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    markspod reacted to nigewoodcock in First fish of the year   
    Had a couple of hours spare this afternoon some went down the lake for a bit with the rods.
    Literally 5 minutes after casting in the rig, over 3 spods of bait, the rod was off!
    I was just getting the second rod out the sleeve!!!! I used the same B5, black snail and B5 pellet mix again with the added liquid B5 food. Absolutely instant attraction to a bait that they must now be accepting as a good food source. Being the bailiff and only having a select few members on the lake, I know exactly what bait goes in and I'm the only one on essential. The weekly baiting I do, throughout the year including winter, is really paying off.

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    markspod reacted to nigewoodcock in Zig masters   

    As I mentioned before, I am no expert but I do use zigs a lot of the time in my angling. I have lost count the amount of times I would have blanked if I didn’t fish with zigs. I have also had lots of big hits using them. If I could only fish one tactic all year; zigs or standard bottom baits/pop ups, there is no doubt in my mind that the zigs would heavily outscore the standard set up come the end of the year.

     I have had a good think about how I could go about writing some information on how and why I use them but don’t want to bore you all with paragraph after paragraph of ramblings. There are so many variables to zigging, just like fishing on the bottom, if not more so. If I was to tell you that a capture of mine was caught on a zig, this could have been one of many guises that my zig fishing comes in. From one foot off the deck to 4 inches over depth. From feeding over the top of them to a one rod, single approach. Maybe even stalking or sat ‘twitching’ an adjustable zig by pulling the line back and forth a couple of inches!

    I will try to break things down into sections and will try and find some photos that I can illustrate things with. These may need adding later though, as and if I find them.

    Why? Where? When?

    It is well documented in the media and videos that carp spend most of their time ‘off’ the bottom. Great news for standard zig tactics and over depth zigs for surface feeding fish. But there are times when carp are feeding on the bottom that zigs can still be the only way to get a pick up. One of these is on a weedy lake like horseshoe. Fish love to feed in and amongst the weed but presenting a bottom bait or even a pop up, can prove almost impossible in some cases where the weed is just too thick or moving around. These feeding fish will move in and out of a spot that they are feeding on numerous times throughout the feeding spell. This is where a strategically placed zig can catch them off guard. Either placed on an entrance/exit route or even sitting just above the weed. I’ve had fish from Horseshoe on zigs that are only 8 inches high.

    My standard zig set up is a size 8, short shank hook mounted knotless knot on the fox Zig line. I have tried several different lines and most fall short in one way or another. The Fox line is by far the best and I use it in 12lb. I always start with a little 10mm foam ball that is half black and half white. The black sits underneath to form a silhouette against the brightness of the sky and the white on top so fish above it can pick it out easier as it shows up against the deep dark water or bottom. It is mounted tight to the hook but with the use of rig tube so that the bait can be sat slightly above the bend of the hook whilst still being tight against it. I also use a tiny piece of clear shrink tube to form a slight kicker. This allows the hook to be sat in a claw like position, ready to prick the bottom of a fish’s mouth if picked at.

    These are almost exclusively used in conjunction with lead clips so that I can quickly change between zigs and more standard rigs in double quick time. One exception of this is if I am using adjustable zigs. These are set up just like a marker rod. If you imagine the marker float as a fox clear bubble float and the hooklink coming off the top of it.

    On the subject of adjustables, I don’t just use these in very deep water. As Phil has eluded to earlier on, I have been known to stalk fish using adjustable zigs. Sometimes, the fish need that bait to be right in front of their mouth to get a take. I have watched this in very clear water and even ½ inch difference in height can mean getting  take or not. Fishing an adjustable lets you make these minute changes in an instant. If all the fish are swimming around with their backs just touching the surface, every one of their mouths will be at a different height due to the shape, size and type of mouth they have. Another thing an adjustable can allow is ‘twitching’ of the bait. A little bit of movement will sometimes provoke a bite when a static wouldn’t rouse any interest. This is especially useful in the spring and early summer when the fish may be feeding on fry!

    Back to a standard set up. I see people advocating the use of the lightest lead possible. I go completely the other way. You could be fishing with say an 8 foot zig. There is a lot of play in that hook link and I want the weight of that lead to really pull the hook into the flesh. As soon as this happens and it has done it’s job, I want the lead gone. This is another reason for using lead clips. A chap on my syndicate was saying he will only use a light lead as he doesn’t want the fish pivoting on the lead giving it a chance to shed the hook. As I explained to him, the fish are already moving so having that heavy lead pull down will generally see them bolt off and dump the lead, giving you one hell of a screamer of massive drop back at the same time!

    This leads nicely on to bite indication and line lay. I think it’s pretty obvious that a tight line are the order of the day when zigging. The majority of takes I get are, as said, screamers. These normally come with no prior warning. The fish are already moving when taking the bait. That could be away from you or towards you, hence the tight line allowing the biggest range of movement on the bobbin during a drop back.

    Another ‘non standard’ way of fishing them is over depth. This can give them something different to deal with other than a floater, with line all over the surface. I will only fish them around 4 inches over depth. This will give contact with the lead in the shortest space of time/distance. The more over depth (longer amount of line on top), the more aborted takes I seem to get. 4 inches seems to be the best option although sometimes, the bait just breaking the water will score more. Again, this is another time I would use an adjustable. Even casting six inches left or right of the same spot can be 4 or more inches’ difference in depth. That could be the difference in having a bait on top to having one 6 inches below the surface.

    I can honestly say that I have never spodded over zigs (other than Barston in the BCAC semi finals). If they are feeding mid water, they are there for a reason other than your sloppy spod! If I was to fish a very heavily stocked lake, as said, then I may change this and feed over them.

    There is a way that I have fed over them though. This is with Nash riser pellets. These are the best surface feed that I have ever come across. They can get the fish taking far quicker and with more confidence than bread or dog biscuits. As some of the pellets slowly sink, a zig placed just under the surface is a killer method. Most the time though, I will be fishing amongst a hatch, in a shoal of fry or, say in winter, fishing at a depth were the fish are comfortable. No need for bait in these situations.

    To finish, I will give you a few tips as bullet points.

    ·         Look for hatches. These can be given away by simple things like ducks supping the surface or birds swooping down to take the immerging creatures

    ·         Commit all three rods to them. If you think the fish aren’t on the bottom, why just fish one rod for them. Increase your chances by having 3 out there.

    ·         Keep busy. Changing depths, colours, areas you cast to etc etc.

    ·         Use a heavy lead. I favour 3 or more ounces

    ·         Bow string tight lines

    ·         Don’t ignore ‘twitching’ an adjustable

    ·         If your struggling to get a bite on the bottom but you know fish are there feeding, put on an 8 inch zig.

    ·         Don’t go too small on the hooks or too light in the line breaking strain.


    I hope this helps a few of you convert to using them and I will gladly try and answer any questions you may have or expand on bits if required.
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    markspod reacted to salokcinnodrog in Tench fishing   
    The magic of tench fishing has me thinking again about past rewards and making the dream come true.
    The good thing with tench fishing is that it is pretty much scaled down carp fishing, although the magic of watching a float on a misty summer morning is always good.
    I managed a day out this week, and caught my first intended tench for a lot of years, strangely enough, as I said on scaled down carp tackle.
    A multi rig with an 8mm pop-up on its own accounted for a 4lb8oz male tench this week.
    I had to get the scales out as my estimation on other species is well out. I looked and reckoned on 3lb to start with, but decided to weigh it to be sure. Very happy when the scales went to 4lb plus.
    The ground baited area with Sweetcorn as bait stayed untouched which was a bit of a surprise. Think this lake will be worth some time on my short sessions as it has produced some double figure tench and bream in the past
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    markspod reacted to nealjt in Bayswater Essex   
    It's been awhile but all being well I should have another noddy update this Saturday [emoji39] woo hoo ! Luckily for me some travellers have parked in a field near the lake so everyone seems to be freaking out and not fishing, fingers crossed I'll have some choice of swim [emoji108]
    My only plans so far are that the wind is the same as when I last went so if I can I'll fish the other side of the lake and see what happens.
    I realise I can't give up on the place!
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    markspod reacted to snoozer in Prebaiting   
    Actually it was a comment made by you Steve when you were on one of your visits during the closed period, You noted the Carp were hard on the Bloodworm in the lake which got me thinking the only bait i use there is the Ghost so i had an idea to Glug some Ghost boilies in Bloodworm and try one on a rod see what occured.
    You guessed it the bloodworm rod lept into action, A total of 3 runs on that rod during the session.
    Ended up with all 3 on the Bloodworm glugged Ghost boilies with 6 runs to 3 fish on the bank with all 3 rods producing.
    I have learned quite quickly that Steve has years of experiance fishing here and it would be unwise to ignore his musings Had he not mentioned the Bloodworm fest i might have blanked
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    markspod reacted to salokcinnodrog in Prebaiting   
    On Nazeing the past few weeks I think the carp have been feeding almost exclusively on daphnia, and other fish spawn, so even though I have been prebaiting I think the carp have been ignoring the bait, although the bream and probably the Crays have been taking the prebaited foods. I am not sure how much other anglers have been baiting as I think many are wary of the Crays and are using plastic baits.
    My view is that every free boilie the carp get is a free bait so they will be more likely at some point to take my boilies on the hook.
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    markspod got a reaction from Carpbell_ll in Spod mix   
    if it's just pigeon conditioner pour boiling water over it and just leave it. Hemp etc always cooked first.
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    markspod reacted to salokcinnodrog in Spod mix   
    Why do you consider a spod mix is always wet?
    You can easily spod (or spomb) out a mix of dry pellets, groundbait and Boilies just as effectively
    In fact prepared particles can easily be added to groundbait, especially Vitalin, and thrown, catapulted, spodded or spombed out.
    Probably the easiest particles to prepare is known Pigeon Conditioning Mix, pour boiling water over it 12 hours before you use it, seal bucket or coolbox lid, job done.
    A 12.75kg bag of Pigeon Conditioner is around £12, so it is easily cheap enough.
    Going through some other points on this thread, Rod Hutchinson recommended rotting Maples as a bait, or even bait ingredient, from memory down to the enzymes, easy to reread The Carp Strikes Back, it is in one of the bait chapters.
    I wouldn't add salt to particles, personal view, salt is not a good ingredient to be putting into any bait, boilie, particle mix or groundbait, it stops protein use for growth, and slows blood flow down, there is plenty enough salt in the ingredients already without any addition. (There are various threads on salt in baits, and may be worth a read under the search).
    You can mix cook particles together, but you have to go with the cooking time for the longest particle ingredient, so hemp I can get split in a 10-15min boil, whereas maize I usually go 20-30 mins, so I would do them separately.
    It works better if the particles all have a similar cooking time.
    Leaving particles for a few days, they do bubble, yes it is fermentation, natural yeasts and sugars, leave them long enough you would have a lovely alcoholic drink, no need for added yeast as many fruits and seeds have yeasts.
    The bubbling is actually the yeast in action as they produce carbon dioxide.
    Some anglers prefer fresh particles, others slightly stale older mixes.
    What you define as funky may simply be slightly older particles that are not as fresh as out of boiling.
    Personally I prefer particles as fresh as I can get them, the only slightly off particle I ever really got to work for me was hemp. It turns slightly sticky, almost jelly like, and on one water I could not go wrong with it in that state.
    It is this reason I use a lot of Pigeon Conditioner when I'm fishing, with pellets and boilies added just before I put them in the water. I can prepare it the night before use on a long session. When I fished Ardleigh, I was doing my particles then adding Vitalin to them for straight balling in.
    Occasionally I caught carp over them, although that mix did produce a lot of bream!
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    markspod reacted to Carp Guy Steve in Spod mix   
    Thanks mark I had read and been told the longer you leave it the better.
    This is not going to be used until the first week in July.
    So all the fizzing and smelling a little funky is all good?
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    markspod reacted to newmarket in GoPro in my pond   
    Glad to hear it Mark . I'm told a couple of small Tench in the pond will keep the bottom free of any rotting food , any truth in that cos I believe my dear old dad did that years ago .
    Just didn't put it as politely as that
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    markspod reacted to nealjt in Bayswater Essex   
    yup am there tomorrow
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    markspod reacted to spr1985 in Bayswater Essex   
    The aliens scared us away [emoji13] I think it's just life getting in the way mark, Neal lives a good distance away and I work away a lot, but as Newmarket said Neal is down there over the weekend and I think I'll be there next weekend *fingers crossed*
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    markspod reacted to newmarket in Bayswater Essex   
    Neal's bl , I mean , fishing there tomorrow Mark
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    markspod got a reaction from nealjt in Bayswater Essex   
    I'm missing the regular updates to this thread Have you given up?
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    markspod reacted to nealjt in Bayswater Essex   
    Am on bacon duty this morning to earn my fishing allowance... think I went to far when the church goers were waiting for their rolls and I said "be patient, Jesus had to hang around a bit, so can you [emoji12] [emoji12]
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    markspod reacted to yonny in Zig rig   
    My take on zigs: I use zigs more and more each year and catch more as a result. Last year there were at least 2 sessions on which I would have blanked if it wasn't for the zigs. I don't always go straight under the surface like most do, in fact I normally start by splitting the depth into thirds and fishing one at the bottom of the middle third and one at the top of the middle third (particularly at night). Only on the brightest days do I pop one under the surface and even then it's only when there's a breeze on the water and I can see carp in the very upper layers. I don't find zigs are the answer when they're milling about on top on the hottest, calmest days.
    I use the Fox zig alingers with balck foam which are great over a hatch but have also had success on tiny bright 10 mm over-flavoured pop ups.
    I use lead clips with the smallest lead I can get away with. It pays to drop the lead (I'm not a fan of dropping leads but it's necessary with zigs - it's horrible playing them with a lead attached and I've dropped fish because of it).
    I avoid the pre-stretched zig lines, they have next to no abrasion resistance so can't deal with the weed in the Nene Valley - I discovered this the hard way. My mate put me onto X Line in 10 lb as a zig line and it's been absolutely brilliant.
    As said, the hardest bit about zigs is getting your head round it. I used to try it for an hour here and there but would think I was wasting a rod. It wasn't until I'd caught a few I dared keep them out for longer periods. The trick is to use them for a reason rather than for the sake of it - most guys only whack one out when they're struggling on the deck. I'll put them out where I know there should be carp (e.g. when I can see them from the trees, see a hatch, or can see them topping over bait but can't induce a take). I find chucking a zig at a showing fish is at least as effective as chucking a single (e.g. a pop up) at them, probably more so.
    They are very, very effective fished two thirds depth off the deck a meter or two off the entrance to any shallow areas or bays.
    Again, I find you need a breeze on the water, regardless of time of day or season, for them to work really effectively. I never put freebies out, just attracts the bird life.
    I still struggle to get my head round them a little bit - even if I've caught 4 on zigs and none off the deck I still refuse to put all the rods on zigs, I always need one on the deck. Crazy I know.
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    markspod reacted to Maniacjoe29 in suffolk water park   
    Aware this is an old thread however feel my history with the place will be of use to some... I learnt to fish on the canal when my grandad Trev was a bailiff, in that time I have fished every lake at the water park...
    Jacobs Creek: personally I've not done very well on the lake, it is extremely weedy and the fish appear to switch off for periods of time. The huts are nice but the train track is literally 30-50 metres from you which can be loud at night.
    Main lake: I've fished this so so many times, had dozens of nice pike (max 19lb), nice tench and even big bream however my time is focused on the carp... I've had 2 30's out of the big lake my biggest being 34lb 4Oz however I am focusing on carrot as my all out target! I tend to fish peg 6, 9, 14, 22, 28a, the car park swims BUT my favourite swim is 31... Fished to the right 80yards is an area which just works every time!
    Trad: my personal favourite for an enjoyable 24HR session, out of the way and some pretty fish.. I fish bobs where the carp tend to shoal up or the opposite end of the point swim 5 yards off the island is a natural water spring which can produce!
    M1: Mid summer all thats needed is one rod and some floaters however I fish one rod close in the margin and one 15 yards out when doing nights, confined to a choice of 3 or so swims in the trees.. Good fun for an overnight however I have had to bring my rods in twice as it was constant and had work the next day.
    M2; not much to say produced some nice fish and good fun but not a go too lake.
    M3(donut): nice for crucian and relaxed angling but like M2 makes more sense to fish M1 or trad
    Canal: haven't fished this since my grandad bailiffed the Waterpark... The. There was some good fishing from one rod in the float with maggots
    All in all I only fish the speci, trad and m1 now all just using Nutcracker 12mm boilees with stick mix and 4mm pellets in a mesh bag normally..
    Hope it helps and will say the park is very rewarding given a chance but also please be courteous to others... Im not antisocial however when on the bank that's the rare time I get to myself and I like the waters edge calm and quiet so don't feel the need to charge in etc.
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    markspod reacted to nealjt in Bayswater Essex   
    Copied from other thread for any more prospective searchers
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    markspod reacted to salokcinnodrog in Chod Rig and Bite Indication   
    But surely by fishing it slack, when there is reduced indication it is not fishing effectively or correctly anyway.
    Consider that line arc down to the lakebed on a tight line, it is fishing correctly then.
    It won't fish effectively at short range either, loss of indication or a high tight line, unless you fish it with the rig close to the lead.
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    markspod reacted to salokcinnodrog in Chod Rig and Bite Indication   
    I have seen fish take the bait on a Chod and move a long way on a slack line, especially when moving towards the angler. It is not until the lead moves that you get indication of a take, and if the line is slack, you can't get a drop back.
    If the fish moves away from the angler taking the lead with it then you get decent indication.
    Also with a slack line, (and any semi-fixed lead) you miss many indications, which could lead to the fish managing to eject the hook.
    you can say you've always had ripping takes, but how many have you missed that didn't take line?
    The point about subjective nature of the bottom forgets that at any range above about 40 metres, even with a tight line, the line will be laying pretty much on the lakebed anyway. It arcs down, unless the lake has a series of gravel bars between you and the bait, when the line will touch the top of a bar, then be tight to say the next bar.
    If there are no bars, the line will arc down then stay laying on the lakebed from that point. The rig and buoyant hookbait will then still be raised up off the lakebed as expected.
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    markspod reacted to admin in carp.com back on-line   
    We've had a lot of down time the past 3 to 4 days.
    As a result, we had to ditch our old server hosting company and move the site to a new server hosting company.
    We're almost done, we are on-line now, however, some people will still have access issues until DNS propagation completes, which can take up to 24 hour's.
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    markspod got a reaction from nealjt in Thursday 72 hours, follow the wind or not?   
    On one front I'm lucky here not a single known bream in the lake, 5 known tench, a few pike and loads of perch. 
    What was good was when winding in the two rods on "my spot) both leads had fresh light green sweet smelling weed on them and both hook baits were clear (tiny PVA bag of PVA frendily hemp when cast).
    Made a call this morning and nothing came out whilst I'd gone (3 weeks now without a fish being hooked by anyone )
    Roll on the spring
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    markspod reacted to emmcee in Thursday 72 hours, follow the wind or not?   
    have a good walk round regardless of where you have baited or where wind is blowing. if it was me and i saw no signs of carp then id go to the baited swim for a night and then take another walk round the next day.
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    markspod reacted to snoozer in Rods up in the air or flat to the ground??   
    I like to get mine as low down as possible without having to get on my hands and knees to make fine adjustments.
    I do however prefer my tips in the water especially this time of year with so many leaves blowing against the lines causing the odd bleep when i'm trying to nod off.

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    markspod reacted to adamkitson in Thursday 72 hours, follow the wind or not?   
    The fact that you put the bait in wouldn't make me want to fish the same spot, it would make me want to fish the same bait! Chances are any fish coming across your bait that had a free feed last time will eat it again, but if no fish see your bait it's irrelevant! I would fish the same bait but aim, as always, to put it in front of as many fish as you can.
    Of course that doesn't nessesarily mean fish into the wind, it means fish where the fish are. Always possible they'll be on the back of the wind. Also I assume you've fed boillies? pre bait anywhere in my opinion with boillies. It's more about getting the fish to see your bait as a safe food source anywhere in the lake than just in one spot.
    Good luck! Hope you catch! I'm out on Friday too. Hoping not to get blown away. I fear it may be letter box bivvy setups for the weekend!
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