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    fishing for big fish
  1. its a bit up in the air as there was a closed season mid march to mid may but its changing and some GNR (police) are enforcing the old rules others say just fish so its a bit iffy the rivers are ok for barbel but very few big carp and any carp over 20lbs is a very big fish for local portuguese angles-we have some nice fishing on our private sindicate on the algarve look me up john bate in portugal for details
  2. fishing in portugal

    as my mate has told you its big i 1st fished it 18 years ago and blanked but did see 1 carp that looked in mid 20s that day there are common carp barbel and black bass find area that has old trees in the water the carp like these areas there are areas where you almost never catch so its very hard but nice scenery 5000 acres john bate sweetcorn works ok
  3. fishing in portugal

    not allowed to push my website about carp fishing in portugal but i have been fishing the area you are asking about more than any other angler in portugal your timing is ok the fish are feeding well at that time of year and there are 2 waters with lots of fish to 18lbs close to you my best catch was years ago and over 300lbs with 19 doubles e mail me or phone when you are out may be able to meet up my number is 282-442292 remember you need a permit john bate in portugal
  4. Fishing In Murcia, Spain

    use google earth and look around lorca found dam there 20years ago that had some nice carp only problem was flies in summer at sunset john bate in portugal
  5. Where to fish - Alicante Spain

    hi used to fish dam at lorca in murcia not to far from your area some nice fish but VERY hot in summer and lots of insects as the sun goes down- john in portugal
  6. Fishing in Portugal

    hi flyes can be a problem on that water i take insect repelant that keeps them away fishing again next 2 days in that area we had 2 doubles and 7 near doubles on our last day trip john
  7. shallow or deep water

    this is a complicated subject but this is what i have found in winter on my waters the big carp stay together normally in deep water say 30ft but when we get some hot weather then they can be found in shallow bays that can heat up over a few days so for me jan/feb fish deep then after a few hot days try shallow bays john in portugal
  8. Big fish and boilies

    i fish full time 24/7 and you are spot on for our waters 2 big boilies will nearly allways produce best fish of the week with my fishing groups i still use lots of particles to get the fish feeding in our fishing area say 20kgs per day then fish with boilies just outside area we have feed john in portugal
  9. Air pressure and success in carp fishing

    some say it makes no difference but for me my best 2 days ever 1st day i took 12 carp over 10lbs and on the 2nd occasion 19 over 10lbs on the 1st ocasion the weather had been very hot with bright sunshine for weeks then from noware we had a big thunderstorm and torentual rain for 1 hour for 3 hours after this the fish came one after the other.2nd time was again after weeks of hot weather and no rain this was a dull day with light rain on and of all day so for me rain/thunder after long hot spell will see me fishing full of hope john in portugal
  10. this sounds interesting what i spend all my spare time doing thats looking for new waters not fished by other anglers 1st job apart from sitting quiet watching for rolling fish is to map the water i use a wirless fish /feture finder look for drop offs platoes weed beds and pick a few interesting spots to feed look for snags trees in the water etc if these fish have not been fished for then sweet corn will work hemp as feed little and offten is the way to go and good hunting john in portugal
  11. bait boats exposed

    i have 2 prototype bait boats sent by the manufacturer for me to evaluate sitting in my fishing shed.for me they have there use in getting out large amounts of feed at range that i cannot reach with a spod i use around 20kgs of maize chickpees per day on our big dams some over 5000 acres so being able to take 5kg of feed out per trip is very good for me john in portugal
  12. Fishing to Snags.

    to be blunt you are fishing to light try 15lb main line you can try braid to on my last trip fishing in snaggy water i used 25lb main line and 50lb braid hook length john in portugal
  13. carp and barbel fishing

    phone norman top man 952424149 area rep for carp society john in portugal
  14. carping in moroco

    new web site about fishing in the atlas mountains looks very good some lads from spain go out to fish area fish to 60s look possible john
  15. Southern Portugal

    give me a call when you are out i live on the algarve and when not taking people fishing i love to try new waters have fished around 50 different waters so far in the south some i have spent weeks fishing day and night so i do know what to expect after 14 years of looking john