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  1. There are no carp shops in Forida, you might be able to find a few bits and bobs in the saltwater shops on the coast or at a Bass Pro or Cabelas. However the only three actual carp tackle shops (with real shops that is) in the USA are in Chicago, on the St Lawrence near Waddington and Oklahoma. There are at least 15 online carp tackle stores based in the USA too
  2. Hey Jim - are you the same Jim West who fished the ATC with Baitboat Charlie a few years back?
  3. There are some places to fish for carp around houston, better though to take a drive up to Austin and fish that area as there are much larger carp around there. As for gear I am afraid without it you are pretty stuck, no one rents carp gear here in the USA (it's just not a popular enough sport). If you message me your contact info I will try and get you hooked up with some of the carpers I know down that way, they may be able to lend you gear and show you places too.
  4. And I have been fishing that way since before I left the UK over 10 years ago.
  5. Pete - generally not, and you are also unlikely to find many good carp hooks.
  6. Try the Columbia where it drops down into the USA. If anyone else has infor on B.C. lakes etc I would love to get some as it's one of those places I intend to explore soon.
  7. Simon - there is a likelyhood that the CAG will be having a get together on one of the Northern Washington lakes this summer (venue undecided at the moment). If you PM me your info (email, phone or carrier pigeon) I will try to remember to send you updates as I get them.
  8. Try Wacker Baits - you can PM me for the web site address.
  9. The only big tournament I know of around that time of year is the CAG's Austin Team Championships (in Austin TX). Will check with some of the NC guys to see if they have heard anything. I do know that later in 2007 there will be a fairly big tournament out here in CA - more to come. Keith
  10. Chloraphyll is not a flavour it is a chemical that allows the plant to photosynthesis. Not something that attracts the carp.
  11. Chloraphyll is not a flavour it is a chemical that allows the plant to photosynthesis. Not something that attracts the carp.
  12. It will be around September. PM me the details
  13. Cool - I might be working up that way later this year, will remember to bring my stuff
  14. All Users of this forum - this is a reminder that this site is about Carp Fishing and threads about or containing references to bowhunting (or bowfishing) will not be tolerated - I will delete them without explanation or compunction. Keith Thompson
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