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  1. twotricky

    lac de paix france

    yer make you right so here goes again LOL www.lacdepaix.com is that better
  2. twotricky

    lac de paix france

    no little bit weed but we were treating it last season and keep on top of it, but like any lake you need a bit in the lake. Regards Richard & Danny hi yes there is www.lacdeoaix.com you can also go on F/B to have a look also there is a drone video . tight lines Richard & Danny
  3. twotricky

    lac de paix france

    yer I know what you mean that's why we only had 4 fishing we paid £1200 a few years back all exclusive, before we took the lake over then they put the price up to £1400 so we stopped going that's why we have kept the price down, for me and my son Danny its not all about the money like a lot of fishery's, we are currently trying to get some high protein boilies made up for the lake, but we do sell cell at the lake which has proven to be a winner price is 60 euros for 5 kilos or 100 euros for 10 kilos, As fare as the tolls are concerned its two tolls one is around 22.40euros the other one is 7.60 for a car I can get to the lake in just over 3 hours 3 1/2 hours on a steady drive. regards Richard
  4. twotricky

    lac de paix france

  5. twotricky

    lac de paix france

    Hi Rob we don't right now but through popular demand we are going to start from this season so yes we will. it can be begets to your bivvies' or a full English at the lodge we are at this time sorting a menu out for those that do.
  6. twotricky

    lac de paix france

    hi Rob at this time we are only doing lake exclusive as we recommend the use of bait boats Plus the full use of the kitchen, thanks for your comments tight lines. regards Richard ps The most carp caught in one week was 2237lb 30+ 40+ 50+ biggest being 58.3oz hopping to hit the sixties soon as we have now started using high protein feed and we are now having boilies made specially for the lake. we have kept the price down compared to other lakes in France for this reason. That's right when my son and I were going to France we were paying around the £400 each just 4 of us. the best thing is you don't have to be on your rods night and day if you want to sit up at the lodge for me that's not a problem as its with in striking distance of your rods only two swims that are to fare away so you can have some good socials.
  7. twotricky

    lac de paix france

    hi just to give you the heads up, we are now into our 3rd season and have done much work at lac de paix france we are now seeing big catch reports coming out we introduced 30 new carp last year 25lb plus a further 15 carp 25- 30lb in January this year over 2000lb of carp in one week so its looking up biggest coming out 58lb but sure there are bigger carp to be had, mainline cell seems to being the bait they are going for, for anyone that has booked tips, spoding does not work keep the bait tight slack lines bait boats best way to go with some spod mix with a little hemp we can make it up for you if you bring your own must be in sealed containers we supply weigh slings and cradles we can also supply cell on request to make life easy for you, full kitchen for your use. have a look on FB tight lines to from lac de paix Richard & danny 3 1/2 hours from calais
  8. twotricky

    lac de paix

    hi all just to let you know scarper carper or its old name of lac de paix has been taken over by my self and son Daniel and Richard Marshall we have gone back to its original name of lac de Paix we have been doing extensive work in and around the lake including fitting a new kitchen. www.lacdepaix.com.
  9. hi all does anybody know of any syndicate water in the Essex area that is reasonably priced. I am based near to Romford and Have just dropped out of my old club after 4 yrs just needed a change but found that its not that easy to find a good lake for under £250. As I really only get out 1-2 a month if I am lucky. but it seem`s a bit costly. I under stand that having a carp lake you want to make money, but it seem`s that carp fisheries`s seem to be going down the same road as football pricing them self out of the market do they all think that we are all made of money ? anyway that my moan for the year tight line`s all 2tricky