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  1. In the same boat as OP, advice needed. Would quit like to catch some high doubles, maybe even 20's. Dont have the skill set for the much tougher specimen lakes yet.
  2. Im in the WM looking for a night fishing venue, but Im relatively inexperienced so not looking for somewhere too difficult. Would like a good shot at landing an upper double, maybe even a 20. Any suggestions?
  3. Hi mate, I was looking for similar recently having not fished for about 5 years. Stumbled across Sherwood Fishery while on a break with the missus and it has been fantastic, so good that every weekend since weve gone back(despite it being 60 miles away) and never failed to catch less than 30 fish between the 2 of us(over 50 on good days), ranging from 2lb to 16lb. If you do go... Sherwood lake is apparently a Specimen lake, but there are a lot of carp under 5lb in there, then obviously a few 15-20lb. I find it frustrating on there, you can catch 30 fish and not 1 double. Holmedale lake is the best lake to be on, you catch more ad they are bigger on average(6-12lb mostly), but its often matched up, you would have to call first to see if theres any pegs. They do have some info on their website and August is relatively clear according to that but I would call first if I was you(I still do every week) Lots of parking options, real friendly place, I will be taking my nephew at some point in the next month as I think its ideal for him to learn. Weve been doing extremely well on the surface, with bread and mixers. But you cant loose feed surface bait. On the bottom luncheon meat and pellet is best.
  4. We ended up going to Sherwood Fishery close to Mansfield(about 60 miles). One straight road up the A38, leaving at 5.30am and setting back at 9.30pm the roads are clear and we do it in about an hour. Caught around 35 fish between us, I had 17, 15 of which on the surface. The 2 on the bottom were only 2-3lb, the rest were 5-12lb. Nothing but good experience for a novice like me though. A year of this and I reckon I will be ok to move onto something a bit more difficult. I had started carp fishing when a friend introduced me to it and took me straight to the specimen lakes at Shatterford(under his supervision obviously). I found it way too hard though and was demoralised by constant blanking. I never went for 5 years. Doing it the right way this time. Loved it at Sherwood, cant wait to get back there!
  5. Hi guys, planning a trip for either all day Sunday or 24 hours starting Sunday through Monday. 2 of us fishing of different experience, so Ideally would like some easy water for good action for me(the weaker one), and a chance at some 20+(maybe even 30 if we're lucky) for him. I need to build up my experience, so a place with plenty of action is really a must. From West Mids but willing to drive a reasonable distance(60 miles or so). Maybe further if necessary.
  6. Very nice, will check those out. (YouTube and fishery)
  7. Thanks, thats on the list So far Ive got... Hopsford Hall Pitsford Fishery Wildmoor Waters Willesley Lake Butlers Hill Chorley Springs. And currently google earthing to find a place I once fished in Coventry. I cannot for the life of me remember what its called. Ive been searching for over an hour now. All I can remember is that it was almost like 2 small lakes side by side that linked in the middle with a small bridge over the joining stream. It was off a main road(would help if I could work out which one obviously) and it was featured in Anglers Mail about 8 years ago, lol I remember you could drive all the way around the lake and park up almost at your swim. I think it was on some kind of farm land but that could be wrong(its been a long time). So almost no chance of finding it.
  8. Thanks for the help sisco. I appreciate it. Had a quick skim through on the West Mids section there and its hard to find a carp night fishing spot.(havent read them all yet) So far really like the look of Baden Hall, but a bit confused as to whether or not you can night fish there. "Baden Hall's 24-hour day ticket Quarry big carp water..." Thats from their website but on the price list it only lists prices for day tickets. Anyone any experience of the place?
  9. Its been a long long time since I went fishing... Life took over and I had to give it up, as I was just starting to get really into it. Friends and family often offer to take me along on their next trip and recently took up an offer and low and behold Im hooked(again). Im pretty much a beginner(was before too), the little I learnt some 6-8 years ago has been lost. Im looking for a nice easy water, just to get me back into the swing of things. My old water was always Shatterford, always blanked on the specemin lakes there. Always enjoyed the Stuarts pool though, was ideal back then. Plenty of action 6-12lb range. We fished that this weekend and got to say I was really dissapointed with the place. The landscape has been left to grow wild where it was once beautiful. The lake didnt look half what I remember. I remember it being a place of beauty, really clean and well looked after. Maybe Im remembering through rose tinted specs but I was dissapointed with the place. We did catch however. Only the 3 between us. Just 1 for me. 4lb Mirror that looked absolutely stunning in all honesty. I was so happy just to be netting a fish again, then for it to be such a beautiful creature was a massive bonus. Fishing partner had 2 fish, 12lb Common and 13lb Mirror, both on the surface. All 3 fish were caught between 4.30am and 6am. After that it just died off again. We were more than happy, because theres didnt seem to be any action on either of the 2 pools we could see. Yea so I loved the experience(despite being covered in spots and bites since), but I think its time to give somewhere else a try, Im in the West Mids, looking to find some fairly easy water(need the experience/confidence) that I can night fish. Happy to drive 60 ish miles. Planning to find a decent syndicate once Ive gotten a bit more experience. Any help would be appreciated.
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