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  1. Hi When you say milk ground bait that is a great idea to bring the fish up. What would I use in my ground bait to do this. As we just can't go to a tackle shop here and buy ground bait. I make my own out of brown bread crumbs,chicken mash,bird seed and raspberry cordial for making drinks,sometimes I dye it red too. I also use liquidised bread. We have tried the feeder and Polaris fishing but we never get anything. My mate has caught a few with just a shot on the line and just letting it sit about 3 feet of the bottom. I have had some luck on the float fishing about 12 to 15 feet in
  2. Thanks for your reply. Hemp is very hard to get here as it is banned. Well you can't get it! That is it. I will give the things you said a go and let you know how I get on.
  3. Hi all Just wonder how would you tackle a very deep guarry lake about the size of a football pitch. The margins are 20foot deep all round and then drop off to about 30 to 40 feet in the middle. There is also a lot of eel grass in the margins and the lake has very clear water. The fish in it are tench,perch,Rudd,goldfish and eels I know these fish are. In there as you see them from time to time. The bait I will be using is bread and maggots on float gear close in. Any help on this would be great. Ps I will have this lake all to myself most of the time as it is not fished at all
  4. Yes there are big carp here you just have to look harder. Pm sent.
  5. Hi all I know were there are loads. NEW ZEALAND on the north island. They are wild over here. Look up KOI in NZ. Mind you might be a bit far to go for a day trip.
  6. Thought i would put you straight there are no Pike in NZ. The Coarse fish we have are Eels (long fin & short fin),Koi Carp,Grass Carp,Goldfish,Rudd,Perch,Silver Carp,Tench & a small Catfish + Hybrids from Carp & Goldfish. We did have some Golden Orfe but they were killed by our Department of conservation some years ago as most of the coarse fish here are classed as noxious. Someone got some Gudgeon in about 6 years ago but they to were killed. Hope this is some help. Steve
  7. That Eel is only a baby to some of the Eels that are in New Zealand waters. They can go up to 50lb+ over here. There is one lake that divers will not go down to deep because of the big Eels that live there. Tightlines Steve
  8. It is a comet goldfish i have seen some like that & bigger here in New Zealand.
  9. Hi from NZ. The wife brought me a copy for my birthday. So Martin your book has been read in New zealand to. Also i lent it to a mate & he thought it was a good read to & he is not a Carp fisherman. Steve
  10. Better still come & live in New Zealand. (North Island Only for the Carp Hamilton Up to Auckland). Lots of Carp fishing were you will not see anyone. You can have a water all to yourself all the time here. Steve
  11. Hi all I now live in New zealand (been here on & off for 14 years) but i was born in Hammersmith london & fished the Thames there a lot when i was a Kid & into adult life. I was reading the daily mail paper web site the other day & that had a report about another fish kill on the Thames around the Hammersmith to kew area. I remember this has happen there a few times when there is a lot of rain. I would have thought this would have been sort out by now so that it did not happen again. Tightlines Steve
  12. Hi Frank Did you get pm this time?? If not i must be doing something wrong?? Steve
  13. Thanks Frank How do you know all about NZ & CARP?? I would love to know more about NZ & its CARP past when you have the time. Steve PS PM SENT.
  14. Hi Frank Do you know anything about how the Carp got to NEW ZEALAND & how long ago it was,who & where they were placed etc. I have heared a lot of stories about this but not seen any facts. Well very little facts that is. Steve
  15. Thanks again Frank. I would love to read your findings when you have finished them. Steve
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