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  1. Sticking to a good food source bait is in my opinion a good advantage on most waters.It could be that there is already a going bait which means that a lot of the hard work is done already but a properly established food source bait will outfish a bait with a low BV 99 times out of 100.
  2. TBH it seems exteremly irresponsible to suggest that Tigers should be used with no preparation at all.Bad preparation and overuse is what has caused many waters to ban tigers more often than not most of these bans are down to ignorance or the odd few spoiling it for the majority.Anything that fuels this or encourages it is thoughtless. Yes tigers are highly attractive to carp,mostly I believe down to the blend of sugars released during the cooking stage of the preparation so maybe the so called angler is doing himself a disservice by advocating their use raw.I disagree they have no nutritional value as they are also high in protein and iron meaning that the carp will feel full quickly thus they wil have dietery deficiencies as tigers provide very few of the carp's needs. Take some unprepared tigers,put them in water for 2-3 days and see how much their size increases.Then tell me that not preparing them will aid digestion
  3. Think he's writing for ACF now. My problems with mags are as well as the sponsorship thrown in your face all the time,it's the same stuff over and over again which appeals to some but not me.The Clumper rig,tickler rid,chod (silt) rig after about the 3rd reinvention you'll begin to think why do I bother.If they spent half as much time instructing anglers how to look after their fish on the bank as they do to using reinvented rigs that were catching 10 years ago with not so advanced materials then the sport would benefit greatly.That coupled with super duper flavoured all singing boilies instead of breaking down the bait,components etc that anglers could learn from such as amino acid profiles,taste enhancers,feeding triggers etc that would be of some use 10 mins after putting the mag down. I do feel for a lot of the newer,less experienced anglers who will no doubt get suckered into swapping baits and rigs every month losing the real art of fishing.They'll also end up confusing themselves without benefiting in anyway whatsoever. I guarantee you forums are a far greater source of info than any magazine and the majority of opinions are diverse/honest as the mags won't bite the hand that feeds them Isn't it amazing how all products they review are top notch and they never have a quibble or suggestion for improvements Down off soapbox now......
  4. Personally I like the minimal washing up aspect............
  5. Depends for a hi attract instant bait up to 10ml of flavouring per 500g of base mix but for longer term attraction in a food bait 2-3ml is about right.
  6. 4 & 8mm KG1 pellets,grubber pellets,whole and crumbed 10mm and 14mm boilies and a dose of Aquastim Or you could just try changing the shape of the bait
  7. Nothing wrong with it at all,means you can take your eyes off the water for less time only to read the menu..
  8. Depends on your definition of prebaiting.I never introduce my prebait onto spots prefering to spread it out over a wide an area of the lake as possible.Then it doeasn't matter where on the lake the fish are,they will accept the bait as a food source. A lot of my fishing is short session.I think preparation,confidence in your bait and location is paramount.Spend time locating your fish and with good preparation you should have an make up of the general topography of most of the swims in your mind.This'll save you time thrashing a marker around with fish in the swim if you're not competant at feeling the lead down.I normally will try a different method on each of my 3 rods.One with a single hookbait,one with a bag or stick and one over a bed of bait seeing which produces on the day.I travel light aa s sometimes you'll have to up and move sticks to stay with the fish. Doing your homework before you go will enable you to fish more efficiently and maximise your fishing time.
  9. Definately a sign of commitment,I have to admit that I'd probably have to pack it up until I got transport as running to timetables etc doesn't really suit my fishing although some say it'd be better than nothing,not for me.As for walking through town with a wheelbarrow loaded with fishing gear,fair play.........
  10. I know which are normally the most productive weather conditions and personally I find the low pressure systems in between the sustained high pressure the most productive.It sounds mad but I'd prefer to fish through a storm as I've had multiple hits during or just after thunderstorms/torrential rain. As soon as there is a drop in pressure,the fish seem to be more active.When there's lots of sun ie high pressure they lethargically cruise around the surface layers as soon as the weather changes so does the fish's activity. Like a lot of related topics these are only opinions and not set in stone.
  11. No doubt it is harder than in the summer but the banks are quieter and the fish are normally up in weight with looks to match.
  12. More than enough unless stalking....I find I carry very little that I don't actually use during the course of a session,be that 24hr or a week.
  13. Wouldn't even contemplate using public transport for getting to any lakes,the whole system is a complete nightmare.See enough mothers struggling with their buggies let alone even a scaled down amount of fishing gear......
  14. I use egg albumen to harden my hookbaits
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