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  1. I applied for that one as well not accepted yet though Nice photo above. Good colors.
  2. Thanks very nice of you.I did join what I think was that group at least (the not closed one?)
  3. Do you mean the one earlier with the sunrise? Ive learnt from so many sources its a bit hard to point at one. But since I used Photomatix to combine image on that specific images this is proberly quite right. http://www.hdrsoft.com/resources/tutorial_basic/ I use several softwares though. Normally I use Lightroom and Photoshop. (Like on the night image) Good sources for editing in general that Ive found online is. Aaron Nace at Phlearn.com and Jimmy McIntyre at http://www.throughstrangelenses.com/ The latter is much about digital blending/hdr. Thanks everyone for the nice comment. I dont work with photo its just a hobby. I sell fishing gear for a living.
  4. First session of the year. Blanked but 'twas was nice to get out. Uppesittaren by Simon KG, on Flickr
  5. Its an HDR made of 3 expossures if I remember correctly.
  6. To zero a jrc/berkley scale you just tap the on/off button
  7. That looks like a really pleasant water. From tuesday morning: Bivvy life by Simon KG, on Flickr Not technically from the bivvy but still.
  8. Winternit might be possible with a really good sleeping bag but my first feeling is that the tent must insulate badly. However you do get away from the ground.
  9. For summer months that one seems darn smart!
  10. Allmost forgot. There is also this little old gem. The dude owning the site is a brit who lived in sweden until just some years ago when I heard he moved back but he did fish a lot when he lived here and the site is still quite informative. Some of the facts regarding the sizes and such may not be fully up to date but its a good list and written in english. http://carpoholik.tripod.com/id15.html
  11. If you are on facebook the lake has its own group https://www.facebook.com/groups/228490307186093/?fref=ts
  12. Ok in Borås you have the lake Ballasjön quite near. Ballasjön is quite a popular lake stocked with fish up to 35 lbs. I actually took my first carp there when I first began carping. (nowhere near 35lbs though ) Location and the phone number to Leif which owns the license on the lake http://svenskakarpklubben.com If im correct I believe the license for Ballasjön actually comes for free as member of Svenska Karpklubben. Several brits in the club as well. I live 30+ miles away from Borås unfortuneately.
  13. Thanks. Yes its a rather nice little gem. The upper image is actually taken a bit up in the forrest which is on the right side of the lower image.
  14. Much more tidy swim From this spring. Tysta larm by Simon KG, on Flickr
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