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  1. HI The lake appears to be producing some good fish, however i would no consider returning since our visit in 2007. The Style of management evidently does not make anglers feel welcome.
  2. Yeah... i can relate... and sometimes we have to bound the keyboard not to imply slander, however the comments posted are founded and this forum is fair to allow negative comments being posted.. I look forward to an annual trip to France.. we all work hard preparing and paying for the trip and theres nothing more deflating when you discover the venue is not what you expected... In this particular case the lake management should be addressed and change tact.. misleading anglers is not acceptable..
  3. While the quality and quantity of fish is important.... so is how venues are managed and how us the hard working punters are treated... i dont know many who would return to this venue... i certainly would not after our trip in 2007..... CCFH are great agents and i've used them for over 10yrs.... plenty of better venues available.. Regards AJS
  4. ajs1971

    les quis

    Keep it simple and dont overfeed.... Good night fishing in the margins and usually plenty of daytime activity... I had 3 PB's in one day 40+... Use Hard Baits the Chats love boillie.. October suprisingly has always been a good month for me at Le Quis.. although the duck shooting season starts on 01/10.... which certainly gets you out of the bivvy early!!
  5. Well after a 2nd consecutive disapointing weeks fishing in france 2006/7, could i ask for recomendations... I am seeking a lake to fish a bit earlier next year April/May 08 for 1 week... Drive/Survive... <4hrs from Port.. <20 acres... Fish to 40+... i guess i was spoilt in 1994-8 with a number of 40+.. still looking for a 30!! ... Recent lakes have been dead during the day with takes in the early hrs... day action would be good for a change.. Thanks in advance!! AJS
  6. We've just booked through CCFH for Aug.. some decent reviews and monster carp!! in this 12 acre lake!! Good luck!
  7. Hi James Me and my mate had a week in Aug.. last year Beautiful lake and facilities. see CCFH website.. Fishin was slow with x2 20's lost 2 good fish on pellet and nut sludge ...Very shallow and silty.. Most one the lake used Bait boats to cut down on the lead burying on cast.. Ashley
  8. In 1995 i fished a French Lake..Where a local kid advised us to fish 4 Boilies on a hair...either 2 Popups and 2 bottom, or 3 pops with 1 bottom...depending on bouyancy.... Very odd looking but................we took 3 good fish within 24 hours...could this method discourage the Carps tendancy to reject??????
  9. Any thought as to the pros / cons, I am considering using Snakeskin but am having trouble getting a good tie??
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