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  1. Anyone fished this lake can give me any info on it, Im fishing there tommorow on a day session Whats the best baits and tactics etc and best swims on there any info greatly appreciated
  2. this "scholl pool " lake is in london click this link see photo 10 the guyis fishing the lake he calls the schoool pool in london anyone know where this lake is in london let me know please http://www.fishmasters.com/profile/SteveL
  3. Anyone know where this lake is been on a site and seen a guy catching a lot out of there looks like the lake is surrounded by houses? if you know let me know many thanks if its syndacate or day ticket etc etc
  4. wont they not melt then, was using cotswoarl baits mixed particles in the funnel web by the way?
  5. I have started using 3 rods, I have back leaded all 3 rods, on my local park lake the other day I ended up in a almighty mess as I reeled in 1 rod i managed to bring in the line to the other two rods. Endless to say i ended up in a massive tangle , lost loads of line and had to retackle all 3 rods. Anyone give me any tips where Ive gone wrong? and secondly i was using a stick mix in korda long chuck funnel web , after an hour brought rod in and the pva hadn't melted , how has this happened i am not sure , will pva not melt in freezing water? any help here greatly appreciated
  6. Can anyone tell me is this rig only used for pop up fishing can it be used with a bottom bait? whats the best way to tie a boilke to the rig ring? all info welcome
  7. i was over the lake on tuesday , and fished the 20mm boilies cut the bottom piece off the boilie to make it smaller so it had a flat bottom, to this area i put a bit of fake corn on to pop it up a bit. Beacuse of the flat bottom will the bait sink in the silt which the lake has?
  8. I am a little confused, i have purchased some 20mm boiles they look so much bigger then 18mm will the 20mm still catch fish? Are bigger baits better off in france then uk heard they have bigger mouths? Can you cut the boilie down a bit to a smaller size and will it still be effective once the skin has been chipped off? Will small carp not touch the bigger baits? I fish a local park lake a lot, the carp are mainly doubles to 20lb, will they still take the 20mmm boilies or you think i'd be better off with 18mm. any help here welcomed
  9. I have just purchased some frozen boilies from Quest Baits, (special crab + and also Tigernut crunch. I purchased the boilie dips to go with them both, my question is that I am told that they you only dip the boilies in the dip and not to soak them in the dip? I have soaked the bolies in the dip, hoping that in reality you cant really overdose or can you to extent that the carp will be put off my the overpowering smell and taste? I am wondered ive overdosed beacuse my fridge is stinking of the boilies now and wonderd if Ive wasted my money by soaking them? Does anyone have any
  10. but there's a side gate that is open all the time what ya can walk through with ya stuff, just drive the car into car park when main gate opens. A day ticket takes you upto 9pm, fish the motorway bank for plenty of runs, i had 48 fish out there last season in two days tight lines"
  11. and when all you have is a ultra hard park lake on your doorstep how else you going to have a dent days carping, unless you live out of town then your extremely lucky
  12. expenses for fishing trips living in London we have just been to Linear fisheries by mini cab and it cost us £257 all in, we cant afford to keep doing it at that price. If there is anyone out there what has room in their car for us and needs to share cost of petrol etc, then please get intouch with us. if you could leave a message in Pm, ill get staright back to you, this is a genuine plea.
  13. its made by Hinders, they also make boilies now by the same name hope that helps tight lines
  14. on BRASENOSE 2 heres a pic of my effort anyways, I look forward to going again, I am disappointed though in not catching more, as I went by minicab from London to Linear for £90 and £90 back home to London again, add to that £57 for 3 day ticket and food it was bloody expensive, having said that the place can be bang on at times and well worth it tight lines mate 8.12 oz http://s92.photobucket.com/albums/l36/stevefranco/?action=view&current=100_3365.jpg
  15. fished there 48 hrs had 1 mirror 8lb 12oz, 1 run during the night apart from that not even a liner and got soaked as a rat as part of the bargain! Let it be known all the Carp our now spawning on all the lakes at Linear, its really not worth the effort fishing there while they are, most people on Brasenose blanked so i was one of the lucky ones.
  16. Im going to Linear Fishery over the B/holiday heard quite a lot of fish are spawning over there. Is it worth fishing the place if they are or is it still possible to get a few runs while they are or is it the kiss of death and will blank? has anyone fished over there when there been spawning and caught any carp from there> your thoughts observations please
  17. Can anyone tell me who makes the above gadget to strip off coating on coated braid theres one featured on total carp's May edition , I think it maybe Korda. What is the proper name for it, ill see if i can get one on ebay many thanks
  18. I have purchased some 25lb super mantis, can anyone tell me how to strip off the coating? how much to strip off? and what is the best tool to use to strip the coating off many thanks
  19. How do you attach the boilie to the d ring rig or with pool rig is there a short hair attached to the ring between boile stop and ring? I cant understand how you mount the boilie, on a conventional hair i understand but not on these rigs. On the blowback rig how do you tie the hair to the ring to make it go up and down along the shank of the hook?
  20. Want to purchase some on EBay, what size will i need to use on swivels, line aligners on hair rigs etc, they come in different size diameters, what diameter should I purchase?
  21. Due to the great advice given on here I want to try and make my own rigs, anyone know of a digram or site that shows u how to make a knotless knot to a hook? Im going to buy some kryston super nova to make the rigs. anyone know a a site which features diagrams to make various rigs? help please
  22. i have things called tulip beads, tail slleves that look like a ice crean cone, bullet beads, what are these for? help please
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