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  1. Wideboy for me love it trouble is dont want to get up at dawn to see where them fish are
  2. On another note bolliebill dont look like he,d take rubbish from anyone on the bank.
  3. This must have been before my time when i was there levi was the bailiff and he was a nice fella i thought, I know some clubs are very clicky but i never saw or heard anything like that on bovvy or prestons
  4. Whats terrible about it the man asks for advise and i gave him some he did not know about the place unlike you and no theres no secrets about the place. As for bulling tyres etc when i was a member never see it happen like i said only really fished prestons and bovvy and found it ok both lakes imo have some nice fish in and as i remember 160 quid not really syndicate money.
  5. If you can get the swim up at the nature reserve and ambush them as they come out.Or do hickers where you wade out to ambush them.As far as i know get your rigs in the old river bed 1st island to the right was allways good for me and some times the dam wall can produce there was a swim just over the dam that juts out a bit that a couple of blokes had a couple when i was there once dont know the name of it though.I fished it a few years back so things could have changed i dont know but as far as i remember the old river bed the 1st island you come to from the car park to the right just behind it you will find that and the swim is massive.Hope this helps you catch good luck. By the way if you fish bovvy 2 get the car park or point and fish at the back of gravel bar from car park or front from point thats where the fish will be in the hot weather. Good luck
  6. I was a member of caps for a couple of years and only really fished prestons and bovvy and i must say never had a problem with anyone even woke a bloke up at 3 in the morning to take a photo for me every one i met was alright and for the money i dont think you can go wrong,Im now on a essex syndicate lake,But i would join caps again deffo just for prestons lake IMHO thats worth the money alone.
  7. Ive seen some crackers on the bank,But they dont seem to what to come to my bivvy for tea
  8. Coleman Double burner for me,Done many a spagbowl and it has never let me down.Just dont use it in the bivvy not only a coleman but any stove see a bloke once set light to hes bivvy and leg once and had to throw him in the lake to put him out thankfully only very miner burns nothing serious thank god.
  9. I think you should only pay if you fish rivers or lakes they control, not private lakes where you pay x amount to fish and they have no control
  10. Is this the one http://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/store/trakker-specimen-armo-ext-wrap
  11. Went today and bought them plus blue inserts, They look the nuts well pleased.
  12. Does any body no where i can get some original Steve neville alarm covers have and still looking on flebay but non yet. Or anybody reproduce them that you know. THANKS.
  13. Any body got the jag lock down but rests ? I like the look but are they any good ?
  14. Im aways buying something or another from ebay so you are not alone
  15. sgore

    New Water

    Right heres the story just started fishing a new water with a mate both of us are not beginners with been carp fishing for years and 9 times out of 10 on most lakes we fish we always have one or 2 no matter how hard but this lake is unbelievable even the roach don't take a bait we have tried ever rig and bait possible that we know of were used single baits and filled the place in but nothing.And yes before you ask theres around about 100 carp in 5 acres all good sizes biggest so im told is 40. So my question is have any of you boys come across a lake like this and what did you end up doing or what would you suggest we do any help would be good thanks
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