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  1. carpers will try to refrain from useing trebles due to the fact if a fish breaks of the hook can inhibate the fish from feeding thus killing it slowley
  2. i have the rod mount one. its good to 150 yards wouldnt swap it for toffee.
  3. were did you hear aboutthe 65lb grasser from calhoun street bridge. i frequent the bridge quite a lot for walks and fishing and i have never seen anything that appears to be bigger than high 20 low 30. i am by no means writing your story off but i very much doubt it unless i see picture or article to go with this.
  4. is anyone else haveing problems viewing the store. sorry if this is already a posted issue but i havent been active in a while.
  5. theres a couple of other sites you could try tsunami. www.fishguys.org www.carpanglersgroup.com
  6. hey carp 7240. congrats on your monster. if you find any carp fishing site in the us they will stock weight slings for safely weighing a fish. carp sacks for safely holding a fish in the water. try www.carpanglersgroup.com and go to the links page there are a few site that you can go on to purchase these things. what type of hook did you use to catch this fish that it caused such damage? playing a big fish should not kill it realy if its played properly. as long as there is no extreme blood loss then the fish will recover to fight once again.
  7. there are a few mail order places to pick up boillies from the us mate. royalcarp.com wackerbaits.com go to carpanglersgroup.com they have tonnes of links and fishguys.org they are based out of philly. were is lewisburg??? im near philly
  8. warmer conditions are the best for fishing on top(surface) carp are caught in all temperatures(i have never tried ice fishing so assume it would to cold). enough to fit in a carps mouth.i always use the crust(heel) or a sub would be good all crust.
  9. you should try night fishing on the surface around the margins and weeds it should produce good results.dusk will be most active but if you bait up in other areas the rest of the night should be productive to.some of my bigger fish back home in england have come by dog bisciut on top at night. if you can find the right type of dog bisciut you boil them up so they soften up then put them in the fridge for a day or two then they go rubbery that is when they are best(fished on a hair rig).i used to boil them in flavours as well( curry was always a good one).
  10. on speaking to a lot of experienced fishermen in the states they claim to have never seen carp take food off the surface.has any one tried this as i know its a very succesfull method in england using dog buscuit or thick bread crust.
  11. thanx guys that is great info.falls lake is the closest lake to me do you know of any decent fish being pulled out of there.
  12. does anybody know of good carp fishing in the bucks county area of pa.
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