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  1. Hi all ive been using a pair of Nash BR5's with my Dwarf rods with no problems for the last few years up till yesterday when the one just went kaput.So im looking a replacement set of baitrunner reels upto the £50 each mark.I dont go fishing loads due to personal circumstances but would still like something that isnt cheap and nasty.Ive seen some Daiwa Regal RG4000BR Bite N Runs recommended and actually found some for £50 each.Does anyone know if these would be any good?Any advice would be gratefully recieved cheers
  2. Hi everyone sorry if this topic has been done to death before but there are particular. requirements needed for this holiday. Myself and my partner,her daughter and partner and theyre 8yr old daughter are looking at a weeks angling holiday next may. I carp fish and my partners daughter,fella and daughter usually pole fish for smaller carp.So we are looking for somewhere that can accomodate both styles of fishing. Also my partner is in a wheelchair and registered diisabled so we need somewhere that is totally disabled accessable because my partner will be coming with me when im fish
  3. Just another couple of bivvys i know that have got positive reviews on other sites theres the http://www.carp-zone.co.uk/product/Shelters%20and%20Bivvies/CZ037/Carp%20Zone%20-%20Carp%20Fishing%20Hurricane%20TWO%20Man%20Bivvy%20with%20Zip-in%20Front%20Panels or the http://www.cyprinus.co.uk/Products/Shelters-Bivvies/CypriMax-Range/Maxus-Bivvy
  4. Just googled it and found this but i dont know how upto date it is http://www.total-fishing.com/Fisheries.aspx?Category=Coarse_Fishing_Stillwaters&ID=Packington_Somers__Meriden_Warks Its mentioned about halfway down says too ask at the lodge
  5. Hi everyone im on the lookout for a new unhooking mat and ive seen the Cyprinus Carp Mat Cradle Padded Euro Unhooking mat on a famous auction site Has anyone got one of these or are there any opinions on it?
  6. Ive been looking at stoves im only gonna be doing days so i was looking at the coleman sportser because it would be mainly for making drinks which ive been reading its perfect for but not so good for cooking meals on.Then i thought it might be useful having a stove that i could cook on as well just in case we have a power outage at home at any point so ive been thinking about getting a trangia set but ive also seen a gelert phoenix cookset which looks virtually the same but is cheaper but i cant find any info on it. Can anyone give me some advice?
  7. I dont think the carp is 50lb's the last i heard it came out at 42lb the waters called Goldendale and it is free too fish but i have heard it is really rough there.
  8. Hiya i googled fishing at alton towers and i came up with this article http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/carp-fishing-articles/carp-fishing-alton-towers.html Hope im not breaking any rules but using that link
  9. Hi everyone this is my 1st post. I moved to Stoke about 7 years ago to live with my disabled partner and was wondering whether there is anywhere localish too bucknall that i can fish. I did as in one of the local tackle shops and was basically treated like a little kid who didnt know what they were talking about. There is the trent and mersey canal about 5 mins away which would suit me because im used to canal carping but there are also a couple of park pools in Hanley but i dont seem too be able too get a lot of info about them. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated
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