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  1. A 48!! thats impressive for sure. suddenly feels really bad that we didnt get out the other week...hmm...but hey good to know they are in there right. i havent been proper carp fishing in so long now starting to get to me...but next year i'm going to set out and get some money together and have a travel around carp fishing, afterall in these big lakes there must be some amazing fish out there, that have never been caught, and i want those ones!! in england the lake i used to fish, i managed to catch 2 of the top 4 fish in the lake before i moved out here and that was a really pressured carp la
  2. any info. would be greatly appreciated. if i have to spend my summer in Montana i want to do it Carp Fishing!! i know of some carp down there and big carp at that but any lakes or anything where you guys fish for carp in montana preferably more northen montana would be awesome. thanks Simon.
  3. well the sad thing is that, we never made it over this weekend. we had planned to do it but then a few things came up and we decided against it at the last minute, which sucks. although i have found out some information on carp in montana, really looking into that right now.
  4. so i never did find any great big pieces of info out about Okanagan, still working on it though....
  5. ok guys so seems like next weekend we will be back over for a couple of days. as we will only be there for a short time again any bits of info would be great once more, whats working and whats not etc. thanks SiMoN
  6. so almost that time of year when the carp rods get bends back in them hey...we are looking at fishing Okanagan but info on it seems to be not a lot so hmmm i dont know. i would like to go back to the river in sask that my kind of fishing in the sun and everything but again just having the time to get over there. we will see...but what about you guys??
  7. yeah that place sounds good i'll check that out for sure. what about any other places heard of any?? Also i might be coming back to sask around late august/september time next year i'll try to be there for at least 2 weeks maybe more, that sounds good??
  8. heyy i've heard that there is carp fishing in spokane?? does anyone know anything about that or can tell me of some places nearer to spokane to fish for carp? thanks SiMoN
  9. well its a nice place there in sask i was impressed. even though there were carp scales on the floor which is something i certainly havent ever seen. well im sure i'll get back there someday i'm looking into carp fishing in the spokane area right now as that is closer so if anyone knows anything let me know thanks SiMoN
  10. well that sounds good to me. we are pretty unprepared on the bait front right now but we will see what we can pull together in the next few days before we come over. are there any baits we cant use or does anything go?? but hey we will give it a shot we are used to fishing for highly pressured fish but then again we dont have any of our boilies with us so maybe gettin bait out might be a small problem for this trip. it would be nice to wink 1 or 2 out but be good just to get there have a look and get the feel for it over here. but again thanks for the information will help alot im sure
  11. so fishing in the lake it is then. do you see the carp jump and roll often? and how far do you cast out into the lake or is it all close to the margins? so pokeys tackle is in craven?? we are only going to spend a day a night and another day fishing so it wont be that long but hopefully long enough to work some things out and map some things out ready for next year when we will fish it alot more so hopefully we will catch a couple if we are lucky looking forward to it though either way. again thanks for the info.
  12. soo hows the fishing going?? its been a while so you guys must have been catching some crackers right?? and just to ask does Craven have a fishing tackle shop?? We are heading over to sask pretty soon and any final little tips and tricks and any last bits of information would all help o and also about night fishing worth a go??
  13. so the weather is nice out here at the moment the carp must be on or fairly near the surface right?? hows the fishing going?? and have you ever caught a mirror or fully scaled mirror from the river system or are all of the fish completely commons??
  14. 41lbs now thats a fish!! were coming for some of them and bigger!! and by the way can you tell me the closest place along the river system where u can catch carp from closest to alberta?? because the carp must swim through a big part of that system right?? some nice fish coming out...liking it
  15. mid twenties are always helpful well im going to do a 7 to 10 day session starting from friday as the lake record fish STILL hasnt come out and should be on the bank anyday now the second biggest fish came out last week at 35lbs 2oz which is the new lake record and the other fish should be about a pound maybe 2 bigger than that so im going to give it the best i can n just go for it before i move and looking forward in getting stuck into some canadian river carp well i hope you guys are still catching nice big fish ...tight lines...
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