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  1. You seem to know a lot about the sea and that i'm not doubting. I have seen Big waves and spoken with "big wave hunters" when i have been travelling, in hawaii i saw huge waves, the same in NZ and Aus, whilst in Teahupo i saw some of the biggest waves i have ever seen. I know only a few of these to have touched 100ft and trust me they looked a hell of a lot bigger than those pictured. On the third picture, from what i can see that is spray. I think we will just have to agree to disagree.
  2. 30 Metres. Don't think so. One of my friends has surfed at Dunbar many times as well as many other destinations around the UK and the world. 30 metres is about 100ft? Thats a huge wave to have and one that i doubt very much you would see so close to the shore in the UK or anywhere else in the world without causing massive damage. Technically a wave that size could be considered as a fair size Tsunamis. If you type in "Billabong Odyssey 100ft wave" into youtube you will see a supposed 100ft wave. Many people speculate to the size of it some saying it was as little as 50ft. Sorry but those waves are no where near 30 metres in height. The spray more than likely is but the wave. No.
  3. Yep, used to do it quite often. Finish at 6 of a night and get down the river for 7:30, bivvy up and back in work for 6:00 the next morning.
  4. That is a difficult one. 17lb at a guess?? Whatever the size awesome looking fish.
  5. Yet again lizardking wins. 4oz out, it was 14lbs on the nose. The river record is now pushing 16lb but there are bigger in there i know that much.
  6. Gotta go up and yes very tricky photo.
  7. I think he's gone for a celebratory drink.
  8. Maybe he can have ago at this then. A different angle.
  9. The prize goes to. 666, Well done fella 11lb 3oz.
  10. ****************Ignore****************
  11. 19lb 11oz. Very nice fish whatever the weight.
  12. I'm being stupid, excuse me whilst i sit in the corner.
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