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    salokcinnodrog reacted to kevtaylor in Float rig for big carp?   
    Nice mate, I've always loved watching the float, who doesn't and they don't spook from a vertical line - seen lots of evidence of that.  If I was on the right type of water I would give it a go straight away, always have a couple of floats in the tackle box but my waters are gravel pits that mostly have shallow margins, gradually getting deeper and often have surface weed to 10-20 yards out.  Give me a farm pond, float and centrepin and I would be well happy 👍
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from bluelabel in Short session food?   
    Porridge for breakfast in the winter, with goat's milk for me, done and eaten straight from the pan, but topped with a dessert spoon of soft brown sugar😉
    Add a coffee from the Bialetti and I'm happy
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to bluelabel in Short session food?   
    Pot noodles or porridge... hi carb slow release keeps you filled up for longer... just add boiling water... or a big packet of choccie suggestives
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to elmoputney in Short session food?   
    Thanks nick
    I was looking for the image of the badly packed kebab 🥙
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to kevtaylor in Short session food?   
    Oh and only if it's a wholemeal pitta lol - sad times, can't forget that bit 🤣
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to yonny in Adam Penning back to basics video?   
    Not sure mate, the waters I've been fishing have deeper areas but not all over. I've not noticed them moving up or down in the water, rather a total cease in activity 🤷‍♀️
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from elmoputney in Short session food?   
    This any use? 
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to kevtaylor in Drop shot   
    How refreshing is it that this is all I need for a bit of drop shot fishing down the canal, got all spares in a little shoulder bag, mat and net clipped on - feels  like freedom.
    Considering I fill my estate car completely for an overnighter carp fishing.
    Great because I can go for an hour any day after work - who knew tiny perch could get you so excited lol

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    salokcinnodrog reacted to welder in Vitalin dog muslie   
    Certainly did, Kev. Truth be told I'm daft for dogs, love them and would forgive all mischief.
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to yonny in New venue tips   
    None of it matters unless you were on the fish and you haven't mentioned this mate. Were you seeing activity on your spots? Were they defo feeding over you? Your focus should be on getting the swim/spot right. The rig should be chosen to suit the area on which they're feeding👍
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from commonly in Fluorocarbon for leaders and links   
    I agree with you on knots, different materials work best with different knots. 
    Even mono, some are grinner/uni knot, others are blood knot, although almost everything works with a palomar. 
    I would not use anything other than 3 turn blood knot or Rapala loop knot with Amnesia. 
    Fluorocarbon I have found is blood knot as well. 
    I have had carp snap knots I have tested, the acceleration and turn of a take on a water knot, mainline to hooklink, Sensor to Berkley XL. A water knot between the two just does not work for me. 
    It is the only floater set-up I use with a controller and swivel. 
    Come to that I just can't get XL to join any other line, it has to be tied to swivel or hook. Yet on a normal test pull it will not break. 
    Never found any other material I could not find the right knot to join to another line. 
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from commonly in Fluorocarbon for leaders and links   
    I test every hooklink, every leader knot, if I can snap it, then sure as heck a fish can. 
    I'm relying on a gradual increase of pull, strength, but a carp uses its speed. Within a metre it can be at top speed, that can be enough to put the tackle to far more tension and pressure than me. 
    Fluorocarbon as far as I know has different abrasion resistance and although the stretch is similar, it's elasticity is less than mono. Mono can stretch and go back to its original state, whereas fluorocarbon, can't it tends to 'ping' quicker than mono. 
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to commonly in Fluorocarbon for leaders and links   
    If I can pull a rig apart, then it is not good enough. 
    Agreed a 20lb+ fish will easily do the same. Not fish safe, if the hook link will be left in its mouth. I test each and every rig to near destruction. 
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from Golden Paws in Fluorocarbon for leaders and links   
    If I can pull a rig apart, then it is not good enough. 
    That is the same with Sea Fishing rigs, carp rigs or pike traces. 
    I have used crimps for years on all three, although I found carp rigs it just didn't 'fit' and I  prefer to knot them. 
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from elmoputney in Reality of carp fishing   
    I agree exactly.
    The ability to assess, learn and correct without going round in circles or up your own bottom is good angling. Chopping and changing every trip and then catching but not knowing why is luck. 
    I honestly think that too many angler's are given a false perception of what they can achieve; overstocked waters, or even waters jam packed full of big fish at credit card prices. 
    @elmoputney I think I earnt my largest fish, I learnt the water, learnt the fish, and caught plenty on the way. My previous largest was lucky. 
    Turn up on a lake, come up with a unique rig and set-up, find a feature, put some bait to it, and first fish, catch a PB. 
    The next 'PB' was fishing through the year, catching most sessions, and realising where the fish were hiding in December. 
    I don't think that just turning up on a Holme Fen, to catch a new largest fish is the way forward. I want to have earnt my next PB. 
    By the way I don't necessarily think my largest fish is a PB, I still class that as a 28lb carp from the river
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to Carpbell_ll in whacker catcher baits   
    The little one

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    salokcinnodrog reacted to yonny in Main line   
    Depends how much abuse it gets mate. If you're weed fishing and there's lots of abrasion it's probs a good idea to cut off the last few meters regardless of what line you use 👍
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from elmoputney in Korda tackle box? Bundle or not?   
    The messy bit is in the top section, but I know it is all in there:
    Leads, leader and hooklink materials, forceps, Greased Lightning, 2 bottles of Klinik, cutlery, toothbrush and toothpaste, along with packets of beads, shrink tube, silicon and rig tubing and finally PVA bags and string. 
    The current lead total is at 15 3oz and 10 3.5oz.
    The 2 drawers are actually tidy, each is compartmentalised and everything goes in its place.
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from kevtaylor in A question for the better anglers   
    There is 'BUT' to this though. 
    Just because you copy or do what 'Big Name' anglers do, it does not make you a better angler yourself. 
    Following fashion; rigs, tackle even the methods they fish will not necessarily increase your captures. You still need to find fish, and then get your bait and feeding right and your rig in the right place. 
    Sadly some who are in the limelight could well be time bandits, or pulling strokes to get results. That definitely does not make them better anglers. That is the point of 'at any cost'. 
    Something I think is that every angler goes through a period of doldrums, not catching. It is the better anglers who can deal with it and get through to good times again. The 'not so good' will just give in and follow fashion without thinking. They blame the rig, the bait, never themselves or the simple fact the fish aren't interested. 
    I bring this up for a reason. Currently on my water 'the originals' aren't showing or being caught. The only fish being caught are stock fish from the past few years. It looks like after spawning together they have gone their separate ways. The stock fish in fishable areas, where bait is going in, the originals hiding in the thick weedy unfishable areas. The stock fish relying on bait, the originals on natural good. 
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from elmoputney in Korda tackle box? Bundle or not?   
    I'm still using a Plano 2 drawer tackle box, over 20years old. 
    Handle has been repaired but it still takes everything and doubles as a bivvy table. 
    I tried the Fox/Korda type flat box and it just doesn't work for me 
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to emmcee in A question for the better anglers   
    Agree 100%. There are a lot of "top anglers " around today, put a few on the same lake and that lake becomes a lot harder because you're competing with not only the fish but anglers that are very much on the ball. As for the ones under the radar I personally think a few  would put the "famous" anglers of today in their places. 
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to greekskii in Making pop-ups   
    I will second the BAF mix. I used Polaris and  ccmoore prior to using BAF. There’s on winner hands down. 
    I have 14mm pop ups holding up big size 4 hooks for days on end out in the lake. It also hardens up nicely to create a hard bait whereas the ccmoore mix used to create a more spongy bait. 
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    salokcinnodrog reacted to dalej2014 in A question for the better anglers   
    So first of all I have to say I'm no top angler, but my fishing has improved a lot this year, and I've caught lots more. I only fish local club waters, I'm just an average working guy, and £30 a day, or hundreds and thousands for syndicates just aren't possible.
    I no longer turn up, do a pub chuck, then sit in the bivvy playing on my phone. (that didn't work too well!)
    The difference this year? Time and effort. I always look at the water now,, searching for signs of fish before casting. I'll do laps of the lake. I keep a note of when and where I see them. I use a marker rod to lead about, finding out what the bottom is like and the depths. I'll pick a rig that's likely to work on that bottom if I can't find a "spot". On that note I'm not the greatest caster, but I've made the effort to practise that as well. I'll move swims if I'm not feeling ti too, and try different things to see what works (and what doesn't). What works on one water, won't on another, so each lake has to be learned too.
    I also started making my own boilies this year. I buy the best ingredients I can, then turn up and bait the lakes regularly, so the fish get used to them. That also seems to be working well. As with tactics, bait seems to differ on different waters, and colours can make a difference as well. So even when not on the bank the effort is still there. I'm not baiting with a bag of boilies from my tackle shop. All the bait is fresh and hand rolled.
    I've also spent hours and hours on carp forums like this, learning all I can to improve my fishing. There are so many great tips here, and countless pearls of wisdom. For that I thank everyone who posts and shares their knowledge and wealth of experience. It really does help guys like me to catch more fish.
    So yeah, going back to the original question, time and effort. I suspect a lot of "top" people in anything find this true. Time + effort = reward.
    As a result I'm enjoying my fishing a lot more, and feel I'm getting more out of it. I turn up now expecting a catch, and my confidence is much improved. I will also say it is a journey, a marathon, not a sprint. it takes time and practise to improve in anything. Stay focused, spend time on the water. Try new things. And keep trying.
    My results haven't been worthy of Carpology or anything, but I've had a couple of dozen fish this year, mainly on short day sessions. I've caught some twenties. Caught fish from club lakes where I've never caught before, and caught on new waters, fished for the first time (twice within an hour of casting). I've caught from high pressure small lakes to mid stock 20 acres. All in all, it's been a belter of a year so far. And that from more time and effort.
    Most of all - enjoy it! (If you don't you'll chuck it in soon enough). Tight lines!
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from RJT74 in attaching lead and spomb to braid   
    Think I have changed my habits over time. 
    Due to the depth of the lake I'm on, I have hardly been using both spod and marker rod. In many cases I have been putting bait in by hand in chest waders. 
    However, not all swims are shallow enough so I take a Spod/Marker rod combined, and yes it has braid on it😏😂😉
    I have the run ring set up on the leader with a lead link and an American snap swivel on the end of the lead link. At the end of the leader I use a swivel with a Breakaway Spinlink clip and tail rubber over it. I attach the spod or Spomb to the Spinlink and clip the snap swivel on the lead link to it as well. 
    That way I can use 1 rod for both marker/leading or baiting up. 
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    salokcinnodrog got a reaction from kevtaylor in Mono rigs , pva   
    A very good method I use myself, although different bag supplier. I'll have to check which bags I use, got them on a trip to Gladwell's and they are currently hidden in my car... 
    You could seal a bag or mesh around the lead, either on a run ring/lead clip or helicopter set-up
    Only problem with hooking onto the outside of the bag is the impact can rip a hook free from it as it hits the lake surface. 
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