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    salokcinnodrog reacted to theobeeus in Mono hooklink with Mono hair   
    I had dreadful problems with 8lb double strength and found it to be the worst material I have ever used, snapping at a measured 3-4lbs
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from theobeeus in Mono hooklink with Mono hair   
    I had some nuggets that I knew were fresh in my tackle box, but only a few so I threw them away, well out my bedroom window. It has since rained, had storms etcs, but the sad remains of a few of the nuggets are still stuck on the lead flashing.
    i have doubted that all of them dissolve properly, and in fact I think that some baits have been zig rigged without anglers realising it. After casting in when using them, I was only ever happy if I could see the nugget come to the surface after breaking away from the hook. The ducks on the lake would then be picking up the mush,      
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to theobeeus in Mono hooklink with Mono hair   
    When was the last time you put a few of your beloved nuggets in a water tank mate?
    Reeling in to find snotty white residue all over your hookpoint, as well as seeing, every day I went past my tank the same expensive 'premium brand' nuggets floating there after several weeks kinda put me off the things a bit somehow 
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to liamclose in Weighing Fish   
    Just because a fish doesnt get caught soon after capture doesnt mean its sulking The main reason that carp dont useally get caught soon after capture isnt because there eating less.Imo carp dnt useally get caught for a while after capture not because there sulking but because they are being completely normal going round haveing easy meals sussing rigs and getting away with it constantly. Going off topic here but personally I think your example is very rare. The majority of time when a fish puts 5lb on in a wk is because its been weighed wrong not because its attually happend.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to grangemilky in Weighing Fish   
    I think digital scales are mostly effected when you don't hold them correctly. Scales need to be held by the handle, when held by the body they are all over the place, and digitals seem to suffer badly.
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from superfly83 in combi rig   
    I use both the stripped back and the combi-rig.
    With a combi-rig, I would suggest that you check the knot between the materials after every fish, and change the hooklink regularly. I have had a knot fail after I played and landed a good 20, then without checking the knot between the braid and Amnesia cast out, and then lost another good fish when the knot gave way. My fault for NOT checking!
    With the stripped back hooklink, the same rig can be used to land a number of fish, obviously checking hook and the knots as well, but you only have to check hook knot and mainline join, compared to the 3 on the combi-link.
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from grangemilky in Bulk buying baits   
    Copdock Mill has a very good range of pellets and particles. Top Shop. I haven't had a look at the boilie range, but one of the guys who works in there I have known for a lot of years since the days of fishing B Pit in the 1980's.
    They do also deliver.
    As for bulk buy boilies, there are a fair number of bait companies who will do bulk buys, 5 or 10kilos delivered to you. However don't get caught out   as there are also a few who are a little bit sly. 
    I have had some companies recommended to me by people on here since the demise of a certain company who I backed up, but let me (and others) down.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to peteblount in Best basic combination sleeping setup for travelling LIGHT   
    Nick I've seen pictures of your "going Light" actually thought you was bear grylls. :razz:  or special services
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to Ginger9991 in Bulk buying baits   
    Hey all,
    Im looking for some bulk buy baits in and around the colchester area, Pellets, Cell boilies. Anyone recommend anywhere? I have just learnt about copdock mill, Anyone been there? any good?
    Any help appreciated! THANKS!
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from superfly83 in Hello from Cornwall   
    As you can see, you've joined a forum with plenty of joking around and having a laugh while thinking fishing and rhinos.
    Welcome to the madhouse, and have fun finding your way around
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to grangemilky in Best basic combination sleeping setup for travelling LIGHT   
    In good weather, I have been known to use not bivvy at all, just a bedchair and bag under the stars. Once you do it, its bliss!
    I never take a groundsheet unless its wet when I arrive, just too Heavy and pointless.
    Whatever clothes on have on my back, with a lightweight waterproof coat and trousers in my bag, and one hoody and change of socks.
    This year I'm going to invest on one of those waterproof bedchir covers with the stormstick at the head end, to sleep under.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to shade in Early spring common.   
    Fished a full weekend last week, and by Sunday afternoon all I'd caught was a couple of tench. Then, with everything except the rods packed away, my left hand rod started ticking line of the clutch and this very welcome 25lb 6oz common saved what would have been a carp blank!

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    salokcinnodrog reacted to theobeeus in still cant find any carp   
    It might be more of a night water mate, many lakes are like this, on my club lake you are virtually wasting your time during the day. And if the prebaiting/sitting it out over your spots isn't working, keep your money in your wallet and go stalking with a bag of bread 
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to cyborx in Entirely new to fishing...   
    Hi jon, If i can give one bit of advice, i would say "avoid the syndicate route " at least until you have mastered a few techniques and got all the right kit around you.
    join a good club first, most clubs have a web site so they are fairly easy to sort thru. look at the club galleries to see the sort of catches they get ( they sometimes have a section on the bait used to catch that particular MONSTER too lol)
    i myself took some bad advice and joined a syndicate with a more experienced mate in my first year of 'carping', it wasn't long before i had been reported for using an undersized landing net, 36" instead of 40" also given a warning by another jobsworth about the size of my unhooking mat, again 36". i now have a 5ft 'doggy bath' type. either one of these could have been a quiet word to put me right but the people involved decided to show their superiority with a put down, this sort of thing can demoralise a "noob" but most clubs have the type of client that will put you right with a bit of sound advice.
    as for alternatives to boilies, most pulses will do the trick. i have found chick peas to be a good alternative, especialy when glugged in a bait oil like hemp oil, strawberry, halibut, tigernut oil they are about the same size as a boilie too.
    gonna wrap up now with a "welcome to our world" and best wishes for the future
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to grangemilky in woman in carp fishing   
    I'm not on Facebook anymore. I felt my IQ drop every second I was logged in.I never realised how much I hated people, until I was updated about how many peas or carrots were on every forkfull of their meals. Since coming off it I have more respect for the human race, ignorance is bliss, eh?
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from grangemilky in Do you have to use a swivel - discuss   
    Swivels are more than just a convenience for me, and I still don't think that they work as intended, probably partly because we cover one side with a nice lead clip or rubber sleeve, to stop tangles, but also because I don't think that line as it compresses and twists will exert enough 'pressure' to untwist. I think a swivel needs a fair amount of force to make it swivel.
    One thing that they are very handy for is attaching the hooklink to the mainline. The eye is large enough to pass the mainline (or hooklink) through twice to create a very safe strong knot. I don't like joining lengths of line together, (mono leader or braided (leadcore for those that have to    ) a knot creates a weak spot; so joining a hooklink with a knot to mainline is a worry for me, although I do it when I'm small fish fishing with fine lines  
    One very big advantage that swivels have in that join is regularly changing rigs, you automatically cut away a (short) length of the mainline, this piece of mainline just happens to be the section most likely to be damaged anyway, the lead rubbing over it, the run ring running up and down it, all will weaken that last bit especially, plus with the lead, it is the section that gets most force exerted on it during casting, causing stretch, and weakened line.
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from grangemilky in Boilies aint for me any more   
    I find myself in agreement with Grangemilky on this.
    Pre-baiting does work, and can catch an awful lot of fish for you. I do however agree that at times overbaiting with boilies is a bad thing. There is a massive difference in quality between a good food source boilie, and a cheap (but expensive) shelf life. If you overbait with a poor food quality shelf life, then many of them do get left alone. When even the bugs and bacteria don't go to them, then there is a problem. However a good food source (often freezer) bait will not sit and go mouldy. It will break down itself over  time, as well as be picked apart by smaller fish if the carp don't eat it.
    There is also the point that if the fish don't visit an area, then pre-baiting there won't always draw them in. If they don't want to go there for whatever reason (pressure, rotten bottom as some types of silt can be), then by dumping bait in that spot, it may well go off, especially if in large amounts. That is both a waste of a bait, and a bit of bad angling. Pre-baiting has to be done judiciously, bait where the fish will happily eat it.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to grangemilky in Bobbins/swingers - can they justify the price?   
    When true slacklining, you should be using running rigs. With a running rig you physically cannot get a drop back. No matter which direction the fish runs, it will give you a positive indication.
    Also, if you used a semi fixed lead with a heavy fluro, you wouldnstill get a possative run even if it ran towards you due to the waters resistance. Think about when float fishing, and you get a huge bow in your line, no matter how slack, you cannot move your rod tip without the float moving, its the same effect.
    Strictly speaking you don't need an indicator at all when slack lining, but the reason people do, is as mentioned, it keeps the line hanging correctly over the bite alarm.
    When slacklining we mostly use heavy or thick line, that doesn't behave, without that indicator sat on the floor, the line can completely bypass the the alarm.]
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to grangemilky in Boilies aint for me any more   
    That's fair enough, you have stated you don't like heavy prebaiting, in that circumstances and that's fair enough. I've seen myself, an overhangimg tree that used to fish well, suddenly died a death. Turned out there was almost half a foot deep of rotten bait! Once cleared the spot got back to its old ways.
    The point is, that everything has its time and place, and in the situations you are talking about, where everyone is overfeeding with boilies, doing something a little different will always come up trumps.
    Other lakes, at other times, get ripped apart by groups of people who boat 30kg of boilies out every other night in huge baiting teams.
    Some lakes, in fact you mentioned your club lake, are highly stocked, and just cannot support the head of fish in there without anglers bait supplementing their diet. I could argue that feeding just a hand full of particles is bad fishing and shellfish...but I won't.
    Every tactic has its right time and place. Prebaiting so much the bait rotts is bad fishing, but feeding enough regularly to keep them searching and keep them feeding through out any weather, is very very good fishing.
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from theobeeus in Bobbins/swingers - can they justify the price?   
    A mate of mine who still fishes uses a pile of 2p coins balanced on the spool, a tobacco tin fitted onto a mount underneath his reels and a drop-off indicator for pike fishing. When he gets a take from the pike, the coins drop off into the tobacco tin, making a decent rattle as they fall.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to snowmanstevo in March Catch Reports   
    My 3 from last Saturday
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to theobeeus in Chod Chod Chodyy Chod Chods: Rant and rigs   
    I hate chod rigs and hate pop ups. They just don't work for me and never did. All my pop ups get cut up to use as tippers to semi balance baits sometimes, but even they don't catch me nearly as many as bottom baits. Maybe that is just the way it is with the lake I target, I don't know, but I know my mind, and I don't like chod rigs full stop. 
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to admin in Facebook Login Integration   
    I've now enabled facebook signup and login integration.
    You can link your existing account facebook account to your carp.com forum account.
    This will allow you to share posts you create on here with your facebook wall, closer
    integration for sharing posts, liking etc (even though the forum has it's own like system).
    If you are already logged in to facebook, then you can link your carp.com account,
    via this forum under "Your Profile" click "My Settings", under Settings and down the 
    left, there is a "Manage Facebook" tab.  If logged in already on facebook, click the
    login button and then approve and done!
    This will provide a more seamless social experience.
    Working on twitter integration (there appears to be a problem on twitter).
    ALSO, We also have a facebook login page:
    if you can like it, it will help us get the word out.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to grangemilky in Boilies aint for me any more   
    I couldn't disagree more.
    Lots of the lakes the 'top boys' fish, are arguably worse than any situation you will ever fish. High profile waters may have the same amount of anglers as a lake you may fish. But generally get filled up with fulltime anglers, fishing 4+ days a week. These lakes become like circuses, there are no virgin waters in the UK that the 'pro's' have access to. And if there are virgin waters. They are all non publicity, meaning they are no good for people trying to catch for marketing purposes.
    His name comes up time and time again for various reasons, but a man I will refer to as JS, has a bad reputation for filling in a lake with bait. Which may be true, but him and others like him don't just turn up and spod out 50kg of boilies, unless they knew from the time of year, or some other factors that would make it the right thing to do. Most of their bait gets used prebaiting, in order to get the fish to see your bait as a natural food source.
    People who just turn up and bait huge amounts are not going to do well, but people who actively bait are going to outfish the others that don't.
    Bad angling is what ruins the fishing for everyone, and feeding the fish high protein baits in the right situation, is not bad angling at all. Every thing has its day, and generalisation will never get you anywhere,
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from rocketron52 in Supermarket Sweep Baits!   
    I know I am, but I just buy a bag here and there as I want or need it. I don't have the money or storage facilities for massive amounts of bait anymore
    I'd much prefer to go to Copdock Mill and buy a massive range of pellets, and other bits and pieces.
    'Sides, it might be an idea for younger anglers to have an idea of what is available for a couple of quid baitwise if they can't go to these larger warehouses. A couple of quid is affordable, whereas a bag of 400g boilies at £8 isn't.
    Add the Rabbit Mix in with sweetcorn, luncheon meat, peperami and you have a very good groundbait.
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