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  1. I think you could say the same of sweetcorn, as for tigers, because if you examine your stools after eating sweet corn, it's often often evident that corn is almost completely intact, yet it's universally accepted that sweetcorn is good for us. Also the fine flour or meal of tigers, may be coming out in a similar state it went in, but as the particles are finer, they're probably not as identifiable when they come out the other end, but if tiger nut flour is part of a boilie, alongside other ingredients used together they create a more valuable and complete food source, and are then suitable fo
  2. this article also says roasting or germinating tigers, increases the antioxidant levels, i think sprouted nuts, seeds and pulses can be a good edge for any bait, if your willing to do the extra prep, i've got some sprouted chick peas in the freezer i'm yet to use, but make sure you research prepare them properly, in some cases they can be dangerous.
  3. i've only made milk with them before, was very nice, nicer than cows milk imo, quite expensive though, that bread sounds delicious
  4. it's definitely is wise to prepare your tigers properly and use sparingly, but my thoughts on their nutritional value is a little different to what others say, whilst they mostly come out of carp undigested this does not necessarily mean the carp get no value from them. I think tigers are mostly prebiotic fibre, which is an insoluble fibre, it doesn't provide anything in terms of direct nutrients, but it is food for the microbiome or gut bacteria, because it is food for them. So this may be why carp like them so much, but they are also full of sugars, and contain a lot of calcium, more than mi
  5. on the topic of flavouring plastic i remember when they were first out, and Frank Warwick saying that only certain types of flavour will penetrate them, i cant remember exactly what sort, maybe ethyl alcohol?, but i'm not sure. At the time enterprise did pots of flavour specifically designed for plastics, and i've still got a couple of pots, you might still find some on ebay if you do a search.
  6. thanks, that's definitely an important consideration, i guess it could be worth trying in a in a paste, i think their are so many interesting products in the health food market, that are probably overlooked by a lot of anglers at the moment.
  7. hi guys, i haven't used the forum much so i'm probably not a known member, but i'm just wondering if anyone's thought of using colostrum in their bait before, it sounds highly nutritious and very good for the immune system, it's expensive but a couple of capsules could go well in a milk protein bait, i thinks. It's made from the first milk a cow gives which contains all the important antibodies a new calf would need.
  8. it would be interesting to know exactly what's in a spray, obviously the relevant flavouring, but what else, it would probably be more cost effective to buy a bottle of the flavouring and use a very small amount of it. Isn't that what came with the original dynamite baits pop ups Frank Warwick put his name to, i think with high attract singles people need to turn the thinking on its head, and either put no flavouring in them, or still use the flavouring but use darker and more natural colours, visually fish tend pick them out better, like the black foam people use for zig's.
  9. yes i was wondering if it actually puts them of like people say, but it's probably just us that don't like the smell
  10. i would second this advise, maggots go into suspended animation without oxygen, they don't die, but just switch off and stop metabolising so i don't think they'll be sweating much, the great thing about this is that they also stop wriggling so can't, this would make them safer in a cool bag too.
  11. Imho a lot of angling equipment is designed to catch anglers more than fish, it's certainly a valid opinion to not compromise on end tackle, and whilst some of the Ngt gear isn't as good as the competition, some of it is almost identical. So often we get charged like a wounded rhino, for an item because it's Nash or fox.... etc, I've heard some real horror stories about Nash equipment, of recent note the scope rods, and I've had items from fox in the past, that really havent been up to the job, it may look pretty and earn q-dos among the carp fraternity, if it has a fancy name, it might even b
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