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  1. Maybe a good idea to stock with fish. As long as the fish are healthy that at least shows that there are no pollutants in the water. Filtration removes the nasty detrius and foreign matter but would it remove nasty pollutants???? Chemicals might but might not cope with everything.
  2. Not exactly a bizarre catch but bizarre non the less. A few years back, my mates son had a fish during a night session and promptly recast. At first light he had a screamer and couldn't realise what was happening. As he reeled in the fish it kept lifting it's head out of the water. He had cast over some overhead power lines in the dark. ROTFL all morning. We had to get a boat to onhook the damn thing. Every fews years the electric company would come along and remove the line and leads hanging from the cables. No one ever got hurt.....these cables were there for over 30 odd years. No one was allowed to pole fish near them, but carp anglers were. Obviously low class citizens and expendable. Luckily we managed to get the local electric company to stump up the cash and now the cables are buried underground.
  3. Cheers.........looks like it's 2 fish stuck together. I like the common....really long body.
  4. This was back in the late 80's. Still the best looker I have caught.
  5. same here i dont count my big simmo though Sad.
  6. Have to be the Burghfield common I'm afraid.How many genuine 50+ commons are there in the UK............. If the Burghfield common is a genuine 50+ common.............then what constitutes one that isn't genuine??
  7. TV's got banned at my club because a match angler complained when a guy put up a 10ft pole with an aerial on the top of it to improve his picture
  8. Lit the touch paper and stood well back.
  9. "And for those of you watching in Black and White the Pink is the Ball next to the Blue" A genuine Commentary Slip I believe LOL that was true as well.
  10. Gave up taking a telly years ago. It was a black and white and I was into the snooker.
  11. Yeh.......wasn't taking the pee of you. I'm sure we have all done it.
  12. Sooooo??? It's still on the head ... rofl
  13. And makes you look a moron
  14. I promise to keep it in my trousers then.
  15. What??? Never ever made that mistake?? I know I have.
  16. Wierd or what...........why do anglers leave their head torches on in a night shot? Surely the person taking the photo can do that.
  17. If you had a bottle of water and I peed in it (just a drop) would you still boil it up and make tea??? Do you get my drift???
  18. Totally agree............if you wanna watch 'Big Brother', 'Celebrity Love Island', 'X factor'..........then stay at home.
  19. Whether to be bothered to cook or not usually depends on the length of session. On a short overnighter I will sometimes use the local chippy or even take a packed lunch. If I cook it'll be a Lidl stir fry. If it's a 2 day session then I will take breakfast stuff with me and maybe be a bit more adventurous with the evening meal. On trips abroad I hate all inclusive packages.....much prefer to cook my own food there. It breaks the day up lets you eat when you want. Lets face it......it's often the best time to catch in the morning and who wants to reel in and go for a set breakfast.
  20. Michael..........Do you actually fish that lake (6th pic) or just happen to photograph it one day? It's superbly different to the flat surroundings down south. Most of our gravel pits are very boring. Great use of light and colour mate. What sort of camera was used to capture the quality of pic?
  21. If a fish that big came out......all of Chi would have known
  22. Prove me wrong mate by posting a picture, otherwise bull************ to a 49 1/2 mirror.
  23. Have to agree with Pezza.
  24. If only Buzzbomb............I'm staying near Toronto and going to stay in a cottage in Peterborough. The fish aint massive there but there are plenty.
  25. Apologies are in order then:D Not long now and I'll be pullin a few carp out from your water.
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