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  1. I have been looking round at quite a few places to be honest mate. Not sure I fancy the chase, fished it as a kid about 20-25 years ago with my dad, but haven't been back since. Bit too exposed to thieves for me. Cheers for the reply.
  2. I reckon the closed shop is probably nearer. Cheers anyway.
  3. Hi all, I'm sure this subject has been raised and answered to death, but does anyone have any information with regards to membership, prices, stocking levels, rules, general opinions of Thurrock Angling Club and there waters, etc, please? From what I've already read, there seems to be a long waiting list, or possibly even a closed waiting list, and not as many big target fish, but being a fisherman, I know to look out for a red herring (excuse the pun). I live in Hornchurch and am looking for a local water to join, that is generally a nice place to fish. Big carp are a bonus, but I'd rathe
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