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  1. Thanks for the responses, so the 2 mag wheel? After reading numerous books what mention nevilles not once does it mention false beeps and they are fishing in terrible conditions. I must be a noddy or i have overly sensitive alarms
  2. How many mags in the rollers? I had the same issue until i changed to 2 mag. It was the 4 mag ones, i have seen plenty of people with their tips on pits without a single false beep yet mine go mental!
  3. Just wondering lads how you get on with false beeps with the nevs for example if you can't sink your rod tips? I stopped using mine because any sort of cross wind was driving me insane!
  4. Go away Moses from byron bay, here is an interesting fact it is against the law to record tv programs and music off the radio..but i am sure you do it. Far as i am concerned you can can't be forced to kill anything!
  5. Wow garlic on the hair! I have never heard of that before, but i suppose their are heaps of bait that can catch. I am thinking probably winter would be a good time for something like that.
  6. The little mirrors are lovely
  7. Thank you gentlemen for the responses, nails you are right and it was a complete shock to see that last night. Whats more frustrating is one of the rods had no bait when i reeled up...i wonder how many hours were wasted.
  8. After todays session i have reeled up to find both rigs tangled and both baits chopped pretty badly from what i suspect are crayfish. Normally this has not been a problem before because the lake was thought to be free of them. I am worried that my baits will be destroyed everytime now. Can anyone give me any hints on how to tackle this problem?
  9. This will sound naff but i would still stay with my trusty Shimano Lc's
  10. That's a shame mate that people are doing that especially when you thought it was a nice and quiet place!
  11. Daiwa G-point super heavy, the best hooks i have used
  12. Shimano Big LC'S, tough as anything and perfect for all water fishing. I bought mine for 130 quid in the uk and recently bought another. However i checked around in oz and the average asking pirce was $320 to $399! I had them sitting on my door for about $100 cheaper then the lowest asking price! I also use Ultegra 12000XTA' s as well on my spod and marker set ups. brilliant reel!
  13. Shimano Ultegra 12000 XTA, one slight turn and you can pay off line as simple as you like!
  14. Basically it's really the sample principle, just 2 names for essentially the same thing. Th easiest way of looking at there is front baitrunner and rear baitrunner but by saying that these terms were used for shimano reels and then there QD quick drag which is similar to the front baitrunner feature. If you don't have it then it's a case of slackening the drag knob off until the desired tension is reached. Front baitrunner basically has 2 dials together, the larger one is to move from freespool to the preset drag (if any). The smaller one inside the larger one is to set the drag. QD same as point one really but slight variations depending on the manufacturer. Rear Baitrunner- Using my Shimano Lc's as an example you have the front dial on the spool to adjust your drag setting and one behind the reel to adjust the tension of the spool whilst in freespool. Of course there are alot variables to factor in i.e. rig being fished, etc. If you are fishing snags or close to weed then throw all the above out because you want everything as tight as it can go and then sit right on those rods as takes when fishing locked up are always fun
  15. seriously, the amount of rods i have seen over here that nearly get pulled in or at least off the rests on the take is ridiculous. The fish go like stink and 99% of them are like torpedos, long and lean. Then the clutch needs setting better or you can tell me where your fishing couldn't agree more mate. I've never lost a rod but i fish a very loose baitrunner, others fish with theres a little tight and whooshka the rod is gone. I've genuinely seen a guy dive in to the river at 3am after his rod, to his credit he got it and still landed the fish, it was like an episode of the crocodile hunter apart from the fact that steve Erwin didn't have me laying on the floor wetting myself with laughter in the background. As long as your rear rests are gripping tight should be no problems, my mate fishes locked up all the time no matter the situation and even on waters where fish tend to blast off all his takes involve the bobbin pulling tight and the fish staying on the spot until he lifts the rod. His theory is that with a slack spool the hook does not set as well and also the fact that he has lost a rod fishing slack baitrunners because the line was spewing off and looped around part of the reel.
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