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    I was thinking this....but only if i had access to the best waters.
  2. Thought for the day.

    Having watched carp eat (and excrete!) muscles, i wouldn't be too worried about how hard they are?
  3. Remember that nice snag?

    i've seen the South West lakes trust rip out loads of overhanging trees like this. i agree that some snags can be dangerous if accessible to 'inexperienced' (or shameless) anglers, and it is for the greater good. However, some overhanging trees like that look horrendous from above, but are quite clear below, and vise versa.
  4. Thought for the day.

    Your advise would have been great this morning, but i sorted it on the road, luckily i carry every tool i could ever need My mates laugh at me, but im always the one they borrow stuff off!
  5. Thought for the day.

    Not quite...2 spokes fell off! They didn't snap or anything, just clean fell off! I've learnt my lesson about buying ''cheap'' bikes, so much has gone wrong with it
  6. What is your newest purchase

    It's not unusual, Sticky baits did very similar, and also the same with Mainline. Prey on peoples Ego's, make them think they are special, sell them an OK bait at a price they still make a profit at, and every one wins right? With the solar deal you have to order a minimum 20kg, at £5 a kilo....£5 a kilo for an unproven bait? I would rather spend £5 a kilo on one of the many many other time proven baits out there.
  7. What is your newest purchase

    Lets not start the 'what is a field tester' debate
  8. Thought for the day.

    My bike fell apart on the way to work again
  9. Best way to keep warm

    Only after you have finished the bottle of mulled wine.
  10. What's your preference on bait sizes ?

    My freezer contains 14mm and 24mm baits. I can pelt a 24 much further with a stick than a 14. Sometimes I use a 14mm hookbait fished over 24's. Does it catch more fish? probably not. Does it make me feel like I'm a pioneer breaking away from the croud? Damn right!
  11. Thought for the day.

    How many legs does matey on the left have?
  12. Blue Loo

    Embrace the weed!
  13. ITubes Goo

    they sell it at £12+ a bottle! Of course they rave about it, it's buying them all new Rangerovers.
  14. Vitalin .........again .

    I've always made it with boiling lake water, ball it up whilst mega hot, either real fast, or with gloves on, it dries to a ball with a hard skin within a few mins. They can be chucked miles.
  15. I just cant chod!

    I don't understand how people are using palomar knots with bristle, especially the ESP stuff, that knot must be collosal! Especially when a two turn blood knot will do the same. OP go for mouth trap, it's much better than the esp stuff IMO.