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  1. Great question! Carp we're brought to North America in the late 1800's primarily as a cheap source off food and we're stocked widely. Since then they've flourished and are found in pretty much every water body in the US and Southern Canada. In terms of winters then they seem to survive brilliantly. A doctor buddy of mine drove all the way over from Boston to the st Lawrence a few years ago because a very specific natural phenomena occurred which turned the frozen river opaque - check this footage out
  2. Aahh, but it's achievable by anyone with a grand and a passion for a different way of thinking about carp fishing!
  3. Well that's the biggest part of it for me. For months beforehand we study google earth, navionics and seaway depth charts to find likely places to intercept the fish. Of course there's no local reports to go on because nobody targets them so we go in with research and test our theories out. The first trip we found a huge island that had another river flowing in to the st Lawrence, the delta had a bright white spot in amongst the weed about the size of a tennis court. So we baited it with 100lb of maize, and floated the boat over it the next day and the place was ripped apart and the size of a
  4. .....and the best thing about it is that we're British! I'm tired of fishing the crowded UK waters so all my holiday time is spent searching out untapped waters. As you say though, each to their own, I much prefer wild river fish and this method has got to be the best way of doing it!
  5. sure, I've got about 12 minutes of raw footage here. This is at 28ft with a water temperature of 19.2 degrees C and is on a 45 degree ledge that bottoms out at 52ft inside 120 horizontal feet across the surface https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb-3Y38MJoI&feature=youtu.be The common with a scar at the start of the footage we had to a different rod later that evening at 22lb 14oz
  6. We've just returned from a second trip fishing from a houseboat in the thousand islands region of the St Lawrence River. It's a phenomenal experience if you like adventure carping or pioneering. We hired a 6 berth houseboat which acts like a mobile posh floating bivvy as you've got a fridge freezer, toilet, shower, kitchen and proper beds and a platform to fish from! We found a couple of likely islands to moor up against and baited up heavily with flavoured and boiled maize by swimming out with buckets and hand scattering it across an area the size of a football pitch. We'd then swim our bai
  7. marcustackley

    Thousand Islands

    Houseboat carping on the St Lawrence
  8. I'm lucky enough to be able to get across to Canada and North America every year to experience the fantastic carping these countries have to offer. Admittedly, most years I end up on one side of the St Lawrence or the other from Kingston to Cornwall and everywhere in between, I just can't get enough of the mighty Larry! My regular fishing buddy couldn't make it out this year, so with only the power of my story telling to go on, I convinced another friend to make the trip out with me in 2014! All my tackle is out in the US, residing with my fishing buddy Jeff, so not having access to it in
  9. Dave I too fished the '05 event and we drew an island swim that in our eyes was unfishable. Having said that, and having suffered with the other teams that failed to catch, got their kit swept away by a storm and got bitten by a snake on an island! I think the decisions that were made in the '05 event were centred around the million bucks for 50lb+ carp. The guys that know the river intimately all advised that the real big fish sit out in the deeper water around islands for most of the year, only really becoming 'catchable' when they come in to spawn for a few weeks a year, hence the peggi
  10. Morocco didn't happen in the end, but have secured next week on a lake called Genets on my jack jones, bloody lovely!
  11. Trying everywhere at the moment, looking for a single spot on a french lake w/c 4th June. Any lake owners have availability?
  12. wouldn't call it a holiday, but fishing the World Champs on the St Lawrence in September this year - 120 hour event. Looking at fishing Bin El Ouidane in Morocco in May but my buddy has just pulled out
  13. Some good posts here, seems like some anglers are breaking boundaries which I love to see. I get 2 weeks a year to fish sanctioned by the missus - god lover her! And choose to spend that time on the Ebro, St Lawrence, Grand river etc. We have two nippers and I earn good money working in a pressured job, I love carp fishing and I read about it daily, but I don't get to practise. I'm so sick of the uk scene I much prefer to spend my time, money and intelligence working on a pioneering trip, rather than fishing pressured waters. Absolutely agree it's each to his or her own, and me and the wife st
  14. Great session there Phil, looks like the first swim is Silver Birch and the second is down by the bridge next to the Pines swim? Fished them both (if I'm right!) many times before including one session after the WCC in 2005 that did us 1478lb's of carp in 36 hours! I'm back over in September so look forward to the action you've highlighted so well! Good angling lads.
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