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  1. A couple of shots of Guys 52lb mirror. You can see why it weighed over 50lbs........check out the width of the fish.
  2. 35lb Common 32lb Common
  3. Feed back on your trip please
  4. Good luck then mate. Please leave the big ones for us as we are probably fishing straight after you. Depending on what time you leave, we might cross paths.
  5. LOL, OOPS! Alright, for those who are struggling this morning (including me!) Like a Figure 3, but with Straight Edges, or turn the Capital E 180degrees, so that the End of the Lines point towards the Left hand edge of the Screen But surley it depends which bank you're standing on, it could be a back to front capital "E" or if you happened to be on the North bank it'd be an "M"... are you saying it's definitly not an "O" And if you was on the south bank, it would look like a 'W' This is quite interesting.....does anyone else fish a lake or pond in the shape of a letter??
  6. I'm confused?? An upside down capital 'E'. I have just turned this capital 'E' upside down at it still looks the same. How would you know your pond is upside down.
  7. You're most welcome, glad to be of service.
  8. Friendly sort eh? Just what to expect from a 'REDNECK'.
  9. When I am allowed 3 rods I usually fish both the margins, medium and long distance. Only reason for the long distance is an inviting island. Then, I suppose it's still the margins so to speak. Longest chuck for me would be about 80 to 90 yds. I don't fish any water where that would be exceeded. If circumstances prevail, all rods might only be cast much shorter distances. Too many anglers feel that if there is plenty of open water, they have to launch a bait to the far horizon. It may work on some waters, but it aint always the case. To sum up.......I hope to cast to where the fish are and so that might be an underarm lob, a meduim distance directly over the head job (for accuracy) or a rip roaring, over the shoulder, near rod breaking cast.
  10. I can see a laser working at night.............but what about during the day time???
  11. I sat with a guy fishing with floaters on Saturday...........he lost 2 and landed a 26lb mirror. Not the usual occurence on our lakes. Maybe it will become the norm with these mild winters.
  12. If you'd ask me how I'd react before hand......I would have said run round the lake like a headless chicken, whooping in delight. I actually sat there quite stunned and it didn't sink in for quite awhile.
  13. I fish a club water and don't necessarily set out to fish with someone.....but as I know many of the regulars, I can always find someone to chew the fat with or have a bevy or 5.
  14. Personally, I think clubs should ask to see your rod licence before they give you a ticket to fish. It bugs me when some people don't buy at least one licence. Although I do purchase 2 for when I can use 3 rods, I don't moan at those who risk getting caught with 3 rods and one licence. I think we are being robbed by the EA when we have to buy 2 licences for 4 rods when most of us can only use 3.
  15. Have been there twice and found it first class............that was before 'Dream Breaks' stuck their beak in. It was possible to book it thro' a guy who was local to me. Lot cheaper then. Once the fact of how good it was got out, the big guns take on the booking and up goes the price. I would still recommend it tho'....even tho the catches have gone down abit. I know of two anglers that on different occasions caught 40+ fish (not 40+ pounders.......over 40 fish). I caught fish over 40lbs in weight both times I went. Saw a 50+ lb common. There a fish in excess of 60lbs that get caught. This is their original web site. http://www.bigfrenchcarp.com/
  16. PM me late September.......I am there from September 1st to the 8th. Party of 6 have lake fully booked. Hopefully we will have caught em all
  17. Nice one fella............be careful of the daffs tho'. You nearly took their heads off
  18. OH I laughed and then laughed some more.
  19. Just started using the new Mugga hooks. Seem to do the job. Two takes and two fish.
  20. Two mobile phones when up a tree fish spotting. My mate lost his baiting needle.......he found it again when he sat on his bed chair. It sank right up to the plastic handle in his backside. I had the unenviable job of removing it...........1,2,3 arrrrghhh. He actually shed tears. Hate to see a grown man cry.
  21. I once did 15 days and nights when my company used to have an annual 3 week shut down....my wife visited her sister in Canada and I went fishing for a few days....that just lead into another and another. I only popped home to feed the cats and stock up on supplies etc. I grew a beard while she was away and she never recognised me when I picked her up at Heathrow on her return
  22. Made me quite ill. Most inhumane thing ever witnessed Signed
  23. Gotta be a boilie stop coz a bit of weed would be too expensive and sacrelige.
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