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  1. take a look at the carpzone barrow, just as good as anything twice the price
  2. went there a few years ago when the fished averaged mid to upper 20s and a few 30s thrown in. the fish since then seem to have piled on the weight and looking at jims blog there are lots of 40s and 50s to be had now. the lake itself is stunning, food package is amazing and jim and jimmy will do everything to help you catch. very good water indeed it'll be a lot harder to fish now than when i went mind due to the fish sizes but there are some lumps in there now
  3. thanks everyone for coming back to me, after looking long and hard at lots of venues that could cater for 7+ people i finally managed to book onto bounty lakes. seems to have everything we are after and that was the place the guys felt would be best for us. thanks again for everyones input though lots of great looking venues on there and if the mrs allows me two trips next year ive got plenty of choice
  4. take a look at defiant mps gear, cannot fault the stuff keith makes and its far superior to more expensive brands out there for bobbins and bansticks
  5. hi everyone, ive been given the task of finding a suitable water in 2013. our group will be between 4 and 8 people depending on costs and availability etc. also the group has a couple of novices i.e. used to fishing commercial uk waters catching lots of 10-15lb fish and we also have some more experienced carp anglers who have fairly good water craft knowledge etc. none of us are experts so we dont really want to be going somewhere were we will be catching 1 or 2 fish a week. i suppose we are after a venue that can offer easy fishing for one half of the group but also a decent size stamp of fish for the more experienced in the group i.e. 30lb fish with chance of a 40 we will also be wanting to go to a venue that offers all inclusive option and it would be ideal if there was also tackle hire. any ideas? thanks stephen
  6. just a quick question on the gardner bug and muddy waters indicators. is there any reason these have to be laying on the floor when slack line fishing and the korda stow indicators can hang mid air? i dont seem to understand why the stow indicators can hang mid air and the others cant doesnt seem to make sense. anyone want to shed any light?
  7. cheers leggs, any certain types of rigs or would a standard flurocarbon/braid combi rig be fine? i heard they killed off the weed in hunts or is that just a myth ?
  8. hi chaps, off to linear fisheries in a week or so, hopefully get on hunts corner. never fished the lake myself so just wondering if anyone can give me some tips. bait waise should i stick with boilies or look at maize and tiger nuts? baiting wise is it a single hook bait place, pva bags or spodding type of water? cheers stephen
  9. zander, when you say use a wide gape hook and a small loop, i cant picture this. are you saying tie the hook to the fluro with a loop type knot like you would at the swivel end for using quick change swivels?
  10. i must sound really thick here, wouldnt the hair just unravel as its not tied to anything? not sure if i have got this right but from what i made out i would tie fluro to my hook with a grinner knot or blood knot. then i make my hair with some braid and whip the braid around the hook like you would with a knotless knot. what is there to stop the braid from just unwhipping itself off the hook shank?
  11. maybe a daft question but i still want to use a full fluro hooklength but the actual hair i would like to use a supple braid. how do i tie the hair to the hook? i know i can use the combi rig but this means having part of my actual hooklength as braid, i would prefer to have all fluro hooklength and just the hair itself as braid, any ideas?
  12. beanz i will try that knot, hopefully it will sort my rigs out
  13. hi nash_gadgeteer, i tend to use the fox arma points too. i tried tying up a full fluro rig with a fox ssc hook and even after straightening the flurocarbon the hook was turning in on itself too much. it seems to be when i tie the knotless knot and put the fluro back through the eye the hook is pushed virtually to a 90 degrees angle which just looks odd. i was thinking of using a different type of hook maybe something with an outturned eye like a chod hook but im not sure these would be great with bottom baits?
  14. just about to buy some fox illusion xs mainline and i dont know whether to get 15lb or 18lb. i will be fishing places like linear fisheries and wyreside. i know if i was going for x line ive been told to get 17lb is this the case for the fox illusion too?
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