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  1. hi chaps, i wonder if any one can help, my friends dad has just brought a small complex around south charante in france, the complex has a lake on it and he has asked me if i could try and find out as much info as i can about the rule,regs,insurances,licenses,stocks, etc etc of starting a carp fishing business i wonder if any one could help on this
  2. LOL sound like a bit of an expert bird un-hooker there mate, what’s your PB. Seriously though some good pointers there thanks mate. Its a bit of a pain on my local water, the depth varies from about 4-7ft all over, I don’t think there’s any spots the birds cant get to. Suppose I’m going to have to start baiting in the dark, or try to preoccupy the birds in a way that wont spoil there feeding or most importantly the fishing
  3. women dont expect any help on a mon like it
  4. yer if you fancy a night in the cells
  5. Sorted Annoying little Gits aren't they. I used to get Coot problems on the Reservoir at times and the Coots I'm sure had the majority of what went out. Resort to the Throwing Stick or Catapult and in would come the Gulls Try baiting up after dark if possible, clipped up with a Spod will work at night Or try a Highly visible bed of something like Maize/sweetcorn away from your actual Baited Patch. Or try a Highly visible bed of something like Maize/sweetcorn away from your actual Baited Patch spot on, didnt think of that, cheers bud
  6. sorry put this in the wrong place
  7. Hello Chaps, has any one got any ideas, apart from the obvious to stop the birds (tufty`s and coots mainley) from clearing out all the bait i spent hours getting out. i tell ya, its sole destroying.
  8. You could, of course, take a dictionary.....and learn to spell! ha haha ha ha
  9. if you forget your unhooking mat you should go home and get it, it can be dangerous unhooking fish in the water for both the fish and yourself, i was once fishing with a guy who tryed to unhook the fish in the water and ended up in a right mess with the hook stuck in his finger the net and still in the struggling fishes mouth, very painful!!!! rather not fish than fish without one!!!!!!
  10. on such a licence it dosent cover you to shoot deer , for a start it`s illegal to shoot deer with a shotgun now. only a rifle and to get a firearms licence for one of those on a syindicate water, or any public place for that matter is highly unlikly, anyway deers are not pest`s and should not be shot for any thing other than food when in season. many a time i`ve been shooting and come across deers in season playing in a field, i just be as quite as possable and sit and watch, they are lovley animals and i could never bring myself to kill one, food or no food. on such a licence y
  11. my local syndicate water is on a golf course and has loads of vermin around esecially rats, luckly i have the pest control rights there so every other night my shooting partner and i get a golf buggie from the green keepers and go round shooting all the vermin destroying the greens. the amount of rats that were there before we started shooting was unbelivable, now you hardly see any and when you do there scared cos there used to guns going off around them. it makes life fishing so much more at ease with less rats, although we do still see 1 or 2 whilst fishing they dont pester us as much, i w
  12. congrat`s on your bubba mate, bet you`r well chuffed!!!
  13. Thats alright, you dont look at the mantle peice whilst you pokein the fire, do ya son!!!!
  14. Hi, were bouts is this link and how does it work? looks very interesting.
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