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  1. i cant be bothered to explain it all, but ive apologised, so either accept it, or whatever, i cba to keep on discussing
  2. vitalin instead of oats, and baked beans are a classic bait,
  3. sharpy, ever considered being a detective or lawyer or somthing lol, or do you just have too much time on your hands, fair play guys some good points there... this wasnt origionally meant to offend, but it worked in getting a good debate going.... also i was seeing what the mods would let me get away with as one of my mates got banned for somthing really minor... im not really stuck up my own arse, just managed to make it look that way.. didnt meant to offend personally, if i did, sorry guys,
  4. hatred, dislike, etc etc, and you hit the nail on the head, its a debate, just needed a seperate view to get it started...
  5. if you denote smell as detecting signals given off an object or somthing along them lines, carp do indeed smell, but what i said is they do not smell the same way as humans
  6. thanks andy, even though you disagree with my point you have gone about it in a mature way... well done
  7. its pointless saying a bait smells good and it will catch as carp dont smell in the same way as us
  8. no carp havnt evolved, but views change over the years, as more reasearch is done, and i dont think your all stupid, but you all acted like it when all i said was they dont smell like we do so saying a bait smells like it will work well is pointless... and then you all go on to argue, and now your saying you agree with my origional point, this is just going round in circles,
  9. Smell A carp’s sense of smell comes through a set of nostrils (called ‘Nares’) located just in front of the eye on either side of the head. The water is channelled through the nostrils by a raised flap of skin in the middle of each Nare and down through a set of thousands of miniscule hairs which can distinguish between sweet, sour, savoury and saline substances. These sensory cells are extremely sensitive, giving the fish a far more acute sense of smell than a human. The fish is trying to detect low levels of chemicals (such as amino acids) that its natural prey such as bloodworm, crusta
  10. unless this is causing you any problems, stick with it, if its kind of like paste in the middle it can be effective, have you played around with the boiling times to try it, assume you have, give egg albumin a try, courtz has done a bit of bait making he may help
  11. In your Total Carping videos that you posted on here eons ago from Kingstanding Middle puddle, the bait you was using for your 3 days was Richworth Halibut dumbells, Dynamite Spicy Shrimp & Prawn and The Source shelf life boilies that was about 3 years ago when i just strated carping, and my knowledge has developed, and i have learnt a bit about bait.... and courtz, you set yourself target fish dont you,... you were telling me the ones you wanted to catch, the 46 is just a fish in the lake im fishing,,... so im doing the same as you tbh
  12. join carp-forums.com and then you can get catcher baits 4 quid a kg, good quality stuff, but you get it at trade
  13. to make the baits harder add about 1oz perlb of egg albumen if they are too light, if you mean in weight reduce the amount of krill as its boyant and add somthing like lime stone flour, this will reduce the nutritional value of the bait so only do this if you are finding the weight a problem....
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