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  1. Did u catch any nick? They look like decent sized planes aswell.
  2. good little vid you got going there mate, very well done to you. You done everything right and your definatly giving your age group a good image
  3. Thats quite hard to believe- it seems too much like a frank spencer clip!
  4. Oh! Iv just thought of a funny moment! I was pike fishing a couple of years ago and it was going good, landing a few pike from my river. Anyway after a dodgy cast on my friends behalf a dead bait went up into a tree and was kind of suspended over the river by a branch really high up. All he could do was wind in line and let it go again to avoid a worse snag in the branch. After having a faff around with lifting the bait up and down (like a pully system) more and more rowing boats crammed into the river. As a boat came near to my friend, he paniced and tried to reel in the bait
  5. :D Im going to have to try some of these
  6. Thats class! Keep these stories comin, Im laughin so much! I cant remember any funny ones, apart from when I first started out. I once fell into my seatbox because some one put the lid up- all my stuff went everywhere and I looked like such a D*ck head! and I was setting up by a river and I went to cast- drew the rod back over my head and a women walked by on the footpath and it hooked her coat- she kept on walking as I was calling but she didnt hear and eventually after a lot of fun chasing my line snapped!
  7. buy those safety links that u put onto your hooks so when you get snagged the hooks will pull off leaving you with your lure
  8. My favourites all the way are the big s lures however id recommend buying a jointed runt by fox. These are leathal at this time of the year along with any time. They arn't too expensive but they are good and a few quid spent on one of them will go a long way.
  9. yellow for me- sweetcorn plain n simple
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