in Anglers anonymous, tackle addiction   
    As an army medic, i have seen some of the lads and lasses who have made use of donated fishing gear, it REALLY makes a difference, to just take them away from the thoughts and feelings associated with iraq/afghan - i should know, carp fishing helped square my head away when i got home! That warm feeling you got mate? Multiply it tenfold, little things like that really make a difference, if only for us squaddies to feel less "forgotten" a feeling i have to admit to have felt (probably needlessly) after i returned home from afghan wounded as well.
    Many thanks pal.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to blanksalot in Anglers anonymous, tackle addiction   
    Yesterday i had a bit of a tidy in my shed, found 15 rods and twelve reels  all carp related.
    Last year i donated all my coarse tackle to a good mate who does volunteer work for the british legion, he takes service men and women suffering from ptsd and severe injuries out to a lake and teaches them to fish,a break from the norm, and an escape from their daily struggles.
    We filled a mondeo estate to the roof, enough gear for 5-6 anglers.
    It was hard to let it go but the warm feeling left that these guys were benefiting from it made it worth while .
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to smufter in Multiple fish on at once   
    Last time I had two runs I got all hot and cold.
    Well one was in July, the other was in December

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    salokcinnodrog reacted to ouchthathurt in Welsh Lady Carper   
    So long as the carp come to the net unharmed and go back unharmed and swim off strongly after being held in the margins to recover if necessary, whats the problem?? What about me playing fish? I usually fish under the rod tips, 10ft out is "long range" for me most of the time!!! As all my current fishing is done in the margins, this is where they get played out.
    Where in N Wales do you carp fish? I'm due to move with the wife and kids to N Wales at some point in the next few months. looking for some venues!!
    Ignore the baillif, so long as your fish are safe and unharmed, then you are not doing anything wrong mate.

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    salokcinnodrog reacted to kevtaylor in Welsh Lady Carper   
    I'd say it's more about what the fish does than anything else, some fight long and hard, others come in like a breeze until they see the net, I'm sure you get what I'm saying - tell the bailiff he's a prat!
    You enjoy your fishing!
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to hnv in Welsh Lady Carper   
    Hello and welcome!
    Sounds like a rather patronising bailiff to me. I wonder if he would have offered the same advice to a bloke?
    I do see his point though. Playing the fish out before bringing it into the margins for netting is the "classic" way and can lead to less losses at the net. But, as already stated is not always possible due to snags, bars, etc.
    You play them however you like. As long as they go in the net unharmed then it's OK by me!
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to slackeddy in boillie novice   
    thanks for the replies, the warm welcome guys and the sound advice, really appreciate it.
    to be honest the guy i got the base mix off said about the flavours less being more,
    the only thing i found was that the minamino was over powering the flavours, probably why i upped them.
    i like the idea of premixing the flavours in another bottle then using that cheers emmcee
    @salokcinnodrg cheers fella, will certainly try to restrain myself from over dosing 
    @perrydix i was after a creamy nut flavour and adding the peach was just for the winter, been told carp love fruit in winter
    ill revisit my recipe and adjust flavour levels, will post new recipe soon as ive eaten  
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from slackeddy in boillie novice   
    Your flavour levels are  high!
    I personally would be using no more than 4ml (in total) of flavour per kilo of base mix. That is not 4ml of eaxh flavour, that is a maximum of 4ml
    High levels of flavours can work in a number of ways. They can attract the fish, but the fish attempt to feed where the flavour level seems right. They can attract the fish, and then a (single) hi flavour bait can catch. Or alternatively a high flavour level can actually repel the carp.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to blankton in 20lb duck broken   
    After joining this forum last year I havent posted much, but then I havent been fishing much.
    On saturday afternoon I decided to have a quick session down my local lake. It was still quite badly flooded, and I saw some fish in shallow water. The fish were on what would be the path around the lake, on the wrong side of the marginal reeds. As I might have mentioned previously, boilies and nuts are banned on this lake, although I believe that quite a lot of boilies do find their way in. Because of this I decided to try maggots. I fed a couple of pints against the marginal reedbed and fished a Korda maggot clip against the reeds.
    After an hour or so, I had a decent take that took some line from the baitrunner. At this point the ticker was pounding. I've not caught a carp from this lake for about 4 years, probably fishing it 30 times over this period. I lifted the rod and leant into the bite, but there was no resistance. I retreived the rig to find that the hook point was bent over. Wether it was a tench, bream or carp, I'll never know. But I was pretty bogged off!
    It got to 5pm and I had to go home, as I was out for a meal at 6.30.  It was a bit of a mix of emotions as I was leaving. I was pleased that I'd at least tempted some kind of bite, but obviously annoyed at missing a bent over hook point and not connecting with the fish. As I was heading along the bankside track to the main gate contemplating another blank a large carp head and shouldered and crashed on its side. I stopped the car and opened the door, only to spook another fish right in the margin with my side door. I seemed to have found some fish and they were actually showing themselves. 
    I quickly threw in a few breadcrusts. The fish here rarely get into a frenzy, but by their standards they were completely on it. 3 or 4 pieces of bread were carefully slurped down just a few feet out from the bank. The rises were completely unlike the rises you might get from a small stockies. Although the fish were all at least upper doubles, they were able to take the bread with a very discreet slurp, not even making a noise.
    I quickly opened the boot, still with my car blocking the lakeside track. Took out a rod, took off the rig and tied on a size 8 hook. I could hardly tie the knot and ended up having to do it twice, due to the rush. I made up the net and got out my mat. A large piece of flake was squeezed around the eye, dipped in the drink for some casting weight and flicked out 20ft from the bank.
    A couple more bits of crust were taken, but then the super-wary carp seemed to dispurse. My bait had been in a few minutes and I was about to pack my rods away for the second time, when my line started kiting along the surface. The main lump of my bread was still there, but I guess a smaller bit, containing my hook must have fallen off and begun to sink. A passing carp had then taken it on the drop. I lifted into the fish and this time felt a solid resistance.
    The fish made a couple of firm runs, but was fairly lethargic, certainly compared to some of the 15lb fish Ive had from this lake in the past. After a short s(censored) I had it in the net. I've had a few 18-19lb fish from this pit, but not for a few years. I knew the average size has increased a bit over the intervening years, but I wasnt too sure if I'd broken my pb or not.
    Onto the scales and it went round to 20lb 6oz. a quick check of the time and it was gone 6pm and I had to be home and out in 30 mins and it was 20 mins to get home. sod it, I'd waited 4 years....I was having a piccy. I managed a quick selfie, here it is below, but I should have set the bankstick a bit higher I think (it was also the first time in the 4 years that Ive owned it that ive used my bankstick threaded adaptor!)
    I suppose the moral of the story is about getting back to basics. 90% of the fish Ive caught on this lake have been on freelined floaters. However in a bid to "improve" Ive moved more onto fishing with alarms, bolt rigs, pop ups, particles......etc........ You name it Ive tried it, and yet, another fish falls to good old freelined bread!

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    salokcinnodrog reacted to nigewoodcock in The Humble Bead   
    Yes mate, very similar. I like to use a stiff filament though as I found it tangles less especially if used with an anti-tangle sleeve on the hooklink. Also, the large ring, used so the mainline can travel through with as little resistance as possible, sometimes had the tendency to 'spin' leaving the mainline sort or trapped. It's not that much of a problem but makes it act as a fixed lead (not what I was after with the setup). To combat this, a short length of tubing on the mainline, blobbed into the bead to stop it slipping, works wonders!
    I showed this to Mick the other week at Horseshoe. It's how I set up my marker float but incorporate a foot of leadcore (lead removed) to get over that spinning of the ring.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to Benjamin Perry in boillie novice   
    Hi Eddy,


    You have loads going on in your mix, apart from the dry ingredients that on their own would be a decent bait, you are adding lots of liquid foods and flavours which prob aren't necessary I feel.


    Why do you feel you need to add Maple, Scopex and Peach? Also, I would only add about 2ml of sweetner per kg.


    I certainly agree with Nick on the levels, really high level flavours may work for the odd take but as you want to produce a bait on a long-term basis, lower these and have a bait that is HNV.


    Ben (Perry & Dix)

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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from newmarket in boillie novice   
    Your flavour levels are  high!
    I personally would be using no more than 4ml (in total) of flavour per kilo of base mix. That is not 4ml of eaxh flavour, that is a maximum of 4ml
    High levels of flavours can work in a number of ways. They can attract the fish, but the fish attempt to feed where the flavour level seems right. They can attract the fish, and then a (single) hi flavour bait can catch. Or alternatively a high flavour level can actually repel the carp.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to nigewoodcock in The Humble Bead   
    I don't use runing rigs that often but when I do, and I am fishing in silt or a soft area as you put it, I will use this simple arangement (sorry for the tattyness. It was just a quick sketch as its better than me trying to explain it in words):

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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from grangemilky in The Humble Bead   
    And with leadcore and pendant or inline set-ups, it only takes a tiny kink and the fish could now be trailing a death rig. If you have to use leadcore, then only ever with a helicopter set-up, but my advice, is ditch the leadcore totally.
    I know about inline running leads, and yes, they can work, but are they working as we think they are?
    I came to the conclusion, if I want a running lead, use a run ring. If I want to fish in weed with an inline, then use a straight semi-fixed inline
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from grangemilky in Spawning   
    I know it's a bit early to be thinking about carp spawning, but I recently got Facebooked with this:
    I have known about the water temperature holding at 18degrees for a period of time, and also that fish can reabsorb spawn if they couldn't get rid of it, but some die if the temperature drops very suddenly, possibly due to bacterial infection. A water I fished for a while lost a number of fish a few years ago when the temperature dropped very quickly. The fish had been up and going for it, when the weather changed totally. When I got back to the lake a few weeks later there were a number of 'sickly' fish that weren't feeding, just mooching under the surface layers. Within a few days we lost around 12 fish, unfortunately including the 2 known biggest in the lake
    The link above may give some useful information to all who fish for carp.
    Mind you, the absolute expert on carp.com on carp spawning is Frank, Levigsp
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from newmarket in The d rig   
    Just reading this and realised I didn't make it particularly clear.
    I make the hair from the mono, by tying a uni knot loop at the end, and putting pop-up in to get the hair length right. With the pop-up in place, I then attach the hair to the ring allowing enough space for a bottom bait as well. I then remove the pop-up, and put bottom bait on the hair with baiting needle, the pop-up then gets put back into the loop. The pop-up effectively becomes the bait stop. 
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to Perry Hawkes in Early Spring Time!   
    I'm new to the forum and have found some amazing reading already but your entries are truly amazing I've read a reread everything what feels like a hundred time since yesterday, going back to the begging to make sure I've not missed anything, each time with a little hope I have!! Amazing reading it's a shame you don't get the chance to post more often!! Can't wait for the next time you post an update!!
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to nigewoodcock in Early Spring Time!   
    Wonderful again Stan
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to grangemilky in The Future   
    Don't get me started on sliding hooklinks, I've chased that rabbit down a hole before
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to grangemilky in Anglers anonymous, tackle addiction   
    If you take the stuff out the packets you an stuff a load more. And like me, when you run out, you completely forget what make they were so you end up buying 4 different brands from eBay in a hope some turn up that are the ones you like
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to newmarket in Anglers anonymous, tackle addiction   
    Blanks you've just made me feel a whole lot better cos i thought i had too much gear lol
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