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    Can't read,can't write,cant even speak proper.But I do come from Hampshire and I can drive a Tractor
  1. All this talk of lead polluting the water I can't really see it as Lead oxidises. Once the lead has oxidised then it protects the lead from the elements and doesn't breakdown into smaller particles unlike iron or steel in the form of rust. Having said that I personally don't feel the need to lose a lead every time I catch a fish.
  2. As the title says I'm after some cheap decent alarms as there's a few out there the reason why I'm after some is because my Delkims are starting to play up not done bad seeing as I bought them circa 93-94. I only want them( if mine can be repaired) just to see me through while mine are rerepaired if not then I'll have to treat myself to a new set. Cheers boys
  3. Was talking on the bank the other night and it got round to bait to cut along story short I was told that I was wrong as I always prepare any particle bait before I put it in a blender and that includes hemp, just wondering what do you guys think whose right whose wrong
  4. Going tomorrow night the Twin-Powers have been dusted off along with the Shimano 3500's oh and the old skool Delkims
  5. Hi all, after a couple of years away from carp fishing I've decided to have another go at it and was wondering what was considered to be essential in your tackle box as far as terminal tackle eg hooks and hooklink material. I'm asking this so as I don't go and waste any money on gimicks I have a rough idea as to what I want / need. I know that one man junk is another mans treasure but like I said what do you consider important/essential
  6. ]is this the small resevoir near to the river?? Yes mate it is,the one with more lillies and weed than water.A real challenge
  7. Used to fish this place 17 odd years ago was a very hard lake for it's size, it was always best if you could get out onto the island and fish off of there as you wouldn't be bothered by idiots at night.It always used to fish well if you pre-baited with particles and then fished a boilie over that.The last time I fished it I used a 20mm pellet soaked in red venom got a take but didn't get it in I often walk round it with the dog and although it lokks weedy/full of lilies there are a few holes to fish to. Also if you do decide to wade across to the island just be careful of the silt it's pr
  8. Thanks for the info and all those who have contributed to this topic. I did think as much and is the reason why they were put into the bin It was interesting to see what sort of response I'd get over this sort of question and to see what people would do in this type of situation. It's funny how things go off on a tangent with just the smallest thing to put the topic off course. And as far as the Mickey taking goes been called a lot worse and had a lot worse said about me so I just take it as it was intended,light hearted banter. Just remember though that revenge is a dish best served cold
  9. eh??????????? meaning whats this got to with my question I know it's spelt wrong but it's been wrong for 5 years anyway what would you with some old pellets you found in your shed
  10. Just been in to my shed and whilst raking around found a bucket with some mixed pellets in it.The thing is I can't remember using them for about 2 years I was going to throw them away but they don't smell as if they've gone off but I was wondering that although they don't smell would the oil have gone rancid and would you use them
  11. Also the shape of your bait will help if it's a flat/ small bait it's less likely to sink in to the silt but as moorsey says the fish will feed and root around in the silt
  12. Hi Don't know if it'll help but I used to fish a small silty lake years ago tried loads of ways to stop the hookbait being buried in the silt.One way is to just freeline your bait, if you need to get out a bit further try using a leadcore leader, if you don't/can't do this then I think it's best to determine the depth of the silt this can be done by putting some white/light coloured wool along your line and casting to the area (if possible the best way is to cast straight up so the lead comes straight down on the patch of silt) if it's not to deep then you can just use a long hook-length.If i
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