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  1. Afternoon all, I'm looking for a suitable French water for my mate who is disabled. He broke his neck years ago and needed a blood transfusions was given contaminated blood. My mate has been a keen match angler for years but has now taken up carping. He's not yet using a wheelchair but has real problems walking and loses his balance very easily. Can anyone suggest somewhere for us which would suit his needs for next year? Thanks for looking.
  2. gregrot

    What is your newest purchase

    A pair of Harrison cerbera carp rods in 3lb test curve. Didn't particularly like the duplon butts on them so they've been changed to shrink. Can't wait to have a good bash with them now but can't pick them up until next saturday
  3. gregrot

    How it all began

    Black Prince was my first reel too. I up graded to the Intrepid Elite but really had my heart set on a Mitchell or an Abu 505. Had the Mitchell 206 and then the 300. Even had a Mitchell reel we used to call the banana reel but don't recall which model it was. In comparison to modern reels though, they were all pretty poor.
  4. gregrot

    Bird Seed

    Take out the sunflower seeds cos they'll float.
  5. gregrot

    winter clothing

    The Prologic Thermo Comfort is pretty good, only two piece though so no fleece with it. I wore it all last winter on the river and found it pretty good especially as its under 60 quid.
  6. gregrot

    Daftest trends in carp fishing

    Ahh, right, I just took it you added an a where there shouldn't have been one.
  7. gregrot

    Daftest trends in carp fishing

    A Welsh what ? Even more curious is that some folk think they have to fish the same way as.......... (take your pick, who ever they think is cool I suppose) rather than develop their own angling style. I can understand that in young people as how else do they learn, other than by trial and error and by copying older or more experienced anglers. Copying something as pointless as folded reel handles just doesn't seem right to me.
  8. gregrot

    Daftest trends in carp fishing

    The best comoe'd fisher I've ever seen is, the heron. Should all camo be grey then? Five and six inch back buzz bars are truly sad in my opinion but, what do I know, some people thing they're cool. Is it more important to look cool than be a competent angler?
  9. gregrot


    Mirror, 30lb 8oz, Eclipse Baits, Hot Adrenaline Common, 29lb, 10oz, Eclipse Baits, Adrenaline Both caught in North Wales
  10. gregrot

    Favourite bait company

    I've tried most of the big name bait firms over the years, with mixed results. Currently I'm using the Eclipse Baits, Adrenaline and have found it to be a top notch bait. Check them out
  11. gregrot

    rig safety

    It seems there is a lot of interest in running rigs again over the last couple of months. Not before time either IMO. I've never liked the clip idea having found them to be pretty unreliable. As for lead core, well despite the comics having pushed its use for the last few years, using it has never struck me as being very safe. Just in terms of using running rigs in weedy situations, try tying the lead to the running ring, using 2 or 3lb bs line. It doesn't take much for the lead to break free, especially in dense weed