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  1. i mean lake wellington. been away to long
  2. I fly back in from the UK this weekend and after recovering from jet lag Lake Alexandria Gippsland here I come. Getting a kayak for christmas so should find the shoals of carp somewhere
  3. if you set it up let me know. I am defiantely interested. Spent too much time chasing small carp around the melbourne area.
  4. Hi Paul, dvds should be with you anytime now. I sent a bundle to you recorded delivery. Enjoy. Pav
  5. ill be up for it. Might be back in Oz by middle of next year but can travel down to the South africa from the uk if not. Been gagging to go there with someone else for ages.
  6. I cant wait to get back over to AUS, and when I get there I am heading for the Gippsland for sure. Only a few more months to go just intime for the spring when they will be heavier and showing themselves properly after the colder weather. So your not the only mad one from the area stokecarper. I'm just not there at the moment. pav
  7. Where abouts are you from in the UK. Just come back from Aussie and cant wait to get back. Im from Ash, nr Guildford in Surrey. pav
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Ill keep you upto date as well. My brother in law is a environmental engineer and does allot of work in the gippsland area. He has told me on many occassions that some very big carp have scarred the life out of him in some of the creeks when he has been studying the catchment areas. He thinks I'm mad as, going after the carp but is starting to understand why. The australian carp scene is just what Im after. It is going to be a new experiance very different to the UK carp scene!! The area is otherwise an excellent place to start and its were I will concentra
  9. Interested really as I was down in Sale last week having a quick look at the lakes in that area. There are a few in sale that look promising. I had a look at lake wellington and lake victoria but the carp scene there has died because the water environment agency have flooded the lakes by opening the sea dames to top the local water levels up. Also the size of them is too daunting. The sad bit is I am going back to the UK this week and will have to wait for my chances to get the rods out. But I will be back soon armed and ready. The creeks just north of Sale were the real eye openers
  10. Stoke are you talking about lake gutteridge and lake gyatt in sale?
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