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  1. It's a small lake 8 acres, with 15 swims, average depth 10ft ( the fish were caught on 8' Zigs) personally I put in 8 kgs boillie, and 20 kgs particle during 6 visits over the 2 weeks before opening. One bloke who lives local baited up every night for 3 weeks putting in 150kgs particle only. Others varied in quantiles but all of us were pre-baiting in some form. Stock levels really aren't known, general consensus is 1 X 40, 12 X 30's, and a decent head of back up 20's (who knows how many), other species almost none, 2 known cats, only 3 Tench have been caught it the past 3 years, and a few pike to 20lb. On the plus side you don't get bothered by anything non carp, on the downside it's not unusual to go 48 without a single bleep
  2. There's been a little lesson learn't on how not to pre-bait on one of my syndicates. 3 weeks ago we drew swims for the opening weekend after a 4 week closure following spawning. The lake opened Friday evening, and by Sunday morning they'd only been 3 fish out to 13 anglers and all 3 had been caught on Zigs. As is normal the bailiffs go out in a boat on a Sunday and check/empty the various cray pots, whilst near my swim I asked him to have a look on my spots (I'd baited 3 spots (2 rods), he said there was loads of bait there, and even 2 of the spots which are known for takes, were covered in uneaten bait (1 spot particle, the other just boillies). As he went around the lake it was the same everywhere, so between us we'd killed the fishing without knowing it, and wasted a lot of money in the process. It's certainly made me re-think my pre-baiting approach.
  3. if it's just pigeon conditioner pour boiling water over it and just leave it. Hemp etc always cooked first.
  4. I've always found the longer it ferments the better, I'm happy to leave the mix fermenting for a week before using it.
  5. I'll get a couple of tench and see
  6. I've got the V2 and it is good, goes up easily, comes down & packs away easily, has loads of room, however, my one bug bear is, having spent years working out their bivvys needed something to stop raining coming in the front door why didn't they put a peak on it. When it rains it's like I've gone back 5 years with the floor getting wet from the drips. TBH I lot like a numpty and make a peak with a golf umbrella strapped to the tension bar. No doubt V4 will have a peake
  7. The fish are still going strong. The only thing I would say is, even though I only feed them floating food they still have days where they rip the bottom to bits looking for god knows what, which leaves the water really cloudy for anything up to a week
  8. I'm missing the regular updates to this thread Have you given up?
  9. On one front I'm lucky here not a single known bream in the lake, 5 known tench, a few pike and loads of perch. What was good was when winding in the two rods on "my spot) both leads had fresh light green sweet smelling weed on them and both hook baits were clear (tiny PVA bag of PVA frendily hemp when cast). Made a call this morning and nothing came out whilst I'd gone (3 weeks now without a fish being hooked by anyone ) Roll on the spring
  10. Pulled off a couple of hours ago so only did 58 hours in the end nothing for me & 4 others on last night all blanked. Really strange we all thought the conditions were spot on and spaced ourselves will apart across the 15 acres but not even a single bleed for anyone. I'll just be doing days on a local now until the Spring.
  11. Walked around, but didn't see anything so have set up in the same swim, but trickled some baits into viewable areas of some other swims to keep an eye on
  12. Cheers for the input. The fish don't show often and it's quite a low stock of fish. I plan to have a walk around (there's unlikely to be anyone on there until Saturday as there's only 30 members)when I get there. On the last session the spot I fished was just off a gravel bar with weed about a foot either side of the spot, when I left I had a few casts with the marker and the spot was now about 2 foot clear of weed, so I guess fish had been in and done me
  13. 3kgs boilies (I only pay £5.50 a kg) the rest was particle, some tigers, and other bits
  14. Looking for opinions? I've been fishing a pretty hard venue and only had 1 run all year resulting in being cut off on a gravel bar. 3 weeks ago I found a nice area in 13' of water and over the 72 hours trickled in £55 worth of bait. I had planned to fish the same area Thursday to Sunday (last session of the year on this particular water); however, the forecast is a new SW wind with rain and lowish pressure ( probably the first time this year I'll be fishing in catching conditions) which will be hacking down to the other end of the lake which is narrow (70-80 yards across) and shallower (6-12'). Would you follow the wind or fishing your previously baited spot?
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