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    markspod reacted to chillfactor in GoPro in my pond   
    They look great bits of kit the Gopro cameras.
    Are you sure the biggest is only 4lb mark ? A couple of them look bigger than that .
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    markspod got a reaction from chillfactor in GoPro in my pond   
    Here's my first attempt with my GoPro http://youtu.be/A2l3fYwCUmo?a
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    markspod reacted to TM1985 in GoPro in my pond   
    Thats class what GoPro you got mate?
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    markspod reacted to bivvystreet in Creating feeding spot.   
    Being new to carping and not really using a lot of particles this approach is totally alien to me which is why I'm interested in seeing this done,it's also something different to the usual YouTube carp vids
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    markspod reacted to salokcinnodrog in Creating feeding spot.   
    You mention that your freebies are quite a way away from the baited rig, I actually think in most cases the freebies are well away from any freebies, unless the rig and free bait is PVA'd together on the cast. This is something that may be worth doing, even if you get the baited rig in place with a baiting spoon, or heaven forbid a bait boat.
    Definitely when spod/spombing, the bait spreads out as it drops, so what may be tight together as it hits the water is well spread by the time it reaches the lakebed, smaller particles bring spread further out by any current away from the hookbait, hence my liking to put a bit of bait attached to the hookbait. You can actually see this, even in shallow water if you are baiting up by hand in the margins, or if out in the main lake, and you have access, a boat or dinghy.
    I've never been 100% sure of creating a feeding spot with bait. If the fish visit the area naturally, then they'll likely pick up bait in that spot, but unless they feed there normally, can be very wary.
    It may be that to some extent we create feeding spots, heavy baiting on gravel bars, plateaus etc, but I think by creating a spot, the fish aren't always that confident, so I prefer to find and fish natural feeding spots, be that bloodworm beds, (small) mussel patches.
    There is a but in that though; if we create a spot, and then other creatures may come in on it, bugs, mussels, crays, snails and the like, then the carp may start feeding naturally on them, giving rise to potential confident feeding.
    I would be very interested in long term results though
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    markspod reacted to bivvystreet in Creating feeding spot.   
    I'll be interested to see these for sure
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    markspod reacted to newmarket in essential baits   
    Thanks to my recent good fortune in the bookies i'm now in a position to buy some boilies for the coming year and i was torn between Premier baits and Essential .
    It was a close run thing , and the prices came out roughly the same taking into account the Essential deal being free postage .
    So .... Following a couple of email conversations , i received a message from Mike Willmott this morning recommending the B5 for my particular situation .
    I'm going to order 30 kg of it and i'm thrilled that such a great Carp Angler and imo bait expert has taken the trouble to reply personally .
    Now i cant wait for the spring to start introducing it
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    markspod reacted to newmarket in Anyone used nutra baits trigga?!   
    Dunno what happened there lol .
    Yeh mate i champion CC Moore quite a bit for the precise reasons that mr Emm has put forward but its only ever in a boilie thread or if somebody is after a boilie recommendation .
    I've emailed them loadsa times for baiting advice and steve has always been very very helpful so i wont have a bad word against em except that they are so damned expensive .
    You know , i'd probably use any established boilie if the price was right tbh .
    I doubt if theres many bad baits about nowadays but you do have to take their word as to its content etc so i would always use an established firm .
    I went on the XXX in the first place because Gaz Fareham used it successfully at the time and because i got an incredible deal on it othrwise i probably would have gone elsewhere .
    I couldnt put em up against your particle approach CM because there is no comparison is there ?
    Different if you was telling everyone that green giant corn is sh ite we have to use icelands corn instead or whatever.
    You dont get told off mate & if you do its only tongue in cheek anyway .
    I wanna start a chat about this hybrid boilie now . Been about for ages i hear but i only fiund out about it yesterday & its wound me up a little bit in traditional Mainline fashion grrrr :)
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    markspod reacted to Ddgx in GoPro in my pond   
    You rescued them, That's cool! Yeah be good to see them getting on the grub.
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    markspod reacted to salokcinnodrog in Anyone used nutra baits trigga?!   
    While I would agree most 'fishmeal only' baits are not good in winter, I will say when I was using it, it worked all the way through the year. I had tweaked the base slightly with an added flavour, a cajouser and increased Betaine HCl, and it did work very well.
    As for cost, I'm pretty positive that Nutrabaits stick to high quality ingredients, and the price reflects this. May not be the cheapest, but it doesn't include ingredients that have been taken off the shelf from a food supplier cos they are out of date. Mmmm, maiy like to think about that...
    Joe Angler? I may be he.
    Buying my bait, (base mix, eggs, and extras)
    As I said 4 blanks in 2 years of fishing the bait all the way through, a kilo at the most being put in the syndicate lake each week when I left, so kind of pre-baited. That is summer, autumn and winter, and the biggest fish on it was caught in a February 2night session as part of a 2 fish catch, a big 25+ common, and an upper double common.
    I had nights with multiple takes, up to 8fish in a single night, and a number of nights with multiple 20lb+ captures.
    Trigga? I rate it!
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    markspod reacted to newmarket in GoPro in my pond   
    Good stuff ! Nosey [censored]s aint they ?
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    markspod reacted to Ddgx in GoPro in my pond   
    Great! Inquisitive in your pond aren't they!
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    markspod reacted to dalthegooner in essential baits   
    You sunk my battleship
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    markspod reacted to nigewoodcock in essential baits   
    As a few of you are aware, I use a lot of Essential Baits products. I just thought you might like to know, if you don't already, that they currently have their winter sale on at the moment. You can pick up B5, black snail etc from just £6.25 per Kg. That is an awesome price for one of the best baits out there. They are rolled in house and sent out fresh ready for freezing or drying.
    If you need to stock up for the spring, now is the time to do it!!!! I can't recommend them highly enough - not just the bait but the company as well. They are as integral as they come.
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    markspod reacted to blanksalot in December catches   
    A new p.b for my son today at 24.8 

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    markspod reacted to dayvid in November catches   
    Quick overnighter last weekend Sat 29 Nov , Fished a club lake ,a relatively shallow lake and because of the warm sun we had all day i changed to this venue as i was going somewhere else in totally the opposite direction.
    Results   24lb/4oz Common,,,,,15lb Common.... 18lb Mirror and roughly a 12lb Common...in that order
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    markspod reacted to newmarket in Pva products....   
    Mark i used it all through last winter without a problem mate , though the lake never looked like freezing ?
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    markspod reacted to bivvystreet in November catches   
    well in sir
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    markspod reacted to johnplumb in November catches   
    If your already damp stick with it , you know you want to . Well done on the 17
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    markspod reacted to johnplumb in November catches   
    Good on you Mark
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    markspod reacted to getinthere in November catches   
    Nice one Mark.  I'm on for a 36 hour session on Saturday & Sunday, and thanks to tips and rig info from you guys, I'm feeling confident I can break this blank period, and finally catch a carp, at least I know my first fish will be my PB
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    markspod reacted to newmarket in November catches   
    Nicely done mark
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    markspod reacted to muftyboy in Ddaps   
    Cheers dal.
    I might be wrong but I think you can now fish sutton at night, the time restrictions are on Devons Rd and presidents lake according to the website.
    I used to fish brooklands as a kid too, had some great perch out of there.
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    markspod reacted to johnplumb in November catches   
    Hope no one minds but I'll start off with a 31 lb common a new pb caught on maggots last night , had a low double later on ,
    The lake has been fishing very slow with no fish over 20 being caught for 10 days , decided to keep baiting up a corner of an island and by the time the fish came had probaly put down around 10 pints of maggots , nice when a plan works .
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    markspod reacted to delboy58 in sunrise over commonwood   
    Just been going through my pictures and found this one from last year,it was taken the morning after i landed my pb common of 30lb at commonwood

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